presents these Bible Confirmations of Ephesians 2:8-9, ,


    In over-view perspective, The Bible references of Hebrews 4:14, 5:9-10, 7:26 and 8:1, confirm all need for pastors, priests and rabbi, was terminated when Messiah ascended to The Father's Right Hand, where from He tore open access to His Temple's most Holy Chamber; He now being The Father's only advocate, He grants none other than Hiz Elect Holiness, because they worship Him via that torn vail opening, meeting with Him there, where The Mercy Seat iz anchored on The Ark of Hiz Eternal Life Salvation, Sinai Thundered Covenant that's recorded in the Bible Book of Exodus, chapter 20 AND, , it's vitally important to NOTE that because God rejects DIVIDED servitude/allegiance, , either you serve HIM and NONE other OR, He REJECTS your otherwise eligibility for His "GIFT" of GRACE entrance into Eternal Life, as Matt.6:24 confirms.

    So, henceforth, either you become a disciple of The Christ of God OR remain a servant of satan AND, , because disciples of The Christ become His "HUMAN" temples where-IN He abides, 24/7, as MUCH as you'll permit Him, , , and that being revealed by your degree of Exodus 20 respect, , it's for THAT reason, you are NO more permitted to GO to whatever church/temple because, you ARE the HUMAN temple where-IN henceforth, The RISEN Christ of God ABIDES, , =IF= in ALL that you THINK, SAY, and DO, , your daily life-style manner and conduct is governed BY God's Exodus 20 recorded, COVENANT stated requirements of maintaining your discipleship commitment to HIM and NONE other be-CAUSE, , ,

    , , , you can not FOLLOW and BE a disciple of NONE other THAN The Christ, , when practicing DIVIDED allegiance be-TWEEN Him and whatever OTHER mentor, and also, because disciples of The Christ are members of His scripturally declared SCATTERED flock whom are so few and far between as prevents them from congregating, you are blatantly violating your discipleship mentoring commitment to The Christ, when grouped within whatever congregation of whatever OTHER kind of worshippers AND thus, exhibiting a SHARED allegiance and profane TWO masters approach to God's Kingdom.

    Disciples of the ONLY Giver of Eternal Life Salvation do NOT =GO= to church because they ARE the HUMAN temples of the Eternal God, wherein He dwells; so, either you are a disciple of The Christ, the ONLY Giver of Eternal Life Salvation OR, , you're a disciple of whomever else AND, because there are only TWO spiritual roads to choose from during your earth realm pilgrimage of identity proving, , it is BY your 24/7, daily life style manner and habit of internal spirit of personal desire and practiced intent, that you exhibit WHICH of the only two roads of pilgrimage identity proving you've chosen AND, , because the only Giver of Eternal Life Salvation does NOT permit DIVIDED allegiance discipleship, He WITH-HOLDS His "GIFT" of GRACE-ful entry into Eternal Life, from ALL whose pilgrimage confirmed identity reveals UN-commited and or DIVIDED allegiance.

    Do note thus, that to get up to the mercy seat, requires eligibility therefore, by worshiping Him 24/7, via His OWN John 15:10 "Testimony-Exampled" obedience to His Sinai Thundered Covenant. Also, note that without The Covenant, there would be NO Messiah, "The Covenant Messenger", and that without Messiah, there would be no Savior and thus, NO "Eternal Life Salvation", and that is why the entirety of the only gospel taught in the AKJV, the only in-context confirmed version of Holy Bible, entirely is based on Hiz Ark Enshrined, Eternal Life Salvation Covenant that the fourth part thereof, confirms that in absense of pilgrimage-confirmed, totally committed, 24/7 respect for Hiz Memoreal of Creation Temporal Rest, you'll NOT partake of His Eternal Rest.

