000 - Going To Heaven ? 

001 - The Tree Decorating Custom

002 - Entrance To Heaven  

003 - Rising To Meet The Christ

004 - Following Only The Christ

005 - Assuming Identity

006 - Disciples Are Followers 

007 - In All Interpretation Conflict

008 - Faith Is The Indwelling Christ 

009 - Eph.4:13 Unity Of The Faith  

010 - Heb.11:1 Defines Faith    

011 - To Have Faith In God  

012 - Grace Is Unearned

013 - Bible Defined Repentance  

014 - Conversion Requires Obedience 

015 - To Be Saved  

016 - Bible Confirmed BORN AGAIN  

017 - The Sabbath Day 

018 - Eternal Life Salvation   

019 - Righteousness Is Defined 

020 - The Human Soul    

021 - Confession And Belief     

022 - The LAW And The Testimony   

023 - The Key To Eternal Life   

024 - All Stand In Judgment

025 - Satan Inspired Worship Traditions

026 - A Best Religious Organization  

027 - Receival Of Eternal Life 

028 - God's LAW Of TRUTH 

029 - Church Of TRUTH Legitimacy

030 - God's Two Great LAWs

031 - The Christly Disciple's Foundation

032 - God's Mercy Endures Forever

033 - The Only Mediator

034 - Eternal Life Seekers

035 - Permanent Death
036 - The Christly Brethren
037 - Understanding Scripture
038 - Assembling With The Brethren
039 - Eternal Life Requirements

040 - Whom To Believe
041 - Faithful Unto Death
042 - All Holy Scripture Is Inspired
043 - By Their Fruit
044 - The Only Salvation Shepherd
045 - Receiving Eternal Life
046 - As In Noah's Days
047 - The Seven Seals
048 - The End Of The World
049 - What Is Blasphemy

050 - Denominational Names
051 - Serving Two Masters
052 - The Word Of Eternal Life
053 - Whom Is The Fool
054 - Exposing Your Identity
055 - No Cross - No Crown
056 - You Find Comfort
057 - Personal Accountability
058 - Ascending Into Heaven
059 - According To Your Faith

060 - The Perfect LAW Of Liberty
061 - The Fourth "R"
062 - Holyness Unto The Lord
063 - The Master's Sheep
064 - Why Obey God's LAW ?
065 - Personal Preference Poisons
066 - Only The Christ Has Power
067 - Understanding Prophecy
068 - Comprehending God's LAW
069 - Ransomed For Many

070 - Redeemed From The Curse
071 - Saved By Grace
072 - Saved By His Death
073 - What You Should Teach
074 - Teaching God's Word
075 - Because He Believed
076 - The Pride Of Their Power
077 - Which Way To Turn
078 - You Can't Opt Out
079 - 5989 Roman Years From Eden

080 - Rapture Or Rupture ?
081 - The Only Code Of Truth
082 - Eternal Life Mediation
083 - Re-Defining Good And Evil

084 - Mustard Seed Faith
085 - Partaking Of And Condoning
086 - The Garden Of God's Presence
087 - To Be Of One Accord
088 - Direct Quote Bible Answers
089 - Correct Discernment

090 - Whom Do You Believe ?
091 - Do You Have The Faith ?
092 - Neither Opinion Nor Tradition
093 - God's Word Is Absolute
094 - Examples Of Bible Facts
095 - Shared Allegiance or Fence Riding
096 - Personal Destiny
097 - Christly Disciple Requirements
098 - Vocal Confessions
099 - Personal Study Is Vital

100 - Now You'll Know
101 - You Own Nothing
102 - The Many Deceivers
103 - Man's And Woman's Role
104 - The Christ Our Redeemer
105 - How To Know God's Will
106 - Pretense Is Deception
107 - Your Maker Says
108 - The Saints Of God
109 - God's Mercy Is Conditional

110 - Paradise Investments
111 - Scriptural Rebirth
112 - If In Doubt You're In Danger
113 - Knowing The Difference
114 - Without The Shedding Of Blood
115 - God's LAW Is Totally Inclusive
116 - Is It Wise ?
117 - A Comprehensive Creation Overview
118 - The Eden Transgression
119 - Confession

