Breefly, B-4 menshning mii experiense with climat-activist Mis "Greta Thunberg", , for ahl that hav cwestynz on HOW too discrn their prezent pilgrimaaj-entity, az too whether it's uv PAHZITIV / positive or NEGativ characteral conduct, thu soon Roman calendar arrival un anuther december twenty-fifth, HEATHN SEAZN that's identified thus in KJ-Bible referens Jeremiah 10:2-4, yor least involvement thus, KJ-BIBLE identifiez yor orijinal father-SPIRIT sors being uv satan, and John 8:44 reemarks further theretoo BUT, , "if" when LEARNing this simple, Bible-confirmed FACT, yoo immeeediately and PERManently DIS-tanse yorself frum =AHL= such, thereby, yoo confirm yor orijinal father-spirit sors being uv GAHD, our Creator, , "IF" ahl UTHER aspects uv yor daily conduct are in dilijently constant reespect uv Messiah'z John 15:10 Testimony AND, , although CAHMN "ENGLISH" dialects are a DIFERENT tahpic/topic, for thu sake uv whutever NYOO/NEW readerz, I'll menshn/mention that beecuz I VERY much preefr thu HERITAAJ Inglish dialect that iz SPELLD az it's pronounsd, it's NOT unyoozyool for mee too insrt it here and there when reeplying ahn-site too reader'z cwestynz, and thu most COMMON/CAHMN word I print in Heritaaj Inglish, iz thu prepuzishn "uv", beecuz when printed in PREESCRIPTIV English, "of" (uv) iz spelled with NUN uv/of thee alfabet simbolz it's cahmnly pronounsd with AND, I've just cauz reezoning too ecspect that our soon arriival uv Global-Guverment, shal bee uv that singyoolrly prahminent langgwaaj uv Heritaaj Inglish.             

NOW cnsrning Climat-Activist "Mis Greta Thunberg", although it wahz SHEE whoom "OPEND" our acwaantans mor than a munth bac, , it's beecuz shee'z NOT stated =WHY= shee so abruptly DIS-continyood our letrz ecschaanjez, that I've reezorted too hope-fully reestoring our short-livd internet acwaantans, with "THIS" 5-paragraf intro', temporarily directed too HER, too "Mis Greta Thunberg", , beecuz however rampant my reedr'z interest in thu global climat-chaanj problem, that topic iz NOT thee orijinally intended focus uv thee Olive Candle Voice ministry AND thus, I reecwest uv thoze uv mii reedrz that know her on a personal basis, too menshn this too hr but "PLEEZE", , only "MENSHN" it and only jist WUNTS, and if yoo would, "Cc" that herewith reecwested HELP note too MEE beecuz, , I've been attempting too UP-date her on critically serious materz that with ahl due reespectconstant complaint-preaching TOTALLY IGNOREZ thu BLAATANTLY AHBVEUS REALITY that wee ALL are "EEQUALLY GILTEE" uv thu "CLIMAT-CHAANJ" prahblem AND thus, aht too bee sujesting historically-baasd soloooshnz/solutions, , , , , , , , insted uv preetending too bee INNosent.


      With SEEREUSLY critical consrn for thu safety-factorz that its dominantly permanent DEZIGN haz NO tahlrans for DIS-reespect uv ANY uv its funcshn parameters that AHL uv are UN-alterably, Hi-Tech, subjectivity dependans-baasd on an extreeemly LIMITED suply uv its FORE-most DEEZIGN and CONSTRUCSHN material, when cumpaard with nearly two senturys uv thu very tahlrablee limited but PROOVEN performans uv LEAD-ACID, I incwiir az too whether there'z a more LOJIC-ally focused ahpshn too that uv "Lithium-based" battery chemistry, so that insted uv in-CREESING deependense "DEPTH" on thu very dangerous and totally UN-nesesary, would permit a totally SANE introductory REETURN too that which thee UNcontested prevalens uv sinse thu STEAM industry provocaation, would tend thus too pasify, rather than further AGGravate our hurried =DASH= into planetary destruction that too DATE, iz IN-falibly =NON= correctable, and too thee extent that thu first chemist's Globally published reeport, states that too cumpleet Hiz intent and purpose here, reecwiirz a NEW planetary locaashn, under a NYOO and UN-cuntaminated heven. (Beecuz I maac refrens too MANY KJ-Biibl Scriptyrz, I honor AHL reecwests for Biibl sorsez NOT prezently inclooded heerin, rathr than deepriiv Gahd'z EELECT , thu LESS than 17% uv rth's peepl, uv thu Bible-Study privilej uv thaar OWN reesrch -OR- simply cahntacting mee.) 


       At MY location on planet earth, I've foto-reecorded sunrize in thu direct North AND thus con-FIRMING, , , beyond ALL siientific doubt, that thu PERMANENT reeMOOVal uv so MUCH uv earth's thick CRUDE-OIL ballast, haz permitted its MAGNETIC BUNGY-CORD too pull it "CLOSER" too thu sun, that simultaaneusly "TRIGGERZ" a REE-conFIGyrAAshn uv thu now MUCH dee-CREASED stability dahminans that thu thick CRUDE oil provid-ED but NOW, so MUCH uv iz ree-PLAASED with thu total NON-stability uv hyoomanly inserted reePLAASment wahtr, that most sertanly iz thu CAUZ uv such LAHS uv rotaashnal stability az haz reezulted in thu prahfesiid, permanent "WAHBLE", that haz cauzd totally different and UN-staable wethr paternz, , now that very probably, two or three timez thu volume uv "Thu Great Lakes", in "CRUDE-oil", haz been reemoooved and spyoood into our preeveusly pristeeen atmosphere, and simultaaneusly into our VERY chemistry sensitiv personz, that eech uv us HAZ, , ONLY "1" uv, for pilgrimaaj identity confirmaashn.


     It's MY foundaashnl opinyn, , , that immeedeit AND cahmpreehensiv a-BANDON-ment uv AHL formz uv NAHN expeedeent electronic technology, iz thu wun and "ONLY" ree-cors that can sufishently LENGTHEN thu total deestrucshn-time reecwired too render our planet permanently UN-fit for hyoomanity, , az too permit our children enough time too get THEIR CHARACTERAL ACT UN-judjmentally too-GETHER, for thu FAITHful abzorpshn and aplicaashn uv KJ-John 15:10, hyoomanity'
ONLY survival ahpshn for  "HYOOMAN  EXISTENS  SALVAASHN".


    I recahl a nooz item frum about 30 yeerz bac, that stated EVERY 747 FLIGHT, consumes thee approximate eequivalent quantity uv fuel, too provide ALL heat and electrisity for a North American house, for a "LIFE-time", , and with THOUZANDZ uv thoze instansez during EACH day uv thu reesent thirty or more yeerz, , it's PAST hi-time that wee simply DIS-continue -ALL- such -insanity- and reeturn too a life-style that's SANELY focused and DILijently IMPLEMENTED, regardless uv and prior-too thu now pending applicaashn uv a similarly negativ brain-wave that thee industrial introduction uv VANADIUM-based batteries "promisez" a much INCREASED =SPEED= uv into hyoomanity'PERMANENT abolishn.

    So Greta dear, , it would bee pleezing too heer that yoo've DIS-continued yor acyoozaashnz uv guvernments globally and in-STED, hav joined-with thee =INTERNATIONAL= "multitoodz" so direly anxious for sum PREZently VIABLE =solooshnz=.   

  YES! Cliimat Chaanj =IZ= a breeflee deetailed Bible-Prophecy Incloozyn heerin BUT, this website iz NOT focused thus and will NEVER bee, when NO national leader iz thu least conserned about THAT topic, for it too bee an advantaajus expenditure uv mii preshus TIME, , while az yet, =ALL= nationz on planet-earth, continue too ACTIVELY promote "CLIIMAT-CHAANJ", , , bii continuing too promote thu maajor "CAUZ" uv "CLIIMAT-CHAANJ", , , bii continuing too marcet =ALL= uv thee industry-standard iitemz that "Crude-Oil" extracshn frum planet-earth proviidz !!!

(BDOO =NOTE= that CON-stantly DEEE-creasing planet-earth's "Solar-DISTANS"bii CONstantly DEE-creasing planet-earth's =DIStans=reTENshn=MASS= that "GUVRNZ" its SOLAR-distans thus, , , BLAATantly dee-FEEETS thu PURPOSE uv =ALL= pozitively-intenshnd "CLIIMAT-CHAANJ" consrnz AND therefore, mii mandate here-with, iz focusd ahn Thu KJ Bible informaashn deelivery uv HOW too totally AVOID thu catastrophic lake uv fire that ree-ZULTS bee-CUZ uv more than fifty-yearz uv thu daily, constant reeMOOVal uv planet-earth's, CRUDE-OIL reetenshn, Solar-Distans staabalizing "BALAST"Although very probably MOST uv my regular 144K reedrz are aware uv thu various Bible referensez consrning our near END uv -TIME- profeseez, , whether that which states, , , 



 thu profesee that sez, ,







(C) , , , PERSONally I've witnesd how very =FYOO= reedrz hav been maacing personal =NOTE= uv such az I've witnessed heer at thu northern Interlakes Reejn uv southrn Manitoba, Canada, that permited mee too foto-graf thee absoloot North-End uv Ideal-Road reeveeling thu 5:30 A.M. Sun-Rize, , and NUN uv yoo iz preevented frum noting that Ideal-Road proseedz DIRECTLY =NORTH= & =SOUTH=, , NOR are any uv yoo preevented such nahlej that sinse creaashn and until thu preeveus fyoo decaadz, with-OUT fail, =AHLWAYZ=, thu sun haz cum UP in thee EEST and gahn DOWN in thu WEST, , , and during thee entirety uv mii growing-up yeerz, it waz my foster dad'z habit too STRES thee obveity uv a fyootyr event, bii PREE-ficsing a reemarc with thu wrdz, "AZ SHOOR AZ THU SUN RIZEZ IN THEE EEST AND SETS IN THU WEST,", , and NUN uv yoo iz so simple-minded az too asoom that an earth-wahble uv -THAT- magnitood, could bee iisolated too ownlee spesific areaz uv our planet, , , and "DEAR" miss climat-activist "Greta Thunberghaz NOT yet reepliid too mii cwestyn uv "HOW" SHEEE would reetrn planet earth too its preeveus distans frum thu sun, bii reeTRNing too it, =AHL= uv thu CRUDE-OIL that's been ecsTRACTed frum it, so that its PREEveus distans frum thu sun iz ree-STORD and there-bii, THU LAKE UV FIRE PROFESEE annuld. It's NOT that shee'z lacing in dilijens, but ONLY that shee'z NOT yet taken AHL uv thu FACTS into consideraashn, too provide her followrz with not even a whit uv mere asumpshn that she'z considered thee actual, irreefyootabl -CAUZ- "factors" uv "cliimat-chaanj", beecuz for EVERY reezultant affect that wee AHL hav sorrowfully WITnessd, there iz a "CAUZ" that =NUN= uv can bee sanely attributed too our MAACR az beeing "AN ACT UV GAHD" but in-sted, thu factyooaly SIMPLE reeZULT uv GLOBALLY PRAHMinent IGnorans uv thu LAWZ uv Fizics. Shal thu noomrus ISLANDZ =NOT= bee =MOOOVD=, , when thu MANY supportivly qwaud-RILLYN-BILLYN vahlyoomz uv Natyrl-Gas presing Up-wrdz, , hav been reeMOOOVD and ree-ZULTANTLY permits thu many MOUNTANZ too settle BAC into their orijinal plaasez ?     

