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    In order of their listing, the nations herein following, most often were those from which, visitors frequented this website between August 27, 07 and September 26, 2008. Because daily hits have ranged from mere dozens to multiple thousands, the task of maintaining and reading the log file, to extract statistical information there from, often is too burdensome during the limited time available for this mandate, and although hit counters are available, their function renders the result questionable.

    Note, that your visit to this page, counts as only one hit, even if you visit a hundred other pages while here, and in approximately seventy percent of the average hit cases, anywhere from two or three to many dozens of other hits may be logged and not recorded by the hit counter, because it records only the initiating hit of each visitor; additionally, there are means and methods that some visitors use to prevent their visit from being recorded on the hit counter, and that fact necessitating that the site owner maintain detailed log files they're called, that obligate the site owner to personally locate all of the hits therein, if an accurate count of such is desired, because the log-file contains a verbatim record from which, much more can be extracted than is listed as pertaining thereto, even the weather details at the geographical location where the hit originates.

    On average, with all relative factors* considered, it's within reasonable accuracy to assume that from three to seven times as many hits are made, as a hit counter actually records, and in most instances, the page view count, usually is more than twice that amount. So, because deciphering the log files isn't an entirely beneficial task because of the time required thus, and because my hidden hit counter that lists multiple thousands of hits, provides only very limited accuracy at best, as pertains to total visitors and page views, I've not displayed a hit counter hereon, seeing as regardless of however many millions visit this site, Bible prophecy more than suffices with total accuracy of the result hereof, being that =MANY= shall witness confirmation of The Sinai Covenant, even though only the paltry quantity of 144,000 shall take advantage of The Eternal Life benefit thereof; statistically, that quantity represents only one person in each group of 144,666 shall choose Eternal Life instead of everlasting hell fire damnation. To confirm this mathematical fact, divide the present six billion quantity of planet earth, by 144,000, those pre-ordained.

    Although the "Alexa" Internet Statistics website, so generously claims The Olive Candle Voice to be in the seven and a third million per month traffic rank, I doubt that statistical probability being entirely accurate. On second thought, because the views, usually are twice the amount of the hits, by dividing the Alexa figure by three, the result could be very close to accurate, and that being 7,503,292/3 = 2,501,097. Because 3700 per hour is much closer to actual experience, in all probability, Alexa may very well have her stat's reckoning averages in respectable order I suppose.

        Feb. 2009  Alexa Traffic Rank  for  Olivecandlevoice.com: 3 months average - 22,509,877  hits  &  views  combined

    *Relative factors are those that involve the many and various kinds of referral that in fact result in a hit, without altering the hit counter, and those are extensive in office atmospheres where a central computer loads the site and posts it to all at that address, whether multi-level government office towers, hospitals, libraries, universities and other schools etc., Towson State being the most regularly consistent, all of which I have record of in my log files, one of which can be traced to a specific computer in a specific office in Ottawa, where a government official and a religious leader spent a half hour or so, perusing my home page, while obviously unaware that on the internet, even the faces that view the various monitors, can be foto-recorded verbatim and return-posted to the site owner, merely by the inclusion of a display foton-follower in the programming routine, so that in addition to sending information, like a digital camera's foton pixel receptors, the same screen that displays an image, also can serve the dual purpose of receiving the image that its viewing- field covers.

    That reminds me of my first web host interview, where the constantly grinning attendant began the conversation with the remark, "At the outset hereof, one thing you should be aware of, is that on the internet, there are NO secrets." Obviously, with the constant influx of new technology on a never ending, daily basis, it's virtually impossible to keep up with every new thing, and were it not for the fact of having a technologically diligent acquaintance to keep me aware of the most significant of all such, I'd simply not know, and the astronomy information near the bottom of page 32 hereon, although very different, is even more astounding.

    Although this website is nearing its seventh year now and has catalogued stat's for every day of its existence, the most recent figures are the easiest for me to collect and reveal. Thus, in the order of their listing, the nations herein following, most often were those from which, visitors frequented this website between Aug.27, 2007 and Sept.26, 2008, on the soon to expire Roman Calendar. 

Central North America that includes the lower part of central Canada and the upper part of central Tucona-(The United Conditions Of North America), The United Kingdom, The Philippines, Australia, Japan, South Africa, India, The Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, France, New Zealand, Egypt, The Bahamas, China, Israel, Nigeria, Ireland, Ghana, Brazil, Switzerland, The United Arab Emirates, Greece, Russia, South Korea, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Libya, Zimbabwe, Finland, Italy, Turkey, Mexico, Norway, Hungary, Denmark, Latvia, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Malta, Malawi, Tanzania, Pakistan, Thailand, Qatar, Bermuda, Barbados, Hong Kong, Austria, Spain, Iraq, Zambia, Guam, Ukraine, Kenya, Sweden, Iran, Lebanon, The Czech Republic, Vietnam, The Cayman Islands, The Ivory Coast, Vincent and the Grenadines, Slovakia, Lucia, Belgium, Botswana, Portugal, Slovenia, Antigua and Barbuda, Namibia, Puerto Rico, Lesotho, and Gibraltar. Although The Olive Candle Voice has received visitors from virtually every nation on the globe, whether The N.W. Territories, Greenland that soon shall be green year around because of there being no north pole ice cap now, Nunavut, Labrador, Alaska, and many of the inhabited islands, other than Cuba where it appears computer technology isn't common, I don't  know of an outlying area or nation that I've not  received contact from.


All Source references are to The AKJV, The Authorized King James Version of The Holy Bible.










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