120 - Repentance
121 - Conversion
122 - Your Lifestyle Testimony
123 - The Eternal Life Covenant
124 - Are The Annual Holy Days Annulled ?
125 - Discernment And Discrimination
126 - The Brother's Keeper
127 - The Prayer Of Faith
128 - Inheriting All Things
129 - Your Only Duty

130 - Know Your Identity
131 - Falling On God's Mercy
132 - Failing To Understand
133 - The SEAL of God
134 - The Only Code Of Truth
135 - Guilty Of One Is Guilty Of All
136 - The Straight And Narrow
137 - Spiritual Circumcision
138 - Regeneration, Resurrection, Redemption
139 - Sunday Lip Service

140 - Sunday Religion
141 - The Lord's Day
142 - Prayer Power
143 - All Rev.21:7 Overcomers
144 - This Is Different
145 - Eternal Life Citizenship
146 - God Spoke From Heaven
147 - True Context Interpretation
148 - Miss-Interpretation
149 - The Remnant of Rom.9:27

150 - Remembrance Day
151 - The Ultimate Sacrifice
152 - The Two Resurrections
153 - To Be Catholic Or Protestant
154 - Bible Study
155 - The Only Door
156 - The Only High Priest
157 - The Only Holy Father
158 - Messiah's First Advice
159 - The Works Controversy

160 - Water And Spirit Baptism
161 - The Salt Of The Earth
162 - Time Realm Dialogue
163 - Our Earthly Pilgrimage
164 - The Definition Of Christian
165 - Those Profane Altar Calls
166 - Prayers Of Abomination
167 - The Kingdom Of God
168 - The Christ Our Healer
169 - Stealing From The Poor

170 - In His Name
171 - Prayer Without The Seal Of God
172 - The Testimony Of Messiah
173 - The Armor of God

174 - Do We Have Angels ?
175 - Hesitation Can Be Hellish

176 - Tithes and Offerings
177 - The Planter Parable
178 -
Are Miracles Magic ?

179 - Is Physical Circumcision Mandatory ?

180 - The Divorced Woman's Destiny
181 -
Take It or Leave It

182 - The Memorial Of Creation
183 -
The Test Commandment
184 -
The "Tongues" Question

185 - The Husband's Bible Confirmed Duty

186 - Without  Holyness

187 - Orthodox  Religion

188 - Fundamentalist  Definition

189 - The Trinity Triangle

190 - Second Death Coffin Nails

191 - Guarding The Doors Of Your Mind

192 - The Elect Church Of The First Born

193 - The Lamb's Book Of Life
194 -
The Feet Lamp & Path Light

195 - Ecumenical & Evangelical definitions
196 -
Filling & Trimming Your Lamp
197 -
Why Does God Permit It ?

198 - The Big Mistake

199 - Satan's Substitute

200 - Read And Heed

201 - Salvation Confirmation

202 - The Saint's Way
203 -
The Resurrection Power

204 - Actual Prayer Contact

205 - Can You Be UN-Saved?

206 - Bible Interpreting Serious Business

207 - The Abolished Law

208 - Growing In Grace
209 -
Worshipping Through The Veil

210 - Understanding Faith
211 - Re-Birth Confirmation
212 - Pass Word Protection
213 - Disciple Of Messiah Confirmation
214 - The Covenant Messenger
215 - Bible Versions Major Differences
216 - The Gift Of Grace
217 - Will You Miss Out?

       In any instance of NOT finding in this list, a title that speaks to YOUR specific problem, you are welcomed to address this Bible Information compiler directly, , from the INQUIRIES page, with whatever questions or concerns you desire a Bible Stated response to, totally apart from any mere personal understanding or interpretation, because The Bible interprets The Bible, else none of The Apostles and Prophets words would be congruent and in Scripturally harmonious parallel with each of the others, even though so many of them lived in totally different calendar periods, because all of God's people speak as they are inspired thus, by The Holy Spirit, and this Bible stated fact alone, reveals correct interpretation is congruent with all other such.