(D) IF in yor mind'z eye, yoo picture planet earth's rotation around thu sun, being kept at a yooniform distans therefrum, by a 93 million-milez long, (50 yrz bac) magnetic "bungy-cord", , and then note whut happenz when ZILLIONZ uv tonz uv planet earth'DISTANSE frum thu SUN, MAINtenanse reetaaning MASS iz ree-MOOVED frum it, , obviously, thu LESS "weight" at thee outer END uv thu "GRAVITATIONALLY" magnetic bungy-cord, permits that cord too beecum shorter AND thus, THAT reezults in planet-earth being closer too thu SUN, and thu LONGER wee continyoo too extract earth's CRUDE-OIL, DISTANSE maintaining =MASS=, thu LESS MASS it haz too keep its rotaashn far enough frum thu sun too negate IN-creased atmospheric temperaturez that ree-ZULT in MASSIV, NON-reeVERSible cliimat-chanje that wee =ALL= hav contributed too, , AND thee autumn-flag nation iz directly assisting thus, with it's very "little" although very POOR example uv a frunt-lawn, NATURAL-GAS "smudje"I'd bee VERY much pleezd too reeseev a factually educated reeply uv thee approximate cwantity uv house-holds that DAILY, , that litle "smudje" uv natural-gas being spyoood into thee atmosfere, would provide heat and cooking for; my UN-educated gesstimaashn, iz no less than approximately one HUNDRED, & that being  3000 a munth and 36000 a year, and very probably suffishent too servis thee entire Manitoba town uv Stonewall, un-TIL thu DEEE-creasd PRESHR under it, reezults in a jiGANTic "SINK-HOLE" that OBVIUSLY would provide an international Newz-Cast, an AT-HOME "KILLER-THRILLER" uv MUCH greater negative exsitement than anything thu Holly & Ivy Wood-mooving-maacrz have ever prodoosd AND that thu MAJORITY uv humanity aspirez UN-too thu reepeated WITnessing uv.        

(E) IF you've difficulty comprehending how LESS CRUDE-OIL weight/mass down under us, makes such a differens when its AMOUNT iz DEE-CREESD, , jist think bac too how EEEZZY it waz too SWING yor little 2-yrz-old daughter out around yoo in mid-air, , az compared too NOWif yoo could, when she'z adult; fifty-yearz bac, when earth's weight/mass had =NOT= yet been DEE-CREESD too thee approximate extent uv at least thu WEIGHT eecwivalent uv thu TOTAL VOLUME uv THU GREAT LAKES, , earth's magnetic, distanse maintaining bungy-cord waz approximately three million milez LONGER bee-CUZ that NOT then ree-MOOVED MASS, waz KEEPING it that much LONGER "AND" thus reeZULTantly, keeping planet earth that much further frum thu sun AND thus, that much EASIER too tolerate and even enjoy thee UN-interupted temperature CONSTANCY thereuv BUT, there IZ a tot-ally cumfortable way too escape thu profesied, earth-girdling, lake-uv-fire that shal reezult frum "our" neglijens thus AND, I say "our", , beecuz condonerz are EECWILY az "gilty" az PERpetratorz BUT, , , ALL-so, in addishn too whut reezults frum thu DEE-creesd MASS when thee irreeplaasable, THIC CRUDE oil iz reemooved, , it's thu MASSSSiv LOSS uv NATURAL-GAS preshr under-NEETH that reeZULTS in thu MOUNTAINZ lowering prahfesee but, getting bac too thu KJ-Bible focus uv this ministry, , ,      

(1)  , , yoo can bee 100% TOTALLY "SHOOR", , that when Gahd/GOD put Adam & Eve in Eden, Hee wanted too im-PRESS them too thu =MAXIMUM= possible extent uv whut Hee had in-store for them then AND, in this END" time world AND thus, when AGAIN thaa dee-FECT-ed, , even on thu fizicl plaan in this Relm-uv-THINGZ, in preferens uv mentoring Luciferthu father uv LIEZ, insted uv their Maacr, , , az PROMISED by Gahd, Hee THEN introdoosd them too thu hyooman-temple DETH -curs- that's been on "ALL" uv our frst parents children and will continyoo thus until Thu Judjment that's sceduled for approximately a thouzand yearz frum Roman calender 2022.

(2Hyoomanity now haz thu litle Rev.1:7 "TOY" that wil permit EVERY eye too witnes that SOON eevent that for =ALL= preeveus yeerz sinse Hiz asenshn deeparture, through Hiz MANY profets and apostlez, Hee'z been reepeetedlee proclaiming Hiz OWN personal Testimony that's reecorded in thu KJ-Bible Book uv John 15:10.

(3)(It's mii PERSONAL HOPE that eeventyooalee at leest SUM uv mii fee-maal reedrz will sufishentlee deezire PERMANENT ree-TURN uv their earliest womanhood apearans and jenyooinlee luvable expreshnz, , az too most seriously HEEED Esyooah'z Personal Testimony wordz beecuz, that iz whut thee ENTIRETY uv this website consrnz, and that's WHY when READERZ hereuv and whoomever else ASK:

"Whut iz thu Bible definishn uv CHRISTIAN" ? , , , 

(4)( I reeplyA Christian iz a person whoom iz Christ-Like AND thus in daily conduct, bearz thu SAME personal John 15:10 testimony, beecuz, , there iz NO uther Bible-Stated way uv ABIDING IN HIZ LUV, and NOT abiding in Hiz LUV, renderz all such abiding in HIZ Curse uv eternal Hell-Fire damnaashn, thu one and only AHPSHN uv NOT abiding in Hiz LUV. Wee ALL hav witnesd whut thu deth-curse introdoosez az soon az our pooberty yearz hav expired but, too THIS very MOMENT, , in =ALL= uv mii identity-confirming pilgrimaaj yeerz, I've met only a VERY =FYOO= uthrz sufishently deezirus uv this ministry AND thus, , uv Eetrnal yooth az too mentor with EVERY sucseeding THOUGHT and BRETH , , thu reecwird life-style conduct that Esyooah, Imanuel, Thu Christ deescriibz in Hiz KJ-John 15:10 recorded personal testimony, that blatantly confirmz deeclaring yorself a CHRISTIAN, , while NOT dootifully dooplicating Hiz John 15:10 personal testimony, , , renderz yoo a servant-uv-satan LIAR.

(5)  Consrning “EETERNAL-LIFE, , NUN uv us haz ANY least CHOISE az too WHETHER wee'll bee a reesipeent thereuv but ONLY =WHERE= we'll expeereense it, AND az I’ve explained too all thu readerz hereuv AND with Bible stated =FACTS= too proov it, , , every person born into this earth-realm, identity-confirming pilgrimaaj, permanently iz ahbligated thus with =NO= possibility uv EVER experiencing totally permanent LOSS uv consciousness and reezultantly thus, with-OUT ecsepshn, , ALL” that experiens “HUMAN” life, ALso and simultaaneusly, experiens thu GOD-ORDAANED” beegining uv EETERNAL Life, and DURING that approximately seventy-yearz uv Eeternal-Life inisheaashn, at thee identity-confirming concloozyn thereuv, EECH uv us haz confirmed by our personal-conduct, WHETHER AFTER hyooman temple deth, we'll expeereens EETERNALLY JOYFUL HAPEENES =OR= "EETERNAL" HELL-fire damnaashn AND, =THAT= iz an “UN”-chaanj-able =ABSOLOOT= that =NO= wun haz ANY LEEST oportoonity uv escaping, EVER”, , BUT, , ,

(6)  , , , no matter HOW many different wayz I preezent theez Bible-Confirmed FACTS, , in EECH such instans, AGAIN and AGAIN, I acomplish NO more than simply REEE-PROOVING thee historical record that states “ALL” orijinalee created spirit personz, shall =PROOV= DURing this identity-confirming pilgrimaaj, that thaa are UV "IETHER" thee Eternally-Bonded, 144K sonz/daughtrz uv Gahd/God OR, , , allied with thee Eeternally-Bonded servants uv Satan, thee orijinal deefectorz, and reading FURTHER herein, yoo’ll see for yor-SELF that this for decaads-published =ELECT=CHURCH= MINISTRY containz nuthing MORE nor LESS than Bible Stated, IRREEFYOOTABLE” =FACTS= !

(7Yes; at thu concloozyn uv this identity-confirming pilgrimaaje in Thu Rut, , in this REALM UTHINGZ, , thu RIGHTYUS shal expeereens temporalFIZICAL UN-consiousness AND thus, until JUDJMENT arrival, their INNER person, thu dreamz-accomudating SORSE spirit that our Maacr created 864K uv and cumanded too bee multiplicationaly FROOT-ful, , shal expeereence a --PEASE-ful-SLEEP --BUT--, , theeUN-rightyus shall expeereens preeliminary entry into their RUT exibited preferense for HELL-FIRE-DAMNAASHN, and there'z MORE than suffishent KJ Bible record too PROOOV every sylable uv every word yoo read here, and sum uv it iz in my preefrd dialect uv Heritaaj Inglish speling. A breef look at thee applicable Bible referensez, reeveelz that at thee END uv our "RUT" trialz and testingz heer, thu PREE-judjement SLEEP uv thu RIGHTEOUS iz a PEESFUL one BUT, , that immeedeitly after their LAST breth heer, thee UN-righteous, QUOTE: Luke 16:23, , , and in HELL hee lifted up hiz eyes, , , . 