    Yes! Hiz Mercy does endure forever but, endurance and eligibility are entirely different attributes and, in absence of 24/7 respect for Hiz Sinai Thundered Love Law of Malachi 2:5-6, John 15:10, Romans 2:13 and Revelation 22:14 confirmed "KEY" to Eternal Life Salvation, you're not worthy of Hiz merciful Grace and thus, not being eligible therefore, you'll be cast into hell fire with the vast majority of humanity that does NOT want Eternal Life, as is prophesied in reference to Noah's days, Mat.24:38. The Bible references hereto, confirm Salvation by Grace refers to "how" and not "whether", and "whether" is clearly revealed in such references as Romans 2:13 and Revelation 22:14 among various others. The very Source of Eternal Life Salvation states: "IF YOU OBEY MY COMMANDMENTS, YOU'LL ABIDE IN MY LOVE.", and other of Esyoo's, Messiah's words confirm damnation is the reward for all that do NOT abide in His Love. NOTE thus, that the knowledge of HOW salvation is received, is of NO value to those whom ignore The Bible stated CONDITIONS that directly pertain to HOW you can be a recipient thereof.

    Similarly, if your residential mortgage holder gave instruction on whom to make mortgage payments to, until his return to grant you possession, and ignorantly, you made all of those mortgage payments to an entirely different person, could you ever expect to claim ownership? Similarly, ignoring the command to study and show yourself an approved discerner of God's Words, shall deprive you of all right to claim Eternal Life Salvation. 2Tim.2:15

    NOTE that because there is NO historical record of "Esyoo" "The Christ" being addressed as jesus or jeezus, until more than 200 years AFTER His ascension, ALL intended communication with or to either jesus or jeezus, are abominable because of being from an UN-repentant heart, Prov.28:9, Mat.6:1-13. It was the Greeks that profanely assigned "Esyooah" the swine keeper and pig-farmer title as His name, when He was first taught there, because the phonetics of their language, have no allowance for pronunciation of "Esyoo" in a vocally similar manner to that of how it's pronounced in Hebrew. By pronouncing the English alphabet symbols of S and U together, smoothly and consecutively, you are pronouncing the Messiah's name of "Esyoo", and by adding the suffix "AH" alphabet symbols and sound to it when addressing Him, you're expressing respectful PRAISE of His Majesty, the Prince of Peace and Son of The Most High God TO whom, The Father Granted ALL power in Heaven and on Earth. In Romans 2:13, the world's most often quoted Bible writer states, "ONLY THE DOERS OF THE LAW SHALL BE JUSTIFIED.", and in Revelation 22:14, the only disciple that stood WITH Messiah, when He was brought before Pilot, states: BLESSED ARE THEY THAT DO HIS COMMANDMENTS, THAT THEY MAY HAVE RIGHT TO THE TREE OF ETERNAL LIFE, AND MAY ENTER IN, THROUGH THE GATES, INTO THE CITY; (TO PARTAKE THEREOF).

    Resultantly thus, if your worship manner or conduct involves and or respects other than The Father's only Bible confirmed advocate, your worship thus profanes Messiah's Calvary Sacrifice on the factual basis of the AKJV Bible record of Gal.6:17 that commands God's people to come OUT of all religious organizations to be received by God. The AKJV Bible record of Galations 6:17 Commands God's People to come out of all religious organisations to be reseived by God, because you can NOT reseive OF Him, until you've been reseived BY Him and, because history confirms Messiah was never profanely addressed as either jesus or jeezus, until profanely so-named thus by the Greeks, when He was first taught there, more than 200 years AFTER Hiz ascension, , ignoring that factual, historically confirmed reality shall cost you total absense of all potential for being SAVED by Hiz GRACE, because BOTH jesus AND jeezus are the Greek title words for swine keeper and pig-farmer, the closest sounding Greek alphabet combination to Messiah's historically confirmed Hebrew name of "Esyoo" and its praise form of "ESYOOAH". Even the SUFFIX, "sus" part of jesus, in the Greek language, is defined as "dirt-pig".

    Also, the King James, "Holy Bible" book of 1John 2:4 states: "He that says, "I know him", while NOT HABITUALLY "obeying" ALL of God's Commandments, James 2:10, is a liar, because of NOT consistently having God's LAW of Truth in him, , and The Bible says ALL liars are disciples of satan, the father of lies and with the same destiny.

