To  contact  me, Gus, or Ms.Tameilya, "click"  the  yellow-gold text containing these namez, directly beneath this instrucshn, and a blangk paje shal open for yoo to type in. Thu "Gus" person identity in thu name uv Archie August Hudson, iz thu same az the "Archie" person in my internet adress, and Ms.Tameilya iz my midle age daughter, if yoo prefer to write to uh woman insted uv uh man. I yooz uh difrent given name to asist in thu sorting uv my mail, Archie being for bizines and snail mail and August for web mail.


       Becuz uh larj  qwantity uv corespondens ecspecting uh reply, exacts uh hevy tole on my time, I humbly request compensaashn in the amount yoo deem apropreate, and yor cairing cumplians thus, shal pre-determin which leters are justly dezerving uv uh comprehensiv reply.

            Also, to thay I've atempted to identify hearin fallohing, I =DO= apolojize for having such inherent disability conserning namez re-call, and reqwest yor tolerans uv thu maner in which I've atempted to recall thoze uv yoo I hav speshl memory uv, such being: Helen and thu feloh employee named after Como; thu surfer uv Selkirk; The O.D.C.V.I. Pensil Paraid author; thu person whom so cairingly  ofered to purchas lunch for me, az I waz departing to minister to thu spirits in prizn; may I hear frum yoo??, , and wun  uv thoze spirits being "Patrick-thu-reader", and anuther Zion, and anuther Chester  thu milk-man, and anuther  an aborijinal bar-tender'z spouse, and anuther  uh vairy tall, hevy-set, vairy kind-harted man with a red skull-cap, "blesed are thu mersiful, becuz thay shal obtain mersy", and anuther being he whooz daughter iz called Jordan, , and I'd like to hear frum thu lad whom asked whut Thu Bible sez conserning sodomy, , and I'll ad utherz  hear az I recall them, wun being a Kris Mechanic, and anuther he who spaired a man'z life and waz jailed for it, and also, the yearz  and the on-going sircumstansez sinse the NOT  for sale instans, prevented me thu blesing uv hearing  frum thu-person-in-bloo  whom waz sent to thu town'z story layerz, to fill uh dire need, and while thair, witnesd thu remooval uv uh thigh-sign; sumhow, the "ON-SALE", larje, bright colored sticker had cum off uv uh resent purchas she waz cairying and adheard to her thigh, , and I'd be MUCH pleezed to hear frum her. To contact me, Gus, or Ms.Tameilya, "click"  the  yellow-gold text containing theez namez, immeedeately fallohing this instrucshn, and uh blangk paje shal ohpen for yoo to type in. Thu "Gus" person identity in thu name uv Archie August Hudson, iz thu same az the "Archie" person in my internet adres, and Ms.Tameilya iz my midle age daughter.


            In clozing, for all uv yoo not dezirus uv yoozing the electronic dohnaashn link hearin fallohing to suport this Biblicaly profesied ministry, note that postal or bank draft donaashnz sent vial snail mail, must be in Canadian or USA curency and adresed  to, Archie Terrace, Box 35, Oak Point, Manitoba, Canada, ROC-2JO, and I "THANK" yoo all.

To finanshaly asist this ministry, yooz this lingk to
"Make A Dohnaashn" in the amount  yoo deem apropreate:



        Any amount of donation shall very  much assist  this ministry that functions on a day-to-day  basis as it has from its beginning, even if that means doing without  whatever else, in hopes  of hearing from such as they who'll, "Make me  a little cake first." Hopefully the reader will note that The Bible record cake reference is included for none other than its end-time symbolic intent and purpose, because sending non-commercially licensed food items across national borders, is illegal in North America and additionally, because most ministers are thoroughly hated by the general populace, there's no way of determining whether a food item is negatively laced and also, at my age, diet retains constantly specific concern as to the kind, amount, and frequency of consumption, although regardless, I do sincerely thank the obvious thoughtfulness of the donator of the most recently received cake from a total stranger in Texas; with all due consideration and no offense intended, the nearly twelve dollars to post it, would have been more helpful and NOT mouldy on arrival.

1Kings 17:13, , and Elijah said to her, "Fear not; go and do as you have said but, make me  thereof, a little cake first, and bring it to me, and then  make for yourself and your son." OCVV

        Whether containing questions or whatever other information, all ezMails  shall  be rejected  if encrypted, encoded, or containing un-requested attachments.