(8Breefly, , thu RUT" iz thee exemplary Luke19:12 FAR away country that Thu KJ-Biibl record cnfrmz Gahd jorneed intoo too =GET= for Himself a KINGDOM uv RIGHTEOUSNESS and, on ariival "heer, in whut WEE  deescribe az thee ever expanding solar-system, and planet earth ON which too beegin Hiz venture thus, HE discuvered NEGATIV atitoodz in 83+ prsent uv thee eight hundred and sizty-four thouzand orijinal spirit personz Hee'd created too enjoy it with Him, az Hiz Kingdum Rezidents AND thus, that reezultant fact obligated Him too TEST and PROOV =ALL= uv thee 864K spirits He'd created, bee-FOR GRANT-ing too ANY uv them, a GLORIFIED SOUL temple* like az Hiz OWN, and THAT's why planet earth haz beecum thu testing and prooving locaashn in-STED uv Hiz orijinaly intended KINGDUM uv RIGHTEOUSNESS "CORE" locaashn that reezultantly, at thu concloozyn uv Hiz testing and prooving ahbligaashn, shal beecum thu profesied lake uv fire for thu deefectorz and their progeny AND, wee ALL expeereense our trialz and testingz in thu SAAM locaashn, , although thu 144K NON-deefectorz expeereens MUCH greater DIFFFiculty beecuz uv beeing reecwiird too pilgrimaaj in thu midst uv thu much LARJR cwantity uv deefectorz, they that choze too mentor LUCIFER, thu father uv LIEZ az their Eternal Life LEEDER, HEELER, PROVIIDR and soul cumpanion cummander, in-STED uv GAHD/GOD, their MAACR/MAKER.*Thu SOUL "temple" iz thu KJ-Bible descripshn laable for thu dweling-plaas uv thu life-giving Spirit that iz thu Sorse-Energy Field in eech person, that which our Maacr via Hiz RUT program, cauzez eech uv us too exhibit our personal PREFERENS for IETHER Thu POZITIV -OR- thu negativ sorse uv that eech uv us BY our daily conduct exhibits, so that in Thu JudjmentHEE can reeward EECH uv us with our RUT exhibited, identity-confirming PREFERENS thus =EETERNALLY=, , and before are very EYEZ, , HEE will accomplish that, simply by opening thu "RUT", Relm Uv Thingz TESTIMONY book that EECH uv us preepaarz during this sourse-identity confirming pilgrimaaj. NOTE thu KJ-Bible confirmaashn thus:  , , and I saw thu ded, small and great, standing before Gahd, , and their pilgrimaaj record books were opened and also, Thu Book uv Eternal Life waz opened AND, , thu rezurected, preeveusly ded were judjed frum thu contents uv their own, pilgrimaaj recordz . . .  

(9Now with this KJ-Bible-Confrmed introducshn, it will bee much eezeer for yoo too cahmpreehend and understand thu KJ-Bible FOUNDAASHN uv whutSALVAASHNconsrnz AND, that regardless uv whether in end-LESS =BLISS= -OR- in end-LESS HELL-FIRE DAMNAASHN, , , yor FRST breth here, inisheated yor inner-person SPIRIT into Eeternally conscious Spirit-LIFE that yor obligatory PREZENSE here, at thee END hereuv, shal hav established thu personal record ON which, yoo'll bee judged az too "whether" yoo want an end-LESS future uv gratifying HAPEENES -OR- inSTEAD, an end-LESS future uv Hell-Fire =PUNISHMENT= beecuz uv yor RUT-conduct record confirming yor preferens for UTHER-THAN Gahd'z Exodus 20 and John 15:10 referensd LUV-LAW uv perfect RIGHTEOUSNESS that iz Bible defined az HOLY-ness, that in ABsense uv, yoo're NOT ELIJIBLE for Gahd'z Salvaashn by GRAAS. Yes ! Thu Bible states that Gahd'z MERCY endurez for EVER BUT, thu definishn uv forever iz NOT "ETERNAL"; it's, , "FOR AZ LONG AZ CONDITIONZ EXIST", , and in ABSENS uv thoze spesific, KJ-John 15:10 CONDITIONZ being relevantly PREZent in yor pilgrimaaj record book, yoo'll bee CAST into Hell  FIREE !!!   

(10I WELCUM yoo too this internet podium uv Thee Elect Church", , that which decadez bac, I waz inspired too acsept thu sole, ministerial apointment too, it being thee ONLY Bible stated church uv that naam AND thus, thu one and only church GLOBALLY, , that speeks with Thu Voise Uv Thu Holy Spirit, az Acts 7:48 and 17:24 confirm with thu wordz: 




reeveelz that thu KJ Bible confirmaashn uv
Salvaashn bii GRASS, iz HOW
PREE-cloodz =THU=KINGDOM=UV=GAHD= and reeveelz
confirming elijibility TESTIMONY, too bee obvious in our pilgrimaaj conduct record.

(11Although WHY and for whut purpose iz thu cwestion so many want answered, ALSO, MOST people reeject thee historically recorded FACTS uv such az Rev.4:11, Eze.11:20 and Isa.9:7, FACTS that conFIRM Gahd'z WHY and thu PURPOSE for Hiz Creaashn uv man that thu Bible states iz for Hiz PLEAZUREwhen wee permit Him too LIV and WALK in us, 2Cor.6:16, AND thus perpetually extend Himself AND Hiz realm-uv-thingz RIGHTYUS Guvernment through-OUT thu KNOWN universe and beyond, Jer.51:19, Isa.9:7, 51:16, Eph.1:11, by thusSHAIRING Hiz identitee AND Hiz very NAME Rev.3:12, but FIRST, thu SOON concloozyn uv Lucifer'z/Satan'z guvernment must bee attended too, while prezently az uv this 3d uv 7m, uv 2021y uv Gregoree'z Roman Calendar, , while about too experiens thu thrd and forth horseman profesy uv KJ-Rev.6, thee END-TIME increased climat temperature iz testing healthtolerans and profesee knowledje uv where too FIND thu KJ-Bible referens, THU DAY COMETH WHEN IT SHALL BURN AZ AN OVEN, so yoo'll bee aware uv presisely WHERE wee ARE in Bible profesy, while many uv yoo are being obligated too often reelocate too higher ground, , too keep yor basement AND yor SOCKS dry, beecuz planet earth now iz approximately three million milez closer too thu sun that's melting earth's polar caps and reezultantly, thu climate-chanje can bee NIETHER halted NOR reeversed, after MORE uv earth's Crude-Oil stabalizing BALAST than thee approximate volume uv Thu Great Lakes, haz been permanently reeMOOVED and reePLAASD with totally UN-stable WAHTER BUT,  , how many or iz it how FEW uv us would prefer thu total =NONE= availability uv whut that tremendus VOLUME uv Crude Oil exTRACshn haz provided via it's now UN-countable =BILLIONZ= uv spin-offproducts, , whether TOY-like communication deevisez that in MANY wayz are used more for detriment than benefit, , -OR- cumbustion-engine propelled chariots that according too Chapter 2 verse 4 uv Bible Profet Nahum whoom waz permitted too look forward frum hiz time, reemarked that our chariots are many and GO LIKE LIGHTNING. Granted, that's only 2 uv thee End -Time inventionz that obviously ONE uv iz reecwired for thu fulfillment uv Rev.1:7.      

(12Ignoring thu multiple deetailz uv pree-history that Job 38:7, Genesis 1:1-2 and Chapter 7, 2Peter 3:6 and Rev.13:8 speek uv, spesific atenshn too our 2021-year WORLD can bee noted in Gal.1:4, Rev.1:6, 20:2 and 21:1 BUT, , a preedictivlee acyrit date too corelaat with in dissrnment uv our prezent profesee calender fulfilment locaashn, won’t bee known until thu Rev.11:3 witnesez apeer in world nooz hed-linez, probably sumtime dyring 2022 BUT, beecuz preedicshnz are NOT thu MAAJOR focus uv this ministry mandate, this menshn uv profesy information iz intended for only thu mental and eemotional stimyoolus it providez for thu 144K Elect REMNANT co-insidentally pilgrimajing during this last sentury before thee END uv time, ((aproximitlyi24iperiyearisinceiEden)) when AFTER that milenium, thu mezyring uv CLOCK and CALENDAR endyrans comonly refered too az TIMEconcloodz -AND- there TOO: thee ONLY profeticly aplicable =DATE= for Messiah’z reetrn, iz prior-too 2026 AND preesiislee three and a haf dayz” AFTER, , thu DETH uv Thu Two Witnesez, , on a street in Jerusalem, , when thaar ministry concloodz thus AND, , , 

(13) thu witnesez profesee beginz three and a haf yearz prior-too Thu Feest Uv Trumpets 2025, and ENDZ at their murdered deth, three and a HAFi daaz immeedeitly PRIOR-TOO Messiah’z reeturn AND thus, thaa whoom Hee came untoo inishaly, Hiz OWN PEOPLE having reeJECTed Him, , THAA, thu HEBREWZ hav NOT been permitted an ACCURATE Calendar Acounting uv Hiz ACTUAL reeturn =DATE= AND thus =THAT= spesific information izn’t available until thee Abominaashn Uv Desolaashn ocrz beecuz, THAT iz exactly 3 & a HAF yeerz beefore Esyooah’z reeturn AND simultaaneusly, thee A-U-D iz when thu two witnesez profesee beeginz.  

(14) Thee orijinalKing Jamez Bible iz spesified beecuz =it= iz thee =ONLY= Bible Record that duz NOT hav thu MORE than eight-thouzand, UN-approved chaanjez AND, az uv 12d4m2021YRC, my first CHECK uv thu so-called NEW KJ Version that thu King-James Bible iz NOT, beecuz uv being thee ORIJINAL Bible Book, reeveeled thu NOO mere VERSION az beeing NO better than any uv thee uther mere verzionz that attempt too DIS-credit thee orijinal King Jamez Bible that too this date, iz thee =ONLY= Bible that thu compiler uv waz murdered for thu compiling and publishing uv, and it’s OBVEEUS that NONE uv SATAN'z cumpilerz were MURDERED for thu publishing uv their mentor’z work AND further-more, GAHD did NOT assign thee END time, comprehensive comPILING uv HIZ and Hiz DISIIPLEZ biografee RECORDZ, too more than ONE man AND therefore, in ADDISHN too thu FACT uv there BEING only ONEin-context-confirmed HOLY Bible, ALso, William Tyndale iz thee ONLY GOD-APPOINTED author thereuv WHOOM did NOT IN ANY way or manner, reelease COPY-right for thee introduction uv a NEW BIBLE that regardless uv humanly lejislated legalities, reecwirez thee orijinal author'z signatured permision thus that in THIS instanse, iz NOT POSSIBLE, when thee orijinal author iz deeseased. Granted, even thu KJ-Bible haz beecum subtly maligned in sum aspects, such az with thee insertion uv witch-craft and uther demonic expreshnz uv profanity BUT, with ALL such taken into acount in concloosivlee comprehensiv deesizyn making, =ONLY= thu KJ-Bible reetaanz IN-context confirmed, historicaly deefiind lejitimasee in thee eyez uv foundaashn-based reesearch criterion.   

(15) Thee orijinal King Jamez Bible compiled by William Tyndale, containz more than sufficient recordz frum thee orijinal scrollz, too confirm az BIBLE stated =FACT=, that it's at thu concluzion uv our trial and testing, earth-realm, identity-confirming pilgrimaaj, that BY God'GRAASE and our Biblically deefined FAITH”, wee “CAN” bee SAVED =FRUM= Hell-Fire DAMNATION Matt.18:9, Mark 9:47, John 5:29, but, John 15:10 states that ecsept wee abide IN Gahd'LUV, wee are NOT elijible for Hiz “GIFT UV GRAAS” and also in John 15:10, Messiah instructs HOW too BEE a REESIPEENT uv Hiz LUV: “Too ABIDE IN MY LUV, OBEY MY CUMANDMENTS, LIKE AZ =I= HAVE OBEYED =MY= FATHER'Z CUMANDMENTS AND THUS, ABIDE IN =HIZ= LUV.” In DIFFERENT wordz and with NO ecsepshn, whether in ABSENS uv that knowleje or intentional ignoraans uv it, ONLY =OBEEDEENS= too Gahd'z Exodus 20 Luv-LAW uv Cumandments, deefinez and garnerz our Maker'z constantly thus abiding Luv untoo Eternal Life WITH Him in Hiz SOON cuming Kingdum.