    Thus, God's Word confirmz ALL disciples of orthodox and ALL other heathen religions that all of refuse to obey God's Commandments, ALL such are liars, destined for damnation. If these Bible Stated FACTS cause you to be angry at this publisher, YOUR response thus proves how very shallow-minded you are, when being angry at ME, for merely "quoting" Bible writers from thousands of years back in calendar time.

    So, do "KEEP" in mind, that THE DEFINITION OF CHRISTIAN is, "a disciple AND thus a follower of Messiah AND thus, a person whom is "Christ-LIKE" in life-style conduct, and because The KJV Bible confirms NONE of the members of =ANY= organized religion, are Disciples of Messiah The Christ, whose only originally recorded name is "Esyooah", THEY are NOT within "THE DEFINITION OF CHRISTIAN", except profanely, as has been re-defined by thair church leader, ALL of whose disciples are servants of satan, as the previous Roman leader, J.P."Wadjtyler" openly admitted in his "globally published" remark, , "Somebody's gotta do that job!" , , when he was asked if he was aware of being the person subject of the KJV Rev.13 prophecy.

    Regardless of whomever makes you aware of these Bible stated FACTS, they stand "Eternal", beyond the end of time, and whether you accept or reject them, is YOUR decision, and reveals thereby, whom you are a servant and disciple of and also, that in "Bible confirmed" FACT, "You" are =NOT= a "Bible Confirmed" CHRISTIAN, except "YOU" be a disciple of -NONE- other than "Esyooah", Messiah, The Christ, The ONLY Bible Confirmed SOURCE Of Eternal Life Salvation AND, as "ALL" diligent Bible students are aware, John 3:13 confirms "NO" one except The Christ, enters into Heaven after death.

    Gen.2:2-3 and Ex.20:8-11 confirm the calendar "WHEN" & "WHETHER" of God's SABBATH of physical, temporal REST, & Mal.3:6 confirms calendar duration AND thus, , that this "BIBLE" stated FACT HAS not and WILL not "CHANGE", -EVER- ! ALSO, John 15:10 & 14 confirm failure to respect God's TEMPORAL rest, negates partaking of God's "ETERNAL LIFE" Salvation Rest.

    Also, Rev.22:18-19 confirms Eph.2:8 speaks to HOW and NOT WHETHER ! In DIFFERENT words, the GIFT of God's "GRACE", is HOW God's Salvation of our Eden created souls is accomplished AND, John 15:10 states "WHETHER" we can assuredly be a recipient thereof. Stated differently, Eternal Life Salvation "IS" a "GIFT" =BUT=, , , ONLY to they that adopt and habitually apply and exhibit Messiah's John 15:10 Testimony in their daily life style, that being the Bible-Stated requirement that's labelled REPENTANCE that in ABSENCE of, Luke 13:3 confirms you'll perish in hell-fire damnation.

    Additionally, as is stated other-where herein, respecting ANY calendar date labelled a "HOLIDAY", exhibits DIS-respect for ALL BIBLE stated HOLY days that "HOLIDAY" is a profane construment of, as is MORE than OBVIOUS by ALL grammatical contractions of Holy-Day. Peruse Jer.10:1-4 that PLAINLY identifies the most commonly, GLOBALLY celebrated HEATHEN season, and then do your OWN Bible Study research to learn that "ESyooah", Messiah, The Christ was born in the spring, , , NOT in the middle of winter. (I use "")

    The minimal "quantity" of Elect members Mat.18:20, Jer.3:14, of Hiz END time, scattered-flock "Elect" church of the first born Heb.12:23, doesn't permit them to congregate and thus, az profesied, they worship ALONE or in twos or threes, UNTIL gathered together in the wilderness place of safety Rev.12:14, AND, these AKJV Bible facts confirm that if YOU are part of whatever religious congregation, THAT fact ALONE, confirms you are NOT one of God's Elect members of Hiz end time, wilderness Church of The First Born BUT, that does NOT prevent you from heeding the akjv, Galations 6:17 command to become a disciple of The Master's Flock and thus, an Elect member of Hiz end time, Hebrews 2:23 and Colossians 1:18 wilderness Elect Church of The First-Born.

