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ministry conclusion
, new Elias Restoration Ministry information is being added here from time-to-time, , a list firstly, with alfabetical prioritization concerning which item in such list, most probably would be attended to first, by Elias, The Restoration Minister Whom is scheduled to begin his work, immediately after completion of The Covenant Confirmation Ministry, and because there is no direct statement as pertains to such scheduled beginning, I must admit that at best, it's merely an educated estimation thus.

Granted, because as of this 09d02m2010 Roman Calendar date, there is no direct Bible revelation as to how that person shall be introduced or introduce himself, simultaneously, neither is there any Bible statement that provides direct reference to his end-time identity name and thus, being in absence of such information, although Biblically he's spoken of as Elias, there is no means of making advance detailed reference thus, except to that person of Elias whom is prophesied to perform The Restoration.

Resultantly, all that can be attended to concerning mention of the restoration of all things, is as noted herein above, and that being the guesstimational listing of items that this compiler of such proposed list, reckons may be inclusive ingredients of that which Elias very probably may deem worthy of his positive or negative consideration, and even that perspective is subject to this compiler's mere opinion as pertains to how thorough the prophesied restoration of all things shall be, because if it's intended to restore all things BACK-ward in time, to their original state of being, the same as or very similar to what they were when Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden, =THAT= extent of restoration would require the elimination of all end-time industry, all the way back to at least immediately prior to the introduction of the steam engine, and because of the obvious cataclysmic events that would result thus humanly, I be of the opinion that Elias may choose to accomplish it in such manner as would result in the least potential for immediate loss of life, although also, there is the very real possibility that he'll proceed accordingly as he deems most appropriate to accomplish it as soon as possible, regardless of the consequences, seeing as it's forthcoming has been published globally for no less than hundreds of years, , and to negate all possibility of just cause for complaint of WHEN it's intended to occur, there've been weather and astronomical signs and such, listed in Bible prophecy, the most recent and globally obvious thus, being the wobble of the earth in its orbit.

So, to conclude this very UN-educated introduction to the soon coming work of Elias, in total, I've listed herein following, all Scriptural mention of The Elias Name, and possibly a reader hereof may feel inspired to submit other information that may sufficiently add hereto as to provide increased comprehension of the soon coming Elias Ministry to restore all things.

Additionally, it would be helpful to receive publishable instruction concerning the most readily applicable knowledge necessary to accomplish basic, personal survival in the very possible event that one morning soon, the residents of earth wake up to discover there is NO petroleum combustion transportation, because of Elias having done something to prevent its continued use causing increasing pollution, and even regardless of pollution, if we're desirous of being prepared for the worst/best possible scenario, and worst or best depending entirely on the individual perspective as to whether it's WORSE or BETTER to have only the kind of life style that Adam and Eve had when expelled from Eden, , to be sufficiently prepared for that very possible scenario, obviously is the BEST preparation, because anything LESS demanding, would be attended to thus simultaneously; in other words, by preparing for the worst, automatically, we're prepared for anything LESS than the worst, whereas if prepared for anything LESS than the worst, results in NOT be prepared for anything beyond that limited extent of preparation.

Thereto, the kind and extent of personal survival information I be requesting donation of, is that which would be required if dropped into the midst of a natural wilderness, and expected to have sufficient knowledge as pertains to what is and is not edible, how to survive in total absence of the benefits of a fire for cooking, and also how to cook without the least of modern utensils, and also how to endure the seasonal elements of heat, cold, wind, rain, and sun, , with only the naturally available living quarters of a rocky incline, a cave that all discoverers thereof agree to abide therein together at peace, and share whatever is obtained for food, etc., etc., and this scenario assuming that all such have sufficient clothing and that none are of less age than that which can beneficially contribute to the benefit of the pair, the trio, family, or group in general, , and also assumes such reality as the cities, towns and villages no longer being habitable, because of only a few weeks being necessary to render them destitute of worthwhile benefit because of the massively uncontrollable looting that would result within only a few days of no government, because in only a few weeks of there being no transportation other than donkeys, camels, and horses, the national governments would crumble, and for the obvious causes that only days previous, caused the crumbling of the national societies that financed their previous requirement, thus leaving even the most wealthy and highly educated to fend for themselves and their families, and this being a major reason for families to re-instate themselves for the benefit of every member thereof, , and there's no sane purpose in relying on the military, because no soldier stays in service without food that obviously is no longer available in the total absence of transportation to supply it, and additionally, although of much less importance, neither would there be any compensation, because no government would mean no value in any nation's currency, and more so when there's nothing to purchase because of no means of delivery of ANYthing, either TO or FROM whatever merchandising location.

It's only my personal opinion as pertains to actual survival rates, but be that as it may, based on the health of the average North American resident, it's my educated guess that in absence of a corner drug store and a reachable, functional hospital, thirty to sixty percent of the populace shall perish within the first ninety days of the prophesied restoration, regardless of how mild or severe present estimates may presume it shall be, because it appears only reasonable, that in consideration of satan's government having been initiated in total absence of modern industry, that to be totally fair in comparison, God's end time government shall be required to experience the same kind of beginning, with only heads, hands, feet, and individual physical strengths of brain and brawn, and that perspective greatly increasing the perspective benefits of family togetherness that in many cases could result in family survival-NESS, to coin a new term, AND, , it SHALL occur, regardless of whether whomever accepts the reality of history that confirms every prophesy to-date stated to occur, eventually DID so.