(16)  If” spesific uv thu relijious -LEEDRZ- uv THOZE dayz, had =NOT= invaaded thu print shop immediately prior too thu printing and publishing uv William Tyndal'z work, and inserted FALSE-hoodz in plaas uv FACTS, William Tyndale'z KING JAMEZ Bible compilaashn too-day, would NOT bee profanely maligned with so many distorshnz, such az thee insershn uv "jeezus" that Esyooah, Immanuel Thu Christ haz =NO= record uv EVER having been addressed by, until MORE than TWO HUNDRED =YEARZ= AFTER Hiz asension, and THEN only in PRINT, az dictated by thu reeligious leaderz uv thoze dayz, and thu KJ Bible STATES CLEARLY that GAHD niether CALLED nor SENT them AND, if it BOTHERZ yoo too read historically confirmed FACTS, yoo may az well =STOP= reading HEER, , beecuz MY only PERSONAL wordz too thu readerz hereuv, ARE a REEPEAT uv thu King Jamez Bible record uv Eccl.12:13, John 15:10 and Reveletion 22:14. Too state it DIFERENTLY, =EVERYTHING= yoo read here, iz merely mii ree-PEATing in thu most globally common, END-time language, uv thu major Bible recordz, in their obviously orijinaly recorded calendar order.

(17) For FACTUAL comprehension and understanding, NOTE that SALVATION by GRAAS, iz by UN-earned FAAVOR, by totally UN-earned GIFT, , totally FREE uv PRI$E BUT, , it iz TOO =NONE= uther than thaa whoom are ELIJIBLE for it AND thus, Esyooah Thu Christ states that OUR elijibility” for Hiz GIFT uv GRASE, iz SUBJECT TOO “WHETHER” wee ABIDE =IN= HIZ =LUV= AND, Hee states clearly, that ABIDING =IN= HIZ LUV, iz ACCOMPLISHED by OBEYING HIZ EXODUS 20 LUV-LAW uv CUMMANDMENTS AND thus, IN THOZE very FEW wordz, GOD informz ALL uv us, that although salvaashn iz “FREE” and thus, with-OUT PRI$E, that ALso, , it's "AVAILABLE TOO" =ONLY= thaa whoom are ELIJIBLE” for it AND, , that elijibilityfor Hiz Gift Uv Graas, iz subject TOO OUR reespectful obeedeense TOO Hiz Exodus Chapter 20 reecorded LUV-LAW” that thee END time deesendants uv Judah =GLOBALLY=, , , have deespized and reejected openly, both vocally AND in their many and various printed publicationz, and during thu fifth Roman Calendar month uv 2021, reeplied too mee personally, that they recognize =NONE= uv Thu NEW TESTAMENT az being AUTHORED BY GOD AND thus, there-BY they dee-PRIVE themselvez uv =ALL= that Esyooah established at Calvary AND, beecuz there iz "Eeternal Life Salvaashn" in =NONE= UTHER, thaa AND their children are =DOOMED=, and 1Sam.8:7, Hosea 4:6, John 1:11, 1 too 14 and Rev.19:13 amung utherz, reetaan record uv Esyooah'z horendusly =TORTURED= deth by thu church leaderz uv Hiz own nationality AND, Juda'z END-time church leaderz on-goingly SHARE thu blaam uv that historic attrosity, by their adamant reejection uv Immanuel, Esyooah Thu Christ AND thereby, take WITH them into eternal Hell-Fire, their OWN preferential reejection uv Cummandment 6 having any UN-reepentant reezult on them.

(18) NOW looking at Thu Bible-stated FACTS conserning “WHY Gahd reecwirez uv us too taac totally serious advantaaj uv Hiz ONE-time prezentaashn uv "Eeternal Life Salvaashn" , , FIRST wee must note =HOW= it came too BEE, that ALL uv Hiz personally created, 864,000 NOW hyoomanly embodied spirits, by their OWN personal  CHOISE, are cumpelled too PILGRIMAAJ IN this REALM UV THINGZ Rev.21:7, az EVERY-ONE incloosively sinse Adam and Eve AND, it'Blasfemously Profane Haatred TOO-WARD our Maker, that preVENTS MORE than EIGHTY-THREE persent uv ALL HYOOMANLY embodied SPIRITS, frum acsepting FACT instead uv FICTION, frum prefering TROOTH instead uv ERROR, , and that beegan PRIOR too Eden, soon after Gahd had reevealed too Hiz 864,000 spirit-embodied personz, (NOT YET SOULZ) that beecuz Hee had CREATED thu realm uv THINGZ”, James 1:17, for them too dwell in and potentially occupy eeternally, , az a gratitude token too ALL that would honor and obey Him FAITH-fully, , and after sharing this information with them, Job 38:7, thu spirit person Hee had named Lucifer, sucseeded in perswaading more than eighty-three persent uv that 864,000 total cwantitee uv eventual Kingdom uv Righteousnes "intended" rezidents, too deeFECT with him and beecum hiz disciplez AND thus, followerz uv, adherents too, and MENTORZ uv Lucifer, whoom beecame thu father uv liez John 8:44 AND thus, reezultantly, after that, , WAR broke-out in Heven beecuz uv Lucifer'z deefection Rev.12:7, when discuvering hiz compozition freecwensee waz/iz NOT flexible az waz/iz hiz Maacer'z AND thus, preevented hee & hiz deefectorz frum ASCENDING into Heven for ANY intent or purpose AND hiz eevil in-TENT thus, reezulted in Lucifer/Satan AND hiz followerz being cast OUT uv Heven, and down in freecwensee compozishn, onto thee earth, WITH five uv every six uv thee eight hundred and sixty-four thouzand spirit-personz Gahd had created, that were perswaaded by Lucifer too deeFECT WITH him, with Lucifer, for thu purpose uv supporting Lucifer in hiz UN-informed deesizion too assend into Heven too DEE-throne Gahd and STEAL frum Gahd, Hiz newly created “REALM UV THINGZ” and take supreem CONTROL over it and ROOL it BUT, , that =laam= attempt too yoosrp hiz Maacer'z” 100% =TOTAL= Authority, CO$T Lucifer hiz preeveus title uv Light-Bringer and confined him in TOTAL DARKNESS thereafter, eeternally, ecsept for thu minimal light provided by thu flamez that NOW hee and hiz comradez are in thu midst uv. Rev.12:9

(19) Thu deefectorz being five-sixths, iz learned by noting that thu quantity uv they whoom did NOT defect, iz 144K that iz one sixth uv 864K, and that being exactly 83.34 persent uv ALL orijinally created, 864K spirits that thu first uv in Gahd'z ree-STORED earth after satan'z senseless deestruction madnes when evicted frum Heven, down *on-too thee earth's, R.U.T. compozishn freecwensee and thus, THEN Lucifer, now REE-named SATAN beegan hiz REALM UV THINGZ existens, EMBODIED in a SRPENT, and Gahd PUNISHED that previously named Lucifer spirit-person with thu NEW and totally OPPOSITE definition name uv SAATAN, thu devil, ree-MOOVD him frum hiz former spirit-persn-imaaj and confined him in thee orijinl srpent-imaje that at THAT time, had approximately fifty-two "litle" legz and corespondingly "litle" feet, that thu KJ Genesis 3:14 Bible record informz us Gahd ree-MOOVED and frum hed too tail, ree-plaasd with horizontally spaasd crawling propulsion segments but on thee orijinal breed uv thu srpent that yet eczists tooday, leevd a few litle non-functional legz and feet dangling neer its tail, too reemind us uv that historical fact that thu small-minded author uv Thu Nature Uv Thingz television program intentionally ignorez, while telling hiz vyoorz that hyoomanity -eevolved-, a scientifically proven FALSE-hood, in that NUTHING in creation transgressez thu fundamental LAW uv fizics that in mere wordz states: All natural transformationz uv matter, are thu direct reezult uv DEE-jeneration, a breaking-down FRUM thu complex, TOO thu simple, , NOT a building-UP FRUM thu simple, TOO thu complex. * Although thu -DOWN- directiv DUZ aplii, in THIS instans, it DUZN'T inclood thu Light-Freecwency cahmpuzishn uv satan'spirit entiteez, else they'd bee vizible too preeveeusly prezent earth dwellerz whooz LIGHT cahmpuzishn freecwensee iz permanently DEE-creesd, AND Glorificaashn uv Thee Elect, incloodz personaly, individual control uv thaar compozishn freecwensee, for thu prpus uv spesific instans reetenshn uv fizicl arrival & deepartyr solemnitee, similarly az iz reecorded uv Esyooah after Hiz Rezrecshn-&-Glorificaashn AND that atribyoot permits thee (Rev.19:11-forwrd) Apocolips Horsemen NON-interfeerens during thaar mandates.

     For increased comprehension, note that humanity iz in thu MIDST uv "LIGHT" frecwenseez that our telefones and cumpyootrz hav thu sircutree switching capability too differentiate bee-TWEEN thoze that we're permitted acses too, , ELSE we'd bee in thu FOCAL & VOCAL MIDST uv EVERY telefone, raadio, televizyn and cumpyootr transmitted Electromagnetic Freecwensee that until Glorificaashn, GAHD haz permitted us very limited acses too =ONLY= thoze inclooding & beetween thee Ultraviolet and Infrared freecwenseez that in total, amount too less than one persent uv thee Electromagnetic Spectrum that ALL thingz consist uv AND, for a BETER mental perspective uv how MUCH uv =GAHD= we're permitted IN-sight IN-too thus, seeing az thu Bible deefinez GAHD az entirely consisting uv "LIGHT", , , NOTE that thu fizicl mezyrment WIDTH uv thee Electromagnetic Spectrum that we're in thu MIDST uv, aproximitly, iz 425 "NANOMETERZ" in width, , and THAT being LESS than thu thicknes uv a human hair AND If =THAT= scientifically confirmed, LESS than one persent uv thu fizicl compozishn uv GAHD, duzn't stir yor deezire too bee an inheritor uv AHL THINGZ, whut else WOULD? ?  In greater acyrasee, thee ACTUAL amount LESS than one persent, iz inscribed az - .0035, 3 & a half one-thouzanths.