    Also, if your religious culturing has resulted in the mental rupture of a non-scriptural rapture AND thus, caused you to think you'll be taken "OUT" of instead of THROUGH whatever prophesied trials and tribulations as is promised by The Savior, THAT is your "de-FAULT" choice of Bible words interpretation by satan's servants, as Mat.10:22 confirms --> ", , when they deliver you up, take no thought how or what you shall speak because, it shall be given you in that same hour, what you shall speak, , , and the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child, and the children shall rise up against their parents and cause them to be put to death, , , and you shall be hated of all men for my name's sake, , but, he that endureth to the end, shall be saved.". Rising to meet Messiah AT HIS RETURN, contains NO least inference of ANY such PRIOR, rapture occurrence.

    Additionally, if you are one of the millions that satan has deceived into being totally convinced that you have BEEN reborn, although NOT having followed Messiah's supreme example of rebirth, by having been reborn from the dead, there is nothing in this message that prevents you from maintaining your preference of attempting entrance into Eternal Life by following OTHER THAN the one and only master plan and example that The Son of God has provided for all of His Elect. Obviously, we ALL must choose because NO one ELSE can do that FOR us AND, if your choice is other than as God himself has directed and commanded you to choose, in that case, you're ignoring the blatantly obvious reality of all such as John 15:10, Romans 2:13 and Revelation 22:14 BUT, that, entirely, is YOUR business that NO one else has ANY least right to interfere with and neither do I, the end time messenger hereof whose individually convinced belief is Bible stated and that being: THE KEY TO ETERNAL LIFE, IS OBEDIENCE TO GOD's LAW, as Eysoo The Christ Himself clearly stated in Mark 10:17-21.

    Granted, if you were as profanely cultured in modern English expressions as I was, you also may require a number of months to eventually succeed at discontinuing the blatantly common profane use of God's name, by instead, habitually substituting the back-then commonly OLD English expressions of "I IS" or "I BE", IF such as Exodus 3:14 and 20:7 have any significance to you in your perspective of what God requires of His Elect, AND, this is only ONE aspect of the daily life-style example and PROOF of having HEEDED all such as Romans 2:13 that states: ONLY THE DOERS OF GOD'S LAW SHALL BE JUSTIFIED.

    Also, IF your earth realm pilgrimage goal is eventual ENTRANCE INTO HEAVEN, you will NOT find ANY guidance thus in the AKJV Bible that proclaims: NO MAN ASCENDS INTO HEAVEN, EXCEPT HE THAT CAME DOWN FROM HEAVEN. John 3:13 Ascending into HEAVEN was lucifer's original idea and intent that resulted in him being cast OUT of Heaven onto the earth and his name changed to SATAN, the devil, the father of lies and BEAST of Rev.13 that the catholic leader openly admits being the end-time representative of with the words, "Somebody's gotta do that job!". Isa.14:12, Luke 10:18, and here on earth, all of his negative teachings dominate religion with his profane doctrine of entrance into Heaven after death, regardless of negative pilgrimage conduct that his servant's say will be totally excused, IF at death, you say you're "sorry" for not having conducted your pilgrimage responsibly; that's what's called a DEATH-BED repentance that in EVERY case, results in hell fire damnation because, Heb.9:27 confirms that AT death, there is NO more pilgrimage time to CONFIRM an EMPTY words mere VOCAL repentance as being genuine.

    All of The ELECT Servants of God are pilgrimaging here on Earth to confirm their preference for Eternal Life IN "The Kingdom Of God", the opportunity that the young rich man of Mark 10:17-21 rejected in preference of TEMPORAL life that expires at death and results in hell fire damnation. For more Bible confirmed FACTS thus, direct your questions to the address at the close hereof and you'll see further proof that NONE of my replies include OTHER-THAN Bible Confirmed FACTS that you can read for yourself in ANY AKJV Bible.