Therefore, because even the farmers shall be in turmoil without means to plant or harvest because of non-functional machinery and less than one percent of them knowledgeable concerning the use of beasts originally intended for that purpose, there'll be little possibility of city folk surviving by chancing out into the rural areas where the farmers shall have banded together in advance, to protect what little means of survival they have remaining, knowing that financially destitute and hungry city folk would be swarming outward to claim whatever means of survival they could lay their hands on, and AGAIN, this is where family togetherness shall prove of just cause for making seemingly harsh and cold judgements, because in consideration of there being less than sufficient for the family in any given instance, , of itself, THAT shall be the decision-making criterion ON which, they stand together when insisting that all whom approach to join with them, either have something especially beneficial to offer in return, or are compelled to depart that area of family togetherness, and in most cases, even if the newcomer appears to have something highly beneficial to offer in return for acceptance into whatever family or other group, it's my opinion that they'll prefer to stay the course in a manner of speaking, knowing that stretching their limited survival conditions further, may result in required expulsion of their weakest member, and if all such are family, potential for that expulsion scenario would be much more tolerant, than if it includes they whom are NOT family, because obviously, we'd choose to retain and support a family member, much more than we would they whom are NOT family, and although there are Bible stated principles that should be applied in all such instances, because only one person in each statistical group of 41,666 is knowledgeable thus, these statements are made on the basis of entirely raw and often very crude and cold, brutal reality.

My closing thoughts in conclusion hereof, are that at very least, every person and family on the globe, should have and be no less than minimally skilled in the use of such temporary dwelling as a tent, , and it's my opinion that the best use of a person or family's time during what few vacation intervals yet remain, would be that of camping out with nothing more than their tent, the clothing they wear, and a proven guide to wilderness survival, because above all else, when times get ruff, survival knowledge shall be the most desired and treasured, and the need thereof, shall occur so suddenly, that even for those marginally experienced and prepared individuals, it shall prove unspeakably shocking, but much more bearable if initial survival instincts are present and personally functional.

For the more than half of North Americans that are seriously dependent on medications that in absence of, nearly immediate death is virtually certain, probably the best preparation is a place where death could be experienced with the least potential for stress, and to make it much less stressful, they could group together in this endeavor, because only a few weeks into The Elias Restoration, there'll be no more drug stores or hospitals in operation, and those dependant on such as insulin or anti-rejection formulas, very certainly shall be compelled by their crude circumstances, to make do without, regardless of whatever potential consequences, and aside from all other Elias Restoration initiated encumbrances, this matter all by itself, shall result in an extremely large quantity loss of human life, because of the large percentage that presently requires such drugs as eliminate their aches and pains, get them to sleep at night and out of bed in the morning, provide a stop-gap for their dietary, urinary and intestinal disorders, and assist with the general maintenance of an otherwise normal life with whatever artificial joints or body-parts stimulus, and overall, it appears the children of our end-time societies shall suffer the largest quantity of loss of life; that statement is made on the basis of a recent survey of twenty-two, average children, that only two of which were naturally and totally independent of inherited ailments such as asthma, bronchitis, diabetes, and common but seriously critical food allergies, and less than half of the twenty-two were deemed even marginally capable of withstanding prolonged physical difficulty; add to that scenario, the fact that some were foster children, some with only one not overly healthy parent, and all with financially difficult home circumstances, , and you can at least begin to imagine the nearly immediate results of NO employment income, NO means of food obtainment even if the city dwellers had NOT looted all available food stores, and NO functionally inherent family togetherness means of individually personal stability during such time of indescribable stress, to comfort or assist each other amidst screaming hungry children and destitutionally wits-end, fearfully angry parents, AND, , , it's IM-possible to describe it with much more than a mere semblance of reality, because it's prophesied to be by far, the worst scenario that humanity has ever experienced, , and the only people Providentially assisted during those horrendously difficult days, are the few Elect that have been hidden in a wilderness area where they receive at least minimally required sustenance.

Although there is more than one reference that includes mention of Elias(Elijah) in relation to the restoration of all things, Mat.17:11 sufficiently contains the context of all such, and Luke 9:54 confirms the identity of Elias(Elijah) as being the original Elijah. Mat.17:11, , and Messiah answered and said unto them, Elias truly shall first come and restore all things. Luke 9:54, , and when His disciples James and John saw this, they said, "Lord, wilt thou that we command fire  to come down from heaven and consume them, even as Elias (Elijah) did? 2Kings 1:10 , , and Elijah answered and said to the captain of fifty, "If I be a man of God, then let fire  come down from heaven and consume thee and thy fifty.", and there came down fire  from heaven and consumed him and his fifty. 2Kings 1:12 , , and Elijah answered and said unto them, "If I be a man of God, let fire  come down from heaven and consume thee and thy fifty.", and the fire  of God came down from heaven and consumed him and his fifty.


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