      For thoze whoom are NOT sufishently tecnicly MINDED az too eezily cahmpreehend this FRECWENSEE-BAASD relm we're in and entirely SUB-ject too, jist thinc uv thu VOISEZ that wee ahl cumyoonicaat with and how CAHMMON it iz for FEE-male voisez too hav virtyooaly =NO= LOWER, "BAAS" freecwensee soundz -->> FRECWENSEEZ <<-- in thaar voisez and THEN there-AFTER, jist =KEEP=IN=MIND= that in FACT, it's that SAAM attribyoot =DIFFERENS= that thu definishn uv thu word "FREECWENSEE" directly reeferz too AND, too thee exTENT
that EECH individyool culor and miniscyool mere SHAAD there uv, =HAZ= and iz dee-FIIND bii its OWN spesific CODE thereuv AND, too cahmpreehend whut THAT amounts too, a very SIMPLE eczample IZ that thee averaaj person'z EARZ can heer BAAS freecwenseez down too apprahcsimately 40 hertz/CPS,cyclez/viibraashnz per/minit-pahrt/hertz/CPS, and UP too apprahcsimately 14000 hertz/CPS, syclez/viibraashnz per minit-pahrt/hertz/CPS, cyclez/viibraashnz per secnd. NOW jist KEEP in mind, that thee Electro-Magnetic COLOR spectrum ecstends frum thu dark-EST "ULTRAVIOLET", , too thu dark-EST INFRARED -AND- that EECH meer gradyooaashn uv COLOR there-IN, iz IIDENTIFIID thus AND haz its OWN spesific FREECWENSEE, similarly az SOUND viibraashnz are identified AND, , beecuz hyoomanitee'z cahmpuzishn freecwensee-raanj iz LIMITED too that which thu color spectrum consists uv, frum approx' 385 too 710 nanometerz, wee can NOT see NOR heer whutever Aanjelz in our very prezens ecsept thaa speec on OUR freecwensee AND thus, beecuz saatan and hiz cahmrad'z cahmpuzishn iz uv a diferent freecwensee, wee can't see or heer HIZ ciind ecsept wee =WELCUM= it bii asoseeaashn preferens, but even THEN satan accomplishez hiz cumyoonicaashn with hyoomanity, by mental IN-flooens.

    Although bee-CUZ thee EELECT ahr NOT yet GLORIFIED, "WEE" 
reecwire TELefone, Radio, T.V. or UTHER =DEVISE= too chanje beetween corespondent's or broadcastor'z signal freecwenseez, , Glorified personz such az Esyooah, accomplish it mentally, like az when choozing too speek a different language BUT, enuf sed on THAT topic, ecsept I reeseev a more spesificly stated incwiry, , and cwestynz about Esyoo'z mother'z age, her frst uv five son'z consepshn age, her huzband'z beetrothal age, etc., I'll try too BLEND mii reeply into thu gramatical context hereuv further along, after reevyooing sum very limited sorse notes and assembling it ahl, beecuz in AHL ecsept Esyoo'z very OWN notes uv probably les than a fyoo duzen wordz in total ahn that tahpic, and thoze reecorded frum whut Hiz foster DAD shared with Him, whether in whichever uv Hiz disiipl'z recordz, , , iz not ownlee extreemly breef but in MOST casez, must bee "conjectured" frum BEETWEEEN thu linez and then B-4 shaaring with ANY-wun, , confirmed FACTUAL bii locating whutever UTHER record bii a DIFFERENT author, , that containz thu SAAM informaashn, however DIFFerently STATED but, , ahn SECND thaht, , ,

    , , , bee-CUZ that tahpic iz NAHT an in-CLOOOSiv reecwirment uv this ministree mandaat, I'll inclood heer, ONLY thu reesrch info' that "I" deem dramaticly reeveeling in proviiding a totally reezonable explanaashn for thu KJ-Bible incloozyn uv Mat 1:20, , that thee orijinal scrollz theruv doo NAHT contaan thu pig-farmer/swine-keeper TITLE for Hiz naam but in-STED, "IMMANUEL" , , "Son Uv Thu Highest", , , "GAHD WITH US", , az iz prahfesiid in Isiah 7:14, but ignored there bii thaa that broke into thu print-shop too PROFANELY insert so many FALSE-hoods SEECRETLY, immediately prior too thu FRST printing & publishing uv thu King-James Bible, and THEN too assumedly "HIDE" their profane guilt, thaa BURNED IT TOO THU GROUND ! ! ! , , , BUT, satan sucSEEEEEDed thus in persuading AHL denominational religionz too follow after and pray too a naam entity that duzn't even EXIST in ANY Bible source informaashn, until MORE than 200 =YEERZ=AFTER= Messiah's Ascension ! ! ! ! !  , , , geting BAC ahn TAHPIC  heer now, , ,

       In mii "OWN" wordz az "I" understand and entirely acsept, , WOODS-MAN, fuel-providr iz reefrd too whoom often had assisted Josef in obtaining spesific carpentry sours material frum a nearby bush, where that UN-naamd Woodz-Man had prodoosd thu vilaaj firewood frum, and also it apeerz for Josef, for furniture construcshn, inishalee thu Woodsman had been regulary accumpaneed bii hiz wiif and dahter, whoom had so much impressed Josef, that hee had reetaaned that woods-man'z acwaantans sinse that woodsman'z only child/dahtr waz 7, and when shee beecaam 10, Joseph reecwested uv her Dad, thu WOODS-man, that hee reetaan her for HIZ, for "JOSEF's" priorfyootyr consideraashn, and laatr thu Woodsman seecretly promisd too Josef, hiz dahtr MARY, when shee had entered into womanhood, AND during thu frst week uv hr 12th brthday, Josef waz thee ONLY GUEST at that cwiet selebraashn where MARY'ELDERLY paarents, had been PRAYING for thaar ONLY child and LATE in life dahtr, too bee reecwested bii a Gahdly man, prior-too hr parent's deepartyr BUT, that record contaaned NO info' there-AFTER, until thu week or so prior too Mary'z 17th birthday, about 5 yeerz there-aftr, when LAAT on a Sabbath eevening, too a cwiet TAP, TAP, TAP, TAP, TAP 5-timez on Josef's STABLE work-shop DOOR, , hee very surprizedly opened it too hiz ahbveuslee VERY shyly speech-less, yung woman GUEST, hooz neerlee stagring old muthr, spoke ONLY a fyoo very AHBveusly thankful wordz, reecwesting uv Josef too bee very PATIENT with thu reezults uv her daghtr'z solitary rearing, and then neerly WEEPING, THANKED him AGAIN, and in very solem SILENSE, turned and deeparted, , , and thu MUCH preezrvd script -STAHPD- there, and like az UTHR internet reesrch I've accahmplished, waz/iz NAHT there ahn mii reetrn too frthr that srch, that "I" deemed thu CAUZ uv, being spesific internet serch enginez negatively focusd on Mii website, too promptly eliminate whutever sorsez mii enemeez reconed TOOO PRAHFitable for mee, like az when a groop uv Greeks promptly reemooved ahl internet info' that had reveeled thu common, Greek pig-farmer and swine-keeper titles, although in a FYOO such, thaa neeglected too reemoov thu jesus & jeezus SUFFIX on eech uv thoze, that for hundredz uv yearz in thaar cultr, had commonly refered too "Dirt-Pig"

          Doo =NOTE= that in THIS spesific instans and AHLSO az iz cahmmon in reesrch ventyrz, I've NO reesrch-obtaaned calendar daats BUT, that bee-CUZ there'z STRAHNG apeerans that Josef wahz an established CARPENTER and ahbveusly MATYRLY PAATIENT in hiz srch for a spesific CLASS uv woman, maad NO note-worthy record uv hiz AJE, that it APEERZ, waz a minimum uv LAAT twenteez, and 
when adding thu Mat 1:20 acount too mii info, beecuz it "apeerz" Josef waz onlee a FYOO hourz or DAAZ at MOST, dissrning Mary waz aprahcsimitly 5 too 7 weeks pregnant ahn ariivl, , BUT, I lrned in anuthr instans, that AFTR he'd been spoken too bii Gahd, that he'd actualee discusd it with a close acwaantans (bruther-in-law?) who'd sujested hee simply FAAS hr with it, and hee reepliid that Mary had sed that her Muther had told her that feeling smuthered ahn tahp and punctured at hr BAHTM, waz NOT a bad DREEM, but PROOF that GAHD had chozen Mary'MUTHER too bee hr son'z Gr-Muthr, and Mary'muther had asshured hr daughtr-Mary uv that bii telling hr that Gahd had sed shee'd hav a daughtr LATE in life, so =THAT= dahter could bee Hiz Son'z Muthr, and THIS part uv mii reesrch waz peesd too-gethr frum 3 different family soursez that LAST tiim I incwired, AHL uv YET wer available on thee internet BUT, that NOW con-CLOODZ -this- matr.

(20A)  Thu first reestored-earth flesh and blud SOUL record uv Adam Gen.2:7, confirmz NO person HAZ a soul, beecuz every perzon IZ a soul, and this NEW reecwirement uv having FLESH and BLUDembodiments that Thu Bible record referz too az SOULZ, reezulted beecuz uv thu deefection that THEN ahbligated Gahd too TEST and PROOV whether any UTHER uv Hiz OWN SPIRIT person imaaj, potentially would exhibit deefector tendencies BEECUZ, , Hiz intent too create an Eeternal Kingdom uv Rightyusnes, reecwirez that Hee “WEED-OUT ALL uv thu NEGATIVE spirits, beefore granting ANY Eeternal LIFE "HAPPINESS", Luke 19:12-27, and it’s thu FLESH and BLUD, spirit-embodeed SOULZ via which, Gahd accomplishez thu TRYING, TESTING, and PROVING uv thee embodeed SPIRITS therein AND thus, beecuz thee intended Kingdom waz/iz too bee an Eeternal habitaashn for NONE uther than Gahd’z people, Isa.9:7, insted, that orijinally intended EETERNAL HABITAASHN LOCAASHN BEING EARTH, haz beecum our TRIAL, TESTing and PROOVING TEMPORAL habitation that eventually shal beecum a lake uv fire for AHL thu defectorz, Rev.19:20, 20:7-15, 21:8, and for AHL that proov TROO and FAATH-ful, Gahd haz created a NEW earth under a NEW heven. Rev.21:1-8

(20B)Additionally, in breef, this explainz why Adam and Eve were instructed too REE-plenish thee earth, so that on cumpleeshn uv Gahd'z identity-confirming, trial and testing untoo DETH uv AHL thaa that had NOT deefected, AHL such can bee reestored by rezurrecshn and given thee orijinally intended, 
Glorifiidperson entiteez that hav been with-HELD beecuz uv thee orijinal Light-Bringer'z deefecshn and expulsion frum Heven, down ahn-too thee earth, and until Thee Elect's Ree-birth, reemain invizible too them, beecuz our UN-glorifiid eyez are limited too ONLY thu freecwenseez within thee electromagnetic spectrum AND, all -THINGZ- being cumpozed uv DEE-accelerated LIGHT fotonz, renderz it ahbveus HOW GAHD haz maad Hiz 4-horsmen (Rev.19:11 forwrd) totally NONE-vizible too us prezently, 2021yrc, during this decade immediately prior-too thu Bible profesied milleneum.