       As to WHY that isn't stated by the mainstream of religious proclaimers, it's because as Bible recorded, that God neither called, sent, nor speaks through any of they that congregate in man-made temples, where He states He does NOT dwell, nor inspired they whom officiate therein, as further explained in more detail at this page. Additionally, He states in Ps.111:10, that He gives a good understanding to only they whom OBEY His Ex.20:1-17 Love LAW of Eternal Life Salvation, and because their very existence confirms organized religion consists of all such as 2Cor.6:17 commands God's people to come out of and abandon to be received by Him, because they hate and teach against God's Sinai Thundered Love LAW of Eternal Life Salvation, for that reason among others, such as He states in John 15:10, The Creator God is not the least involved with they who proclaim their denominational, orthodox, or any other organizational religious profanities or blasphemies as The Bible says all such do, as is further detailed at this page.

      Additional confirmation of all Bible Information on this web site being of Inspirational Source only, is that after more than forty years of teaching as you witness herein, I've YET to receive even ONE notification of having taught or proclaimed falsely or the least contrary to any Bible confirmed reality; so,  ,  ,
hope you enjoy your time at this Bible prophesied web site and if you have any legitimate need to contact me directly, you are welcome to do so, although be forewarned, that if by snail mail, it may be a few weeks before you receive a reply, because my location is an isolated area without postal delivery, thus obligating me to drive for an hour to receive or post surface mail.

         In the meantime, be forewarned, that in absence of God's Sinai Thundered Love LAW of Eternal Life Salvation, there'd be no need for Covenant Confirmation and thus, no need for a covenant to confirm and thus, no need for a covenant messenger and thus, no need for The Covenant upon which, the entirety of The Apostles and Prophets are based and founded.

            So, because Messiah, The UN-changing God and Messenger Of The Covenant that John 15:10 confirms He Thundered from Sinai, states that His Covenant MUST be respected and obeyed for Eternal Life eligibility, after heeding the dictate of 2Cor.6:17 to first be received by Him, obviously, any manner of the least ignoring or negating God's Sinai Thundered Love LAW of Commandments, results in hell fire damnation as is further proven in John 1:14 that states Messiah =IS= The LAW that His John 15:10 Testimony states He Thundered from Sinai and thus, any least attempt to annul or abolish God's Eternal Life Salvation Love LAW of Commandments, simultaneously is a foolish attempt to annul or abolish The Creator God.

         Also, from an entirely different perspective, because 1John 3:4 defines sin as being the transgression of God's LAW, if it were possible to annul or abolish His LAW, then also, it would be possible to abolish sin and in that case, there'd be no need of The Savior and then obviously, no need for His Eternal Life Salvation program.

           Conclusively therefore, if by nothing more than simple, logically based reasoning on the historically confirmed facts of Bible stated reality, except for the majority that prefers falsehoods and resultant deception into hell fire damnation, , all humanity is compelled to acknowledge that in absence of God's LAW, there is NO access to Eternal Life, and resultantly, all of this information could quickly be replaced with such as Rom.2:13 and Revelation 22:14, Authorized King James version only, the only version with IN-context confirmation of Godly Inspiration Legitimacy, and that simple fact rendering all other versions, satanically influenced abominations, the catholic version being the major of all such, because of it having an entirely different assemblage of commandments than was Thundered from Sinai and thus, confirms its leaders and all members thereof and including all of the obviously protesting members daughters that defected there from, , subject to God's Rev.22:18-19 decree of pre-determined hell fire damnation and without recourse otherwise, as the blatantly obvious, total absence of such foolishness as purgatory from even a syllable of mention anywhere in The Bible, so obviously confirms it having been a fabrication of Rome.

      Archie   Terrace,  Servant Friend Of The Most High God

        The published, Direct Quote Bible Answer to the question you submitted, may be perused by locating it amongst the more than two hundred others that are in the number and title list herein preceding.

        Because so many questions concern more than one topic of serious consideration, although all were dutifully responded to by either snail Mail or ezMail, not all replies are included as web site material, but, all that are  included for your perusal, are topic titled in the number and title list herein preceding and are the same as posted at the top, right corner of most sermon pages on this website, and this now additional list is retained because of it being the first of such posted herewith, prior to inclusion on each of the sermon pages, and is retained because of there yet being demand for such list, apart from the many and various, more than two hundred sermons.