    Messiah's SACRIFICIAL BLOOD covers the 1st-John 3:4 Bible definition of SIN AND, for ONLY the PERMANENTLY repentant, and for the sole purpose of permitting them entrance into "THE KINGDOM OF GOD", wherein, Messiah as global KING, shall engulf all world governments Rev.11:15, and rule planet earth for a thousand years, and at the END thereof, ALL that have lived, including Adam and Eve, shall be comprehensively and conclusively JUDGED via the contents of their testimony books, as to WHETHER their earth realm pilgrimage conduct record renders them potential recipients of Eternal Life OR hell fire damnation. Dan.7:10 Also, see Mark 10:17, Luke 19:12, 23:51 and Acts 1:3 that are only four of various Bible references that reveal God's Purpose for us here on planet Earth, IS to GET for Himself the KIND and quantity of PERSON subjects required to FORM his intended objective OF "A KINGDOM OF RIGHTEOUSNESS", , and because ALL kingdoms are governed by Rule Of Law, He has made known to ALL potential recipients thereof, the Ex.20 LAW OF ETERNAL LIFE WITH Him that MUST be personally applied 24/7, to CONFIRM to Him, the DEPTH of our DESIRE FOR ELIGIBILITY of His Calvary Earned Salvation that is obtained BY His Grace that Romans 2:13 so plainly reveals the total eligibility requirements of. THAT is the Bible stated PURPOSE for the temporal habitation of planet Earth BUT, , ,

     , , , IF you've chosen the most common orthodox teaching of a death-bed repentance to escape hell fire damnation on, it's obvious you didn't consider the potential of Eternal Life, as being worth the time required to search it out and apply The Bible definition of REPENTANCE FROM The 1st John 3:4 Bible definition of SIN that requires actual, calendar duration of personal life style conduct confirmation that in fact, personally applied respect for Messiah's John 15:10 Testimony EXAMPLE, is what you've accepted as THE Bible confirmed, mandatory requirement of PRIOR significance, of personally applied, calendar duration inclusion to CONFIRM The Bible definition of personal repentance conduct that application of, permanently EXPIRES AT death AND thus, results in a DEATH bed repentance consisting of nothing more than EMPTY words, because the death bed hopeful recipient thereof, has NO more trial and testing pilgrimage time to confirm PERSONAL conduct respect for Messiah's John 15:10 example as having been preferred, adopted, AND 24/7 APPLIED, as Mat.10:22 and 24:13 confirm is required for an acceptable repentance confirmation time BEFORE death; obviously, NOT repenting UNTIL your TIME of death, confirms you've NOT endured in repentance UNTIL death.

    Furthermore, because ALL End-Time "ELECT CHURCH" membership requires constantly, UN-inhibited, "through the veil" worship, it's vitally important to know and totally understand The AKJV Bible originated and defined phrase: "Through The Veil"

    Note thus, that prior to Messiah's Sacrifice, Godly worship was accomplished by mentoring the local priest and heeding his Godly Inspired teachings, because until Messiah's Sacrifice, Godly Worship required respective Temple Attendance under The Authority Of The Priesthood presiding in each area and also, yearly, house-hold heads and all mature men were required to pilgrimage to The Jerusalem Temple, where-in was contained The Ark Of The Covenant, concealed with-in The Most Holy Chamber of that foremost temple and, The MOST Holy Chamber WAS such, because of it containing The Ark Of The Sinai Thundered Covenant and that being The Sacred Storage Place of God's Stone Inscribed, Contractual Agreement with His Chosen people."

    The Ark Of The Sinai Thundered Covenant "IS" The Storage Box that contains The Stone Inscribed Covenant that God Made at Sinai, with His chosen people, and set-up over them, The Priest-hood administration that until Messiah's Sacrifice, ministered unto the people concerning all within The Ark Of The Covenant that because of its most Holy Significance, the engraving thereof, was kept concealed in The Most Holy Chamber of that original, man-made temple, and The High Priest thereof, was appointed the constant responsibility of communicating, what The Ark contained AND The significance thereof because back then, only The High Priest could READ and WRITE, but NOW, with The Temple Veil OPENED and God's people commanded to Learn reading and writing, to maintain and pass-on God's TRUTH to their children, each of God's people now has access to enter INTO The Most HOLY Chamber of God's TEMPLE, to communicate directly with The "Word-Ark" of God's Covenant with His chosen people and memorize The stone-engraved WORDs FROM therein and thus, by 24/7 application thereof, confirm acceptance of The Sinai thundered WORD that became John 1:1 and John 1:14 Messiah born FLESH that dwelt among us.