(20C)Ahbveusly, NOT yet having acwired thu Gen.2:7, spirit-embodiment, BRETH uv LIFE SOULZ beefore being expelled frum Heven, thaar person entitiez yet consist uv only spirit compozishn that iz BEEYOND thu vizual capability uv a SOUL that thu SPIRIT uv iz embodeed in FLESH and BLUD and thus vizually, iz LIMITED too ONLY thee electromagnetic spectrum uv COLOR frum darcest ULTRA-VIOLET, throo thu darcest INFRA-RED freecwensee that in TOTAL, iz LESS than "1" persent uv ALL LIGHT vizible too thee UN-glorified. In diferent wordz, wee can see LESS than 4 one thouzanths uv that which in 1John 1:5 and Rev.21:23 in Thu KJ-Bible, states iz whut our Maacr entirely consists uv; understandably thus, wee can niether SEE nor HEAR they that are in our midst, until in their Gahd-appointed TIME and order, , thaa are born-into thu RUT, thu Realm Uv Thingz that KJ-Rev.21:7 staats Thu Righteous will INHERIT ALL uv, AFTER accomplishing thaar trial and testing, "identity-confirming"pilgrimaaj, , therebii confirming WHETHER thaar INNER person spirits were amungst thu deeFECTorz -OR- amungst thu 144K Troo and Faath-ful.


(21)  ===>> THAT iz how thu oppozits uv “GOOD and EEEvil” orijinated and ALSO, where thee ASSENDING INTO HEVEN =FOOLISHNES= orijinated that Satan'z / Lucifer’z ministerz hav been teaching and iz confirmed FOOLISHNES” by John 3:13 that states: NO man haz ascended into Heven, ecsept Hee that came DOWN frum Heven, Hee being thu SON uv Gahd whoom iz IN Heven.”  Granted, there ARE recordz that falsely inFER Gahd -created- Good and Evil BUT, thee orijinal scrolz staat that Gahd created ownlee thu "POTENSHL" for Good and Evil that eech ree-ZULTS frum individual preferens for.

(22) Granted, wee ARE instructed too LAY-UP =TREAZURE= in Heven Matthew 6:20 BUTWHEN Hee reeturnz, Messiah BRINGZ BAC too us WITH Him, ALL uv our Hevenly deepozited trezurez. (Ref' needed here) Even here on EARTH, after laying-up monetary treasure in whutever safety deepozit box or bank acount, wee doo NOT MOOV-INTO that deepozit box too make yoos uv thu savingz therein.

(23) Reezultantly, NOW “GAHD iz in thu proses uv confirming by individual person, trial and testing, RELM  uv THINGZ PILGRIMAJE TESTIMONYWHICH uv us did NOT deefect with Lucifer/Satan, so that "IF" and “WHEN” granted Eeternal Life with Gahd our Maacer Rev.21:7, wee’ll proov too bee honorably faithful servants too TRUST with thu GUVERNING uv Hiz newly created Realm Uv Things that Thu KJ-Bible speaks uv az being Thu NEW Earth under Thu NEW Heven, by permiting AHL uv Hiz orijinal eight-hundred and sixty-four thouzand spirits, in due corse uv time, too occupy planet earth, thee orijinal locaashn for Hiz REALM uv THINGZ, and proov by our limited permission PILGRIMAAJE TIME here, WHETHER in life-style conduct confirmed FACT, we’ll KEEP our promise too Him thus, and PROOV that, , by SPENDING our LIMITED TIME uv confirmaashnl Trial and Testing pilgrimaaj here on planet earth, az Hee reecwirez uv us AND, that simple, TEN-Part reecwirement iz CLEARLY stated in Chapter 20 uv Thu KJ-Bible book uv ExodusAlso, see Eccl.12:13 and John 15:10.

(24) Although BOTH deefectorz =AND= NONE deefectorz are pilgrimaajing here simultaaneusly, THAT sircumstans providez thee ultimate trialz and testingz that thu NONE-defectorz RIGHTEUS must endure, Matthew 10:22, too confirm unto our pilgrimaaj DETHwhether in life-style-conduct confirmed FACT, our orijinal prezens amungst thu 144,000 NONE deefectorz, waz beecuz uv mere hezitansy uv getting involved in a WAR -OR- beecuz uv an UNTO-DETH deesizyn too bee=follower= uv NUN uther than Gahd and Hiz Psalm 119:172 Rightyusnes.

(25) In BREEF Up-Date reevyoo hereuv, our orijinal SPIRIT compozishn personz that totalled 864 thouzand az KJ-Bible reecorded, now are flesh and blud embahdied during thee END-TIME profesee uv thu four horsemen uv thee apocolypse, plus uthrzRev.19:11-forwrd, beecuz GAHD/God, our Maacr/Makereecwirez that AHL  SPIRIT embodied personz must pilgrimaaj thus, too confirm -bii- thaar trial and testing conduct reezults here, whether they are servants uv Lucifer whom waz ree-named Satan -OR- UN-deefiled, orijinal servants uv GAHD and thus, amungst thu 144K that did NOT deefect with Lucifer. Eccl.12:13 It's NOT that Gahd iz UN-aware uv whoom DID or did NOT deefect BUT, that Hee haz given EECH uv us this relm uv thingz pilgrimaaj oportoonity too PROOV by individyool, pilgrimaaj-time conduct HEER, WHOOM wee preefer too bee thee Eternal-Life servants uv AND, , having reecorded thu pilgrimaaj uv eech uv us, Hee simply OPENZ that record too us on Judjment day.  , , and I saw thu ded, small and great, standing before Gahd, , and thaar pilgrimaaj record books were opened and also, Thu Book uv Eternal Life waz opened AND, , thu rezurected, preeveusly ded were judjed frum thu contents uv thaar own, pilgrimaaj recordz . . . <<== that rendering iz this publisher'z, Archie'z prezent-day Heritaaj Inglish dialect interpretaashn; so, too bee sure I've accomplished it correctly, open yor own KJ-Bible too thu book uv Revelaashn chapter 20, verse twelve and read it for yorself. NOTE that beecuz wee are Gahd'z creaashn, wee are HIZ property too DOO with az Hee so choozez AND, Hee haz chozen too permit AHL uv US too CHOOZ our Eeternal destiny, whether in thu relm uv THINGZ that also iz reeferd too az Thu Kingdum uv Gahd/God, or in Hell-Fire-Damnaashn. CONSTANTLY and with-OUT CHAANJ, frum thu FRST vers uv KJ-Genesis, too thu LAST vers uv KJ-Revelaashn, there are only "2" destinaashn AHPSHNZ stated, and thaa being Hell-Fire-Damnaashn that iz thu destinaashn for AHL that ree-JECT being a disiiple uv Mesiiah, Immanyooel, Esyooah, Thu Christ, , AND, , Thu Kingdum Uv Gahd being thu destinaashn for AHL that =ARE= disiplez uv Mesiiah, Immanyooel, Esyooah, Thu Christ, at thu time uv thaar deth AND, there iz NO -UTHER- SORS uv Eeternal-Life Salvaashn ANY-where ELSE in thu yoonivers AND, there iz irrefyootable historical record uv confirmaashn thus. Isaiah 43:11, 45:5 & 21, , and thee ONLY Eeternal Life Salvaashn SORSE, iz Messiah, Immanuel, Esyooah, Thu Christ, , thee Eetrnally mandated =BRETH= uv ALL flesh.


(26) That's why wee need thu NEW earth under thu NEW heven, beecuz our prezent earth iz profesied too beecum a lake uv FIRE that ALL uv satan'z servants will bee cast into, beecuz satan and hiz servants choze too dee-FECT instead uv choozing too reespect and obey thaar Maker'z superbly supreme authority AND thus, frum our perspectiv, thu total deestruction uv earth that reezults amidst thu nesessity too confirm by trial and testing pilgrimaaj, which uv thee orijinal 864,000 SORSE spirit personz were thu deefectorz, beecuz Gahd haz permitted everyone too make hiz/her VERY OWN CHOISE uv WHOOM each uv us preeferz too bee in eternity with, while simultaneusly promising ALL uv Hiz orijinally created by Him, SPIRIT personz, an end-LESS, AFTER pilgrimaaj reeward in total complianse with Hiz promise thus, and in ONE perspective, Hiz reewardz are identical, in that EECH iz =EETERNAL=, and thee only DIFFERENCE iz =WHERE= our choise uv leader will  bee, with our PREFERENS uv Eeternal Life destinaashn AND, there are ONLY 2 destinaashnz too CHOOZ frum, thu first beeing Thu Kingdom Uv Gahd and thu second beeing Hell-Fire-Damnaashn AND, =NO= one at ANY time, iz cumPELLED too chooze IETHER Eternal destinaashn goal beecuz, wee EECH accomplish that by our 24/7, personal conduct, desizyn making PREFERENS and AHBVEUSLY, EECH person'z choise uv daily life-style conduct, reevealz thaar orijinal identity, whether frum amungst thu deefectorz -OR- frum amungst thoze that did NOT deefect, , thaa being thu one hundred and forty-four thouzand TROO and Faathful.

(27) Granted, wee ALL expeereens an EARTH RELM UV THINGZ, flesh and blud =BIRTH= too accommudaat our trial and testing SPIRIT person pilgrimaaje here BUT, beecuz EVERY spirit that enterz into a child at its birth, beegan its life in Heven, when our Maker created ALL uv Hiz orijinal spirits that with which, Hee had intended too populate Thu Kingdom Uv Gahd too soon bee established on earth BUT, beecuz Gahd'created Light-Bringer deefected and beecame SATAN, thu devil, , Gahd then waz ahbligaated too EDIT Hiz orijinal plan and that editing reezulted in Adam being thu first flesh and bludspirit-person embodiment AND, Gahd'z SECOND Light-Bringer, too reeplase defector Lucifer, beecame Gahd'z VERY own FIRST born, flesh and blud SON, Esyooah, ImmanuelMessiah, Thu Christ, , and Isaiah 7:14 iz directly referensed thus, beecuz Gahd'EDITED plan reecwired thu human sacrifice uv Him-SELF that could NOT bee accomplished while simultaneously being GAHD, , ecsept that sacrifice bee Hiz very own Son, that in niether Eden NOR Heven, existed, , until BORN in thu flesh, too thu Bethlehem Virjin, so Hee could ecspereens thu “relm uv thingz and thus, with Hiz Sorse entity heredity, beecum thu -PERFECT- Sacrifise, too atone for hyoomanity’z Eden Transgreshn, while simultaaneusly providing thu SINGULAR reePENTans route -BAC- into an EETERNALLY LUVING reelaashnship with Gahd, our Maacer, for AHL deezirus thus, reegardless uv that orijinal quantity uv TROO and FAATHFUL, being only a hundred and forty-four thouzand, , beecuz niether thay nor their projeny are proovn barren. Rev.7:4-17