       Note that these Direct Quote Bible Answers publications are not  mere opinions; they are contextually verbatim statement extractions from the records of history that are available to anyone desirous of learning the facts as recorded by the ancients, they who were created for that specific purpose.

          Note also, that when This COVENANT Confirmation Ministry is nearing completion, the prophetical week of seven years that began after its introduction under the Direct Quote Bible Answers title, eventually shall expire, and that although for more than the first half hereof, weekly  title insertions were made to this page, all regular insertions, now have ceased, although from time-to-time as occasion accommodated, another title was added, until the pre-determined quantity of 217 was accomplished, and also the Up-Date page has and progressively may contain new information as it becomes available, but shall be censored, as it is presently, until calendar completion of The Covenant Confirmation Ministry.

        Although at the outset hereof, the specific calendar dates of this prophecy were available, it is because of censored government interference internationally, that neither those nor the dates of The Elias Ministry, now are available herein and thus, shall not be released, but, both of those dates can be known by calendar reckoning backwards, at the "close"  of this ministry, immediately preceding the Elias ministry, and although the many and various previous trouble makers whose business nothing herein concerns, now complain that after-the-fact date information is of no benefit to them, that is not the fault of this Bible information compiler and regardless, although discreetly hidden, all of those dates are contained in The AuKJV of The Holy Bible, even the spring time date of Messiah's birth and the date of the Eden expulsion, or they'd not have been available to me, to post on the prophecy calendar that is no longer included hereon but regardless, because specific dates of past or future history occurrences, aren't a Bible prophesied inclusion hereof, none of the visitors hereto, are the least deprived thus.

     Until 29d09m2009y, each  inquiry received a comprehensive reply and all questions were answered in dutiful respect of Scriptural compliance, whether in only one or various  Direct Quote Bible Answers publications, The Elects' FAITH, Holy Scripture Defined as The John 1:14, Mat.4:4, Ex.20:1-17, 34:28, Deut.4:13, and Heb.11:1 Christly  substance  of The Elects' only  Eternal HOPE, , being an example thus, by being spoken to in numbers  8, 9, 10, 11, 41, 59, 84, 91, and 127 of these Direct Quote Bible Answers publications.

        Although all of the Direct Quote Bible Answers publications are available for your perusal, by "clicking" on the desired title herein preceding, also, The Bible information compiler of The Olive Candle Voice, may be contacted by following the instructions on the  INQUIRIES page hereof, and The Scripturally dictated portrayal of The Sabbath Calendar, can be menu bar accessed from The COVENANT page.

        As to where it's most appropriate to begin on The Olive Candle Voice web site, , probably you'll accomplish the most  in the least  time, by first  reading the  WHY page, and then by clicking on the respective title herein preceding, read pages 00, 113, 117, 125, 128, and then KINGDOM  GOSPEL, and if you're a student of science or physics or have an intellectual mind, you may enjoy 162, Time Realm Dialogue, and then possibly 018, 163, 192, 193, 214, 215, 216,  or a combination or all of these, would provide a very helpful conclusion for you; if you have only a little  time to spend at this website, the WHY page and 163 would provide the most for your limited time All blue text is "click" linked.

       Thus, to peruse any of the more than 200 titles of Direct Quote Bible Answers publications available herein, "click" on the subject title of your choice, in the list herein preceding or at the top right of most other pages, , and then to read a different title, return to the top of the page and use the scroll bar to locate another title that interests you, or  "click" on the  "back" icon at the top, left corner of your computer screen monitor window OR  "click" either the PREVIOUS or the NEXT box in the menu bar at the bottom of the BIBLE ANSWERS page you then are on; presently, you're on the page that lists the number and title of each Direct Quote Bible Answer, as that page existed before a window was created in the top, right corner of most other pages hereof, so the titles list could be perused from that window at the top, right corner of most pages, without the inconvenience of going to the list page each time.

        If you don't hear the voice and music that accompanies perusal of some pages, it's because of system inadequacy, whether the technology age of your computer, not having a high speed connection, or because your sound channel isn't activated or its amplitude setting is too low.



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