    Stated differently, The Exodus chapter 20 recorded TEN character ingredients transcript of Messiah, are stone-engraved descriptively, to accommodate The human spirit eating and drinking, taking IN thereof, so that in symbolism FACT, we CAN as commanded in John 6:53, EAT of HIS flesh and DRINK of HIS Holy BLOOD, by absorbing the symbolism essence thereof and 24/7 applying it on a daily Life-Style pilgrimage basis, keeping in mind that God's Calendar Days NAMES are their NUMBERS and, , that as stated therein, each day consists of an EVENING and a MORNING and, , that each day BEGINS and ENDS at SUNDOWN and that God's Sabbath is the SEVENTH day, and, , respecting ANY calendar date that's commonly described as a holiday, renders you abominable in God's Eyes because EVERY holiday is a PROFANE construment of the word "HOLY DAY".

    THUS, UNTIL Messiah's Sacrifice, Godly Worship required temple attendance that included an annual pilgrimage to Jerusalem, where The Temple was located and contained in its most Holy Chamber, The Ark Of The Covenant, BUT, because of and since Messiah's Sacrifice, all of that worship formality now is and until Messiah's return, perpetually terminated, , , for the Bible stated reason that Messiah Ascended to The Right Hand Of The Father and thus, was appointed His Elect's one and only High Priest and Rabbi Advocate with The Father, and NOW directs all manner of God Ordained Worship methods and procedures, all of which back THEN, were contained within The Veil and yet are, except that NOW, because The Elect's High Priest and Rabbi is The Risen and Glorified Christ Whom ascended to The Right Hand Of The Father, to henceforth perform as His Elect's one and only advocate with Jehovah God, The Father, resultantly thus, because now He requires that His Elect worship Him and Him ONLY, THROUGH The former Ark Concealing Veil thereof, , , to accommodate that requirement, He tore-open The Ark Concealing Veil thereof, to give His Elect un-hindered access thereto and thus, now they're required to worship Messiah, their "God-Appointed" High-Priest and Rabbi, 24/7, by eating and drinking of that which He provided for them, via His Calvary Sacrifice "in their stead", that thereby, permitted Him to Ascend into The Most Holy Chamber Of Jehovah's Temple in Heaven and thence-forth, perform as His Elect's ONLY "God-Ordained" Advocate with The Father, The Eternal God and The Risen and Glorified Messiah Whom now is His Elect's one and only High-Priest and Rabbi advocate with The Father and thereby, is The Father's only officiator of Eternal Life Salvation for His Elect, WHOM thence-forth is available to whom-so-ever will take thereof and until death, apply it 24/7, by taking Messiah, His Elect's Deut.6:25 and John 1:14 AKJV, Bible confirmed Righteousness within them and thus permitting Him, THE Stone Engraved WORD that THUNDERED from Sinai, became FLESH and dwelt AMONG us, to now DWELL IN us permanently and un-conditionally, and that being accomplished BY taking within and unconditionally applying, all ten ingredient Parts OF Messiah's Ex.20 and John 1:14, AKJV confirmed, Character Transcript Attributes, because since His Sacrifice, Messiah is His Elect's ONLY Eternal Life Salvation Mediator, the one and only Covenant containing "Ark" of "Eternal-Life-Promise" that NOW is available to whom-so-ever desires to partake thereof AND, if we fail to do so while on earth realm, trial and testing pilgrimage to His most Holy Temple in The New Jerusalem, obviously, we'll never arrive and thus, never have access to The Fruit OF The Tree Of Eternal Life therein.