(28)  FALSE-ly assooming theze Bible stated FACTS too bee IM-pahsible beecuz ahbveusly, 864K orijinal spirits are NOT sufishent WITH which too embody thu BILLYNZ that hav cum OUT uv our orijnal parents, ignorez Genesis 4:10 that confirmz EVERY person born OUT uv our ORIJINAL spirit-sorsed parents, haz ecspeereensd dooplicaashn reetenshn uv that orijinal spirit, similarly az thu FLESH and BLUD embodiment, person-TEMPLE haz been REE-produced AND, , theze “FLESH” embodiments uv Gahd’z orijinally created SPIRITS, Gahd reeferz too AZ templez”, beecuz Hee intendz that wee permit Him 24/occupansy thereuv, for thee ENTIRETY uv our earth relm pilgrimaaj, 2Cor.6:16, so that at thee END uv our pilgrimaaj, Hee can feel CUM-fortably "shoor" that wee'll want too reetain Hiz Spirit "IN-dwelling" Eeternally AND therefore, having CONFIRMED that reality BY our TRIAL and TESTING PILGRIMAAJ conduct, at thee END thereuv, Hee bidz us ENTER into Hiz millenneal Cingdom, , too partake uv thu froot uv thu tree uv Eternal Life therein, too ecspeereens REE-birth, az Esyooah Thu Christ exampled FOR us, when at Calvary, PAYING for Hiz PURCHAS uv us =BAC= frum our Eden disgraas, thu PRISE uv Hiz GIFT UV GRAAS that iz acsepted BY =ALL= WHOOM endure until thaar pilgrimaaj DETH, in 24/7 obeedeense too Hiz Exodus 20 reecorded LUV-LAW Matt.25:21,23. THUS, it's BIBLE-CONFIRMED, that REE-birth iz FRUM deth, like az our only pattern, Esyooah Thu Christ AND thus, occurz at thu sucsesful concloozion uv a trial and testing pilgrimaaj unto DETH and NOT beefore AND thus, az iz PROOVN by Thu KJ-Bible uv Gahd'z WORD, , ,

(29)  , , THU KEY TOO ETERNAL LIFE with our Maacr insted uv in HELL-FIRE, iz obeedeense too Thu Mat.28:18 and John 1:14 Holder uv AHL power in Heven and earth, az Luke 10:25-28, John 15:10, Rom.2:13 and Rev.22:14 confirm. Whether YOO plan too EAT uv Thu Froot Uv Thu TREE uv Eternal Life az given in Eden, 1John 2:7, written in stone by Thu Finger Uv Gahd and transcribed via Mozez, Deut.9:10, and taught by Messiah, iz yor deesizyn butpermishn too enter into Thu Holy Sity, too eet uv Thu Froot Uv Thu Tree Uv Eternal Life that growz therein and NO-where ELSE, iz NOT pahsible without Thee Ex.20:1-17, John 1:14 KEY that Deut.6:25, 11:22, Job 29:14, Psalm 119:172, John 15:10, Rom.2:13 and Revelation 22:14 confirm iz Thu Reecwired, Holy CrossRobe uv Righteousness” Wedding Garment for ahl Mat.22:11-13“Marriaje Uv Thu Lamb” atendants whom also are reeferd too az “guests”, , beecuz they honor thee invitaashn too attend.

(30For total clarificaashn, if YOO are NOT obaaing Gahd'z LAW, yoo are NOT bering Thu Holy Cross uv John 1:14 TROOTH and RIGHTYUSNES and thus, YOO are NOT wearing Thu Robe uv Rightyusnes Weding Garment Job 29:14 AND thus, YOO are NOT emuyoolaating Messiah'z John 15:10 Testimony AND thus for THOZE reezonz, YOO are NOT one uv Hiz Disiplez AND thus, az a direct and Bible confirmed reezult, YOO are NOT ELIJIBLE for thu First Rezrecshn and thus, beecuz uv reejecting Thu Key Too Eternal Life, by neeglecting too bee a disciple uv Messiah, Thee only Giver uv Eternal Life WITH Him, "IN" Hiz Kingdum, HE Whoom givez it too NONE uther THAN Hiz Disciplez, , ecsept yoo reepent, , yor destiny iz damnaashn.

It's THAT Simple !” 

(31Gahd'z LAW uv TROOTH and Rightyusnes, iz Rev.22:14, Mal.2:5-6, Ps.119:172 and Luke 10:25-28 confirmed, and John 1:14 and 17:17 confirm Messiah iz Thee Ex.20:1-17, personified LAW and WORD Thundered frum Sinai, , and 1Tim.2:5 confirmz Messiah iz Thee Only Mediator uv Eternal Life Salvaashn, Hee having instructed Hiz Disciplez in Mat.23:9, too addres NO one on earth az Father, and 2Tim.2:15 and 1Pet.3:15 instruct ALL deeziring Christly Disipleship, too study Thu Holy Scriptures often, on a personal basis, and 2Cor.6:17 cummandz Gahd'z People too cum OUT frum amung ahl that worship in man-made templez that Acts 7:48 and 17:24 state Gahd duz NOT dwell in, and John 14:18 and 23 confirm thu human templez uv Hiz Elect, are God'z prefered earthly abode AND that iz WHY Hee iz creating A KINGDOM uv RIGHTYUSNESS, by BEEing IN thaa that permit Him too write Hiz Spiritual Luv LAW uv Exodus 20:1-17 TROOTH and Rightyusnes in thaar hahrts and mindz, Jer.31:33 , , I will put Mii LAW in thaar inward parts, and write it in thaar hahrts and thus, I will bee thaar Gahd, and thaa shall bee Mii people., this Scripturally reecorded fact revealing thee OBVEITY uv GAHD'z People being ONLY thaa that WELCUN thu life-style CAHNDUCT uv Ps.19:7 converzyn that reecwirez thu Job 29:14 putting =ON= uv Gahd'z Ex.20:1-17 and Ps.119:172 Rightyusnes suffishently -EARLY- during thaar trial and testing earth-relm pilgrimaaj, az too reezult in a significant quantity uv -YEERZ- uv POZITIV life-style being writen into thaar testimony books, az too conFIRM that when thaar books are opened "IN THU JUDJMENT", thaar pilgrimaaj-time commitment too Gahd'z Waa, iz conFIRMable thereby, unto thaar =DETH=, beecuz, Messiah having Sacrificed Hiz Life for Hiz Elect, pree-deetrminz thu reecwirement that in reetrn, Hiz Disiplez must not with-hold thu sacrificing uv thaar pilgrimaje identity confirming livez, too confirm thaar unto-deth, total commitment too Hiz Ex.20 LAH uv TROOTH and Rightyusnes. Mat.10:22, Mark 13:13

(32Let's not ever forget, that Thu Sinai Covenant Messiah'z Disciplez are commited too, iz a-life-for-a-life, , and Mal.3:6 and Mat.4:4 confirm that Covenant YET stands, haz NEVER been with-drawn or annulled, and shall NEVER pass away. Granted, Rightyusnes Cross-bearing iz NOT an eezy task, but, whut iz there worthy uv obtaining, that iz eezy too acwire, and that perspective iz confirmed by Messiah'own Wordz in Mark 13:13 , yoo shall bee hated by ALL men, for My Name'z sake butif yoo endure too thee end, yoo SHAL bee SAVED frum hell-fire damnaashn. 

(33Also, by its future tense verb uv SHAL bee saaved, this referense confirmz Eternal Life Salvaashn iz a potential, END uv earth-realm pilgrimaaj, identity-confirming reeward that renderz liars, AHL uv thaay whoo claim too NOW bee reesipients uv Eternal Life Salvaashn prezently, prior too having finished thaar trial and testing pilgrimaaj, discipleship corse uv identity-confirming servitude. Thu Glorified Christ Uv Gahd, iz Hiz Elect's ONLEE Bible-Confirmed Patrn and exampl, , and Hee beeing REE-born FRUM THU DED” az Col.1:18 confirmz, , renderz absoloot FOOLZ, =ALL= that CLAIM too bee REE-born, when YET ALIVE and NOT having DIED ! ! !

(34NOTE that Eternal Life Salvation iz NOT obtainable by reepeeting a few wordz az iz taught by heathen religion, Mat.6:7, but iz granted too none uther than they whoom endure unto deth, in their reecwired trial and testing cross-bearing, identity-confirming pilgrimaaje, a reecwirement that iz ignored by AHL deth-bed reepenterz, and Messiah states that if yoo reefuse too bear until deth, thu reecwired Holy Cross uv Hiz Ex.20:1-17, Sinai Thundered Rightyusnes, yoo are NOT worthy uv Hiz Sacrifise in yor stead AND thus, thu fizical life Redemption that Hee purchased for yoo at Calvary, shall bee burned away frum yor spirit therein, at thee end uv time, yoo'll bee cast into thu lake uv fire and expereens live creemaashn uv yor FLESH and BLUD soul.

(35Az confirmed in Psalm 119:105 and Heb.10:16, Thu =LAW= part uv Exodus 20, haz Spiritual applicashn beecuz it instructs tooward Psalm 119:172 Rightousness and Psalm19:7 Converzion, by molding thu human spirit uv ALL whooz valid prayer so reecwests, and Prov.28:9 confirmz thu prayerz uv thee un-repentant, are an abominaashn, reepentanse being thu chaanj frum yor own definition uv trooth and Rightousness, too that dictated by Gahd'z Ex.20:1-17 LAW uv Cummandments, and dilijent consrn there for iz mandatory, beecuz Ex.20:6 confirmz Mercy iz not applicable in absens uv obeedeens, and Rom.2:13 confirmz only thu DOERZ uv Gahd'z LAW shall bee justified, and Rev.22:14 confirmz only thee obeedient too Hiz Sinai Thundered LUV-LAW uv Eternal Life Salvaashn, shall have permission too enter into Thu Holy City, by Thu Gates thereuv, too eat uv Thu Fruit Uv Thu Tree Uv Eternal Life that growz therein and NO-where ELSE. In DIFFerent wordz, yoo MUST ARRIVE, , , =AT= THU GATE, too bee escorted therein.

(36)  Stated differently for TOTAL clarificaashn, by NOT obeying ALL TEN parts uv Gahd'z Exodus 20 Luv LAH, yoo hav NOT reepented and thus, yoo are NOT converted too God'z Way and thus, yoo are NOT one uv Messiah'z Disciplez and thus, regardless uv how many reelijus tearz and profane bablingz too thu contrary, every prayer yoo utter, iz an abominaashn and thus, until yoo DOO reepent, if EVER, yor eventual destiny iz   Hell Fire Damnaashn.

It's  THAT  Simple !

(37) Beecuz more than ninety-nine persent uv ALL that enter my house, would bee permanently offended at my least mention uv whut their Maker reecwirez uv them, in complianse with Deut.11:20, this testimonial notation iz posted in my rezidense, where it can NOT possibly bee missed, and also too eliminate for ALL whoo see it, just cauze for any ecscyoos uv not having had extreemly eezee acsess too Thu Key Too Eternal Life, and beecuz 1Cor.6:20 confirmz yoo are thu personal property uv yor Maker, , ecsept until yor deth, YOR daily life style iz in habitually strict complians with God'z LAW uv TROOTH and Rightyusnes, YOO'LL bee amungst thu sweepingz uv yor Maacer'z shop flor, and az John 15:6 confirmz, yoo'll bee swept-up and burned in hell fire, at thee end uv yor life-style testimony book writing that this earthly pilgrimaaj providez oportunity for, az Mat.25:41, 2Pet.3:7, Rev.20:12 and 21:8 confirm, , and beecuz Dan.9:4, Eccl.12:13, and 1John 5:2-3 confirm humanity'z only purpose and duty, iz that uv daily honoring and obeying Gahd, by dilijent obediense too Hiz Ex.20 LUV-LAW, ecsept with AHL pahsible dilijens, yoo apply Gahd'z LUV-LAW 24/7, yor destiny iz hell-fire damnaashn AND thus, now that yoo are suffishently informed, yoo are totally with-out ecscyoos. Deut.6:25 states: , it shall bee our Rightyusnes, if wee =DOO= AHL theze Cummandments beefore Thu LORD our Gahd, az Hee haz Cummanded us. John 15:10, If yoo OBEY MY  Cummandments, yoo shall abide IN MY luv, even az I have obeyed MY Father'z Cummandments and thus abide in Hiz luv. , , and Mal.3:6 reecordz Jehovah Gahd az having stated: I AM GOD.  I doo NOT chanje!