        Additionally, all correspondence becomes the property of the receiver thereof and remains totally confidential, and NO sender identity shall be published in absence of sender permission to do so.

        Note that My ezMail address is: Archie@OliveCandleVoice.com  "Archie" is the abbreviation for The Sir Name "Archibald" that is of European descent and originally spelled Auchenbold, meaning bold, brave warrior, that being my birth father's, leonard's family name, and my gramps was math' professor at Edinburgh University, Scotland. I be the eldest child and only son of my dad, an accomplished pianist, an awards-winning amateur boxer when young, and in later life, a farmer  at Lot-18, Concession-13, Brock Twp, Cannington, Ontario, CANADA, where Hughy & son J.C. Sproule were his favorite neighbors, and also where he fathered my much younger half-sister, Myrna-Ruth Archibald, the full sister of my other and much older and now dead half-sister faye marion elizabeth, whom the registry confirms inherited the name and birth date of the sister that was born in Quebec in December of 1939, and in the spring of 1940 when I was only seven, was buried where Marion grew her purple wild flowers thereafter, , and also myrna's and faye's half brother is dead, Conrad William Brace, whom, as I was informed, was Marion's only son, and Marion having been my commendably performing foster mother since assisting with my birth and until my early teens, but now, both leonard and marion are dead, and Myrna Ruth, Leonard and Marion's youngest daughter is yet alive and last I'd heard, was residing in Woodville, Ontario, Canada, with her husband, Mr."S", whom I've been told hav done thair utmost BEST to prevent me frum ever learning their rezidential location, jist 10 minits East uv whair she spent ALL uv her growing-up yearz.

        In response to the comment concerning myself being the eldest and first-born and only son of my dad
, robert leonard wallace archibald, born 11d11m1910, and originally of Caledon, Ontario, Canada where had lived his Dad during the late 1930's as I recall personally, when at the age of 4 or 5, having swung on his Dad's, William Thomas's beard and been sternly admonished by leonard, for that little stunt, but then was comforted with Grampa's remark, "That's O.K. leonard; I don't mind that.", , I be very gravely aware of the seeming impossible thoughts it may bring to the minds of those readers hereof whom are close descendents of leonard's line and until reading this, were of the previously un-contested assurance that my younger sister, now deceased, faye marion elizabeth was the eldest of leonard's children, whom in total, are myself, and then faye whom in late 1939, was born in Quebec, and then in late spring of 1940 was buried at Lot-18, Con.13, of Brock Twp, Cannington, Ontario, Canada, her corpse having been kept in an unheated room until the snow melted and the ground sufficiently thawed to dig her grave as I witnessed dad do, and then as of September 1940, the second daughter faye was born and caused to inherit the name and birth date of the first Faye, to negate the undesired investigation and questions that would have resulted if her death had been reported, seeing as although doctors were few and far between back then, there existed legislation that was void of such common realities as the rural folk were subject to during sub-zero weather when basic food stuff and warmth were the major order of each day, to survive those extremely harsh winters where I distinctly recall water freezing on my bedside table, and the many parent conversations as to what the world war would amount to, the many inclusions of hitler's name in their discussions that were easily heard upstairs, because my room had the stovepipe hole near my bed, and their winter talks always occurred while they were sitting close to The Ol'e Wood Stove to keep warm, and many times dad stayed up until dawn to keep the fire going and then after morning chores, he'd sleep 'til noon while foster mother Marion tended the fire.  Back in those days, there were months at a time when I was the only child in that dwelling, and those times were when my birth mother hadn't been persuaded to keep me with her, in Toronto, and the last of those times concluded with Marion again accepting the responsibility of my rearing, soon after their return from Quebec, because Marion's time was then more free after the death of her first Faye. 