    Thus, the previous requirement for physical Temple attendance, now is terminated, because now not only mature males, but all of God's people are required to accomplish an earth-realm trial and testing pilgrimage TO The Most Holy Chamber of God's New Jerusalem Temple, where we may take and eat of The Fruit Of The Tree Of Eternal Life therein, and then descend with Messiah, The Prince of Peace-full Government there-after, and preside in rulership with Him for a thousand years, prior to being granted authority under the new heavens, on the new earth, wherein dwelleth Commandment Keeping Obedience required Righteousness that was thundered from Sinai, became THE John 1:14 confirmed FLESH that dwelt among us, shall NEVER pass away. Mat.24:35, Mark 13:31, Luke 21:33 "The heavens and the earth shall pass away but, My words shall NOT pass away."

    In summary thus, to worship through The Veil, requires 2Cor.6:17 commanded, permanent abandonment of all humanly administered worship and replacement thereof with none other than "through-The-Veil" worship, by Job 29:14, putting-on Ps.119:172 and Deut.6:25, Bible defined "Righteousness" as a garment, and thenceforth until death, pilgrimaging thus toward The Mark Of High Calling In Our one and only High Priest, The Risen Christ, Messiah, Heb.3:1, 4:14, 6:20, in The New Jerusalem, He Who gave His Life for His Sheep, , , and to NOT do so, profanes His Sacrifice that was administered for that sole intent and purpose, and to do so, prior to abandoning ALL manner of humanly administered worship, is damnation, because that involves shared allegiance that God abhors. Furthermore, the here and there 2's and 3's of God's "Scattered Flock", can NEVER be correctly defined as a congregation.

    Did you GET the blatantly obvious "MEANING" of that AKJV-Bible confirmed statement, that SINCE His Ascension, The Risen and Glorified Christ Of God does NOT preside over whatever congregation? Did you GET it? See Acts 17:24 - God does NOT dwell in MAN-made temples and thus, neither called nor sent they that officiate therein.

    Granted, in a world with MORE bibles than people, , if whatever of your former friends, relatives or acquaintances now deceased, were not thus aware, then obviously, they shall be rewarded accordingly, because neither 2Tim.2:15 nor any other Bible reference has been hidden from them, but YOU now are informed and thus are obligated henceforth, to conduct your earth-realm-pilgrimage as God requires of you or be rejected when Messiah returns for His Saints.

    Conclusively thus, prior to Messiah's Sacrifice, God's people worshipped as their local temple high priest dictated but, NOT by the priest-hood of whatever temple of THEIR choosing but, ONLY that of The Temple that God had constructed and ordained via His Servant Moses and thus, having established all ingredients of Holy worship procedure for His people, it's historically confirmed that in fact, that's how His people worshipped Him, and those that did NOT, were stoned-to-death AND, SINCE Messiah's Sacrificial death, now He requires all of His Elect Saints worship Him exactly as He described He requires of them AND it's plain and simple, blatantly obvious, that all whom ignore that Bible confirmed, historical reality, ARE the disciples of SATAN and thus, destined for hell fire damnation because, , having torn open, access to His Sinai Thundered Covenant Of Eternal Life Salvaction, God requires that whom-so-ever will, spiritually, must enter into that most Holy Chamber and in head and heart, bow before and worship that most Holy, Covenant containing "MESSIAH" Ark Of His Eternal Life Salvation Righteousness, that prior to His human birth, was represented by The Covenant Code Transcript WORD, "THE Character Ingredients Attributes" Of His Righteousness containing, Angels enshrined, physical ark of Eternal Life Salvation that was thundered from Mount Sinai, to His chosen people that ALL of, promised to Him directly, in Hiz most Holy Presence, that to receive Eternal Life WITH Him, they would apply all TEN parts thereof as their personal conduct, 24/7, earth-realm-pilgrimage life-style, from then until their death, and not fail to teach their children likewise, perpetually, until Jehovah sent them His first-born Son, human Sacrifice to take the place of all animal sacrifices, so they can worship Him directly, personally and individually, in humbly contrite gratitude for providing them with access BACK to the state of their first parents, PRIOR to their first parents' Eden sin, by taking their AND their first parents' place at Calvary, so that thence-forth, they may live in total Righteousness, daily, with Graceful potential for Regeneration of their dead, FLESH and BLOOD souls Gen.2:7 from the elements, and then Resurrection Redemption from the curse of death, to then enter into The Holy City Of God and partake of The Tree of Eternal Life therein, to experience Eternal Life Salvation from the Eden earned curse of permanent death, because only He Whom all human life has come OUT of, qualifies as The Ultimate Sacrifice for the transgressions of all humanity.

