The Holy Bible


        The Authorized, King James Version of The Holy Bible, contains The Mind Of God, the creation of man, the way of salvation, the doom of sinners and The Eternal Destiny of believers, , and believers being none other than they that trust-in and adhere-to The Sinai Thundered Covenant LAW that Messiah, The Messenger Of That Covenant came proclaiming, after becoming flesh and dwelling among they whom He Created in His own image and likeness, He being The one and only Covenant Messenger. The Doctrines of The Bible are Holy, its Precepts binding, its Histories factual, , and its Instruction in Deut.6:25, Isa.8:20, John 15:10, Rom.2:13, and Rev.22:14 defined Righteousness, is immutable.

        We read The Authorized King James Bible to be wise, , believe it by trusting-in and adhering-to its instructions, and partake of its purpose thus, to be Holy. The AuKJV Bible contains Light to direct us, Food to support us, and Comfort to cheer us.

        The John 1:14, Christly Righteousness in  man, is The AuKJV Bibleís grand Subject and Object, and humanityís potential for Eternal Life thus, is its Providentially engineered design toward the conclusive Glory Of God.

        When The AuKJV Bibleís contents are absorbed carefully, frequently, and prayerfully, it can fill the mind, rule the heart, and guide the feet, , to a mine of wealth, a river of pleasure, and Godís Kingdom of Eternal Life Glory.

        Because The AuKJV Bible context is provided for instruction toward the obtainment of Eternal Life, it shall be opened in The Judgment and remembered forever.  God's WORD involves the highest possible degree of personal responsibility, and promises the most critically serious and profoundly wonderful rewards, and condemns all whom ignore or meddle with its contents.

        The AuKJV Bible contains the travelerís map, the pilgrimís staff, the pilotís compass, the soldierís sword, and The Christianís Charter. Therein is available, instruction for arrival in The Kingdom Of God, and also therein, the gates of hell are opened for all of the disobedient.

        In technical description, because 2Tim.3:16 confirms all Holy Scripture was given by GODly Inspiration, The Authorized KJV Bible consists of The Old and The New Testaments of Jehovah, The Great Eternal God and Holy Spirit, , and is comprised of 66 sections that commonly are described as Books, there being 39 Books in the Old Testament and 27 in the New.

        The first book of The AuKJV Bible is 'titled Genesis, that when translated from Greek, means, "in the beginning," , while simultaneously, virtually the entire context thereof, concentrates on beginnings, although most commonly the world around, it is known as The Book Of Genesis, meaning, The Book Of Creation or The Book Of Our Generations, or The Book Of Beginnings, because, , in commonly accepted and scientifically confirmed computation, it contains the basic, verbatim account of the origins of all things and peoples.     


All Source references are to The AKJV, The Authorized King James Version of The OHNLY Holy Bible.









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