(38) Stated diferently again for adishnal clarificaashn, if yoo are =NOT=, , with AHL pahsible dilijense, obeying ALL ten parts uv Gahd'z Two Great Lawz, yoo are =NOT= abiding =IN= Gahd'z LUV and thus, , yoo are abiding in satan'z clutchez and thus, yor prezent goal and eventual destiny, iz Hell Fire DamnationIt'THAT Simple !

(39) So that yoo may post it in YOR dwelling, , via thee adress at thu bahtm uv this paaj, yoo may reecwest a verbaatim dooplicate uv this notaashn that's based an thee orijinal King Jamez Bible, beecuz that ONLY orijinal BIBLE iz without thu more than 8,000 chanjez, many uv which, Rev.22:19 confirmz are profane. Az an ecsample, if yor bible haz thu wordz WASHED or ROBEZ in Revelaashn 22:14, it iz a maligned mere verzyn and thus, one uv thu many profane publicaashnz promoted by such az thaae described in Mark 13:6.

(40) Too ecsplaan breefly, in adishn too thee authorz uv profane alteraashnz uv Holy Scripture, rendering themselvez future subjects uv Thu LAKE UV fire, attempting too reeseeve Eternal Life SALVAASHN, by wahshing yor spiritual robez, even 'though that ecspression iz merely a figure uv speech, it plaasez a negative connotation on Gahd'z WORD that for MANY, could reezult in hell-fire damnation beecuz, yor own robez are NOT acseptable, regardles uv how many timez washed, beecuz yor prezent robe uv self-determined TROOTH and rightousnes, must bee reeplased by Gahd'z Robe uv John 14:6 and Ps.119:172 TROOTH and Rightyusnes, thee ONLY Robe capable uv cuvering yor transgreshnz, Job 29:14, Rom.13:14, Eph.4:24, beecuz it alone, iz thu Robe uv Hiz Sacrifishl Blud, and that Eternal Life Salvaashn reecwirement can bee learned and acomplished in deetail, ONLY if yoo reepent uv yor UN-Gahdly life-style and emyoolate Messiah'z John 15:10 Testimony. Hee iz Thu ONE and ONLY, AHL powerful, Mat.28:18, Scripturally confirmed Gahd Entity example wee are Cummanded too follow; there iz NONE uther, whether deacon, pastor, priest, or rabbi etc., AND, assembling with or beefore any such, labelz YOO az THAA, beecuz Gahd plaanly staats Hee duz =NOT= dwell in man-made templez. Acts 7:48 and 17:24

(41) If yoo are deezirous uv beecuming a Scripturally confirmed Disciple uv Thee AHL Powerful Christ, yoo should beegin by frst heeding 2Cor.6:17, uncondishnally, and then memorize Gahd'z LAW uv Cummandments that John 1:14 confirmz Thu Christ repreezents and portrayz, , and then yoo should learn Thu Bible confirmed definishnz uv Rightyusnes, Sin, Reepentans, Salvaashn, Spirit-Birth, Spirit-birth-Inheritans AND, Thu Kingdom Uv Gahd, AHL uv which are available on reecwest, and during which study, yoo'll beecum aware uv thu John 3:13, Scripturally confirmed =FACT= that NO one asendz into Heven, ecsept Hee Whoo came down frum Heven and thus, yoo'll bee aware that AHL whoo teach asending into Heven at deth, are servants uv satan that Isaiah 14:12-14 confirmz thu profane intent and purpose uv, iz too asend into Heven on their OWN definition uv rightyusnes, too take over Gahd'z Throne, while attempting too attract millionz uv utherz too follow them, Rev.12:4, az waz/iz satan'z profane attempt that reezults in hell-fire damnaashn.

(42) Also, yoo should consider thu many Bible proofs uv thaar being NO Crown without a Cross, and, uv there being NO Cross amidst absense uv reespect for Gahd'z LAW. Taking up Thu John 15:10, total commitment Cross uv Christly Discipleship Testimony, reecwirez that frst yoo cum OUT frum amung AHL heathen relijion and hired priests or shepherdz, OUT frum amung ALL that GO too church, insted uv BEE-ing a consecrated, flesh and blud human temple vessel uv GAHD'z IN-dwelling, Exodus 20:1-17, Eccl.12:13 SPIRIT uv Deut.6:25, Psalm 119:172 and John 15:10 abiding Righteousness HOLY SPIRIT unto Eternal Life Salvaashn. Attempting too worship Gahd, while reetaining membership with, or continuing too reespect that which 2Cor.6:17 cummandz yoo too abandon, invokes Revelaashn 3:16. Don't forget; there iz only =ONE= Eternal Life Salvaashn Mediator and THAT Mediator iz Hee Whoom iz at thu helm uv total power in Heven and earth. Mat.28:18 Iether yoo heed Hiz Wordz and reeseev HIZ Blessingz, -OR- yoo ignore Hiz Wordz and reeseev Hiz cursingz.

(43) Preferense for an UN-rezurrected or relijious organization or hired preest shepherd/mediator, iz preferring damnaashn beecuz, thaa described in Jer.14:14, are thu saam az thaa described in Mat.24:5 and Rev.22:18-19. In Mat.10:38, Gahd saaz, , , hee that duz NOT take up hiz own cross and follow Mee, iz NOT worthy uv Mee." See Rev.2:10, Jamez 1:12, 1Pet.5:5, 2Cor.6:16-18, Micah 3:11, Mat.25:46, Mal.2:2, Eph.1:3, Prov.10:6, Deut.28:2, etc. etc.. Following after uther than, -OR- in addishn too Thu one-and-ONLY GOOD Shepherd, destinz yoo for damnaashn beecuz, there iz only ONE Eternal Life Salvaashn Mediator, Hee being Messiah, Thu Col.1:18 confirmedREE-born and Glorified Christ uv Gahd Whoom abhorz shaard alleejans AND, Thu Christ Uv Gahd duz NOT acsept being addressed az iether a pig-farmer or a swine-keeper, az in Greek, jesus & jeezus directly reefer too AND, it waz thu -GREEKS- whoom orijinally SADDLED Him with thoze TITLE namez, WHEN Hee waz first TAUGHT there AND, THAT waz NOT until MORE than 200 YEARZ AFTER Hiz asenshn, and un-TIL that time, every historical record addressez Him reespectfully az Esyooah, thee AH suffix extension, reespecting Hiz SON UV GOD Title and thus, iz thu PRAIZE form uv addressing Him, instead uv merely az Esyoo.

(44) Although there yet reemainz on thee internet, difficult too find confirmaashn uv when thu REEVIZED KJ Copyright THEFT ocurred and introduced az NEVER BEFORE published in thu bible, thu profanity uv addressing Messiah az a swine-keeper and/or a pig-farmer, and even openly and blatantly ADMITS that in thee intro' paragraph, , beecuz uv thu criticly serious obveity uv this topic, it iz MORE than sufishently obvious that thu READER MUST attend too it, beecuz it's MORE than OBVIOUS, that Hee Whom haz INSTANT acses too BOTH endz and ALL in thu MIDST uv Hiz Eternal Life Salvation program, would NOT dezignate thu naming uv Hiz Son, in a manner that would permit End-Time jeneraashnz too eeezily constroo it profanely. I DO openly and very sadly ADMIT, that only a few dayz bac, I waz informed that most uv thu Greek recordz I had orijinally obtained that information frum, decadez bac in my ministry, NOW have been reemoooved frum internet access, but regardless uv most relijionz proclaiming such false-hood az "jesus" being a correct =GREEK= languaje translation uv Esyooah”, THIS minister uv Thee ELECT Church iz proclaiming it ABOMINABLE too ADDRESS Esyooah, Immanuel, Messiah, Thu Christ, in uther than Hiz hyoomanly inherited nationality name.

(45) Would YOO welcum being commonly addressed by a FOREIGN translation uv yor name that iz NOT on yor BRTH sertificate ? Would YOO bee mentally SANE too NOT bee OFFENDED and inSULTED by such practise ?

(46) Az uv 30d4m2021y, when cwestioned on thu profane construment uv Thu Christ's orijinally given name, I went too my forty-yearz old GREEK SORS NOTES containing thee internet addressez where bac-THEN, I'd obtained that information frum totally reputable sorsez and had witnessed its confirmation thus, and discuvered that NONE such have endured thu presurz uv this END-time society that MORE than eighty-three plus persent uv being Lucifer oriented, hav reemoved ahl thu previous internet sorse information I'd listed that reevealz how Messiah haz beecum so popularly identified profanely and OBVIOUSLY, by HIDING all such, satan preVENTS it frum being discuvered, so that whutever few uv hiz kind dezirus uv deefecting into Messiah'z fold, are thus preevented.

(47)  So, hens-forth, NOW having NO readily acsesible sorse informaashn on this Bible-Based internet podium too reefer yoo too in confirmaashn uv thu historical FACTS pertaaning too thu profane, END-TIME naming uv Messiah, thu readerz must make thaar OWN deesizyn az too WHETHER thay'll CHANS addressing Thee ONLY-SAAVYOR az a dirt-pig or swine-keeper, insted uv az LORD ESYOOAH or MESSIAH, -OR- if NOT thu studying kind but YET wanting too bee 100% TOTALLY-SURE uv yor John 15:10 based commitment NOT having any SPOTS or WRINKLEZ too blemish yor Rightyusnes Robe, yoo can AVOID AHL such consern by addressing Thu Saviour az, My Lord Messiah, Eph.5:27, beecuz even thee orijinal translaashn sorsez conserning Messiah'z orijinally given name, have been profanely altered too state AZ IF factual, that Thu Father inspired spesific personz too name Thu Christ profanely AND thus, with thee orijinal SORSE recordz profanely maligned, each reader hereuv iz reecwired too acsept thu reesponsibility uv personal disernment, beecuz thu FOREIGN GREEK translation uv Esyooah'z name iz NOT in ANY uv thu chronology listingz NOR in any uv thee historical recordz, , , until MORE than TWO HUNDRED =YEARZ= AFTER Hiz asension.

(48)  Also, there are Bible students whoom insist that Hiz naam containz a "J" symbol, when in fact, thu HEBREW alfabet duzn't hav a "J" AND, after hourz uv study on this topic and in-depth consultaashn with MODERN day Rabbi Linguists whooz orijinal rezidential base iz Jerusalem, ONE such whom I recall az being Hee WHOOM, I took thu direct advise uv, when looking mee STRAIGHT