            I graduated from Sproule's elementary school and attended Brock District High School, where Mr. Eldon Beach was my favorite instructor, and the Orillia District Collegiate and Vocational Institute where a Mr.Lower and a Mrs.McDonald were my favorite instructors in calculus and Grammar, and Mrs. McPhail proved skilful and simultaneously cordial in assisting me with exceptionally high marks in typing and business administration. Other study courses in Physics, Electronics, Law, Patent and copywriting, with Commercial Art, advertising and promotion and public speaking, were accomplished later, ,and Bible studies were on going from approximately age twelve, and surprising accreditation as an ACAPPP musician not being recognized until mid-life when the accomplishments of Author, Composer, Arranger, Producer, Publisher and Performer were assigned, although initially, I agreed to the professional recording of only seventeen of my more than a hundred compositions, one of which is published at this link and may require as much as a half-hour to down-load, without a high-speed internet connection.

            Although it was never my desire nor intent to publish personal information on this website, it has been attended to thus, because my 2008 visitor Log Files confirmed repeated identity mixing and confusion with the Society Of Petroleum Engineers author of Archie's Law, by the 1907-1978 person whose registered name is August Archie, , and also there's been identity confusion with the owner of a popular bar in Hong-Kong called, "Archie's Terrace" wrongly pronounced "tairiss", that although spelled the same as my first and sir name, obviously is pronounced very differently and in-correctly as pertains to English rules of grammar that dictate the first syllable, "Ter" is correctly pronounced as in "Her", the opposite of "Him" and NOT as "Tair" as in hair, , and the second syllable is correctly pronounced as it is spelled, that being "race", as in a car-"race" or horse-"race" and NOT as "iss" as in miss and hiss, , although culturally it is commonly "miss" pronounced as "Tair-iss", when in fact, aside from culturally maligned construement, there is no reasonable cause whatsoever, to pronounce it as if miss-spelling it and reversing the emphasis to the first syllable instead of the last, which is why when typing it, I often italicize the last syllable, to indicate that it is to receive the vocal prominence when being pronounced, instead of the first syllable but, I have no known relationship with either the Shell Oil Company's engineer, or the owner of the bar in Hong-Kong.

            So be it as pertains to names and their pronunciation, when the greater importance of being worthy of respect, is determined by the reputation that our life-style causes our name to earn and acquire, , and mine being such that because of my decades long, un-hesitant and un-relenting personal conduct testimony resulting in Mark 13:13 being a perfect and blatantly obvious "fit" that has resulted in my name being recognized globally by government leaders, and although that was never my least intent either, it's a totally logical result of the parallel congruency of the twin prophecies that I've been involved in the fulfillment of for so long, that even -prior- to having completed the accomplishing of Dan.9:27 and Mat.24:14, NOT being noticed on a world-wide basis, is quite impossible, but, , be that as it may, whether I be loved or hated, is pre-determined by the Mat.10:22 prophecy that contains not the least exception, and regardless, because the value of my final reward, has no comparison and is such, that I have no concern whatsoever, for whether whomever likes or dislikes, loves or hates me, because that has no place in my mandate.

For an explanation of ezMail, read the  COPYRIGHT  NOTATION  lingk at the bottom of the homepage.

        Note also, that without  the sender's clearly  printed name and  address obviously evident on the exterior of whatever  item I receive, that item may be discarded, as may all  postal items containing an unexplained, different sender's name on the contents, than on the envelope. Additionally and regardless of whether officially legitimate, names containing obvious profanities, shall earn their senders immediate return thereof, such as a recent request from a person whom insisted her name is Genesis Love and thus, made it impossible for me to reply, except to the box number thereon, because otherwise would be condoning a falsehood, when in Bible confirmed fact, God is The Only Beginning Love. Similarly in the case of ministers insisting I address them as being reverenced, when in Bible confirmed fact, only God's name is worthy of reverence, and when I requested of Mrs. Wigmore to send me ONE Bible proof of her husband being worthy of reverence, she refused to reply and obviously has secured her destiny thus.
        To ac
complish the most  in the least  time, probably an appropriate place to begin perusal  of this website, could be the WHY page on the menu bar, and then in the top, right corner of most pages hereof, read page numbers 00, 117, 128, 163, and then KINGDOM  GOSPEL may prove interesting. Also, intellectually minded persons with an interest in science or physics, may enjoy "Time Realm Dialogue", number 162 in The list at the top, right corner of most pages, and then 203, 214, 216 and 217 may provide a helpful conclusion for you . . .



  All Sorse quotes are AuKJV, The Authorized King James Version and ONLY Holy Bible.   









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