    NOW that The Messiah Sacrifice has PAID the death-debt for all humanity, He HAS opened to ALL men and wimen, The Most Holy Chamber Of His Spiritual Temple, so that whom-so-ever desires, may enter in and clothe themselves with His, SAME Characteral Garments Of Righteousness unto Eternal Life WITH Him, in The Resurrection Of The Just, when Messiah The Christ returns to establish His Kingdom Of Righteousness on the earth.

    PRESENTLY, since Messiah's Sacrifice and ascension to The Right Hand Of The Father, where from now He administers His Authority globally, His Elect Saints worship Him 24/7, through The Torn Veil, by having in their daily conduct manner and life style habit, abandoned all man-made temple worship and all that involves congregating before an UN-resurrected leader, and in their inner person spirit, have adopted and 24/7, do daily moment-by-moment apply His Exodus 20:1-17 AKJV Character Transcript attributes of His John 15:10 exampled perfect Righteousness, BY thus, constantly eating and drinking of Him, "OF" that within The Veil, and that being His Elect's Mediator Ark of Eternal Life Salvation Righteousness, that which Ps.19:7 says that from within, converts our Gen.2:7 confirmed flesh and blood souls from SATAN's way, to that of Messiah's John 15:10 recorded Testimony way, the ONLY Bible stated way of ever being eligible for "Eternal Life Salvation".

    Because GRACE is UNearned favor, it is BY God's Grace that we CAN be saved, , "AFTER" exhibiting 24/7, totally committed repentance FROM satan's lifestyle, TO that of The Saviour's John 15:10 Testimony exampled Lifestyle. THAT is HOW, , "ETERNAL LIFE SALVATION" is accomplished but, , WHETHER you'll BE a recipient thereof, depends ENTIRELY on your DEPTH of commitment TO this Ephesians 2:8 stated requirement. NOTE that because FAITH is the SUBSTANCE of things HOPED for AND the EVIDENCE of things NOT presently visible, except you have constantly abiding IN your daily-lifestyle-conduct, the John 15:10 exampled caliber of Godly Faith SUBSTANCE that exhibits the EVIDENCE of your presently INVISIBLE goal, you'll NEVER BE a recipient of God's GRACE. "YES" ! Ephesians 2:8 DOES state "HOW" Eternal Life Salvation CAN be received at the END of your trial and testing pilgrimage here on earth BUT, , a DEATH BED repentance permits you NO pilgrimage time to EXHIBIT PROOF of having STUDIED to reveal personally applied confirmation that in fact you DID heed 2Tim.2:15 AND thus, in ABSENSE of ANY more pilgrimage time to CONFIRM your DEATH BED words as being GENUINE, you'll be cast into hell fire with the greater majority of humanity that is prophesied will choose thus, as occurred in the days of Noah, when out of approximately thirty-two BILLION people on earth at that time, only "8" desired the safety of the Ark.

    If now, you are concerned as to how to eventually assemble with The Elect Brethren of The Church of The First Born from the dead, , you need only READ and personally HEED THIS "Bible Confirmed" instruction because, OBEDIENCE is Righteousness and RIGHTEOUSNESS is Holyness and with-OUT HOLYNESS, NO one shall be escorted THROUGH THE GATES and INTO The Kingdom Of God, to partake of The Fruit of The Tree Of Eternal Life therein and experience RE-birth thereby, Heb.12:14, AND in ABSENSE of such DEPTH of extremely PASSIONATE desire for Eternal Life, as causes you to welcome EVERY required sacrifice for eventual arrival IN The Kingdom of God, very surely you shall NOT ! ! ! Matt.6:33 & 13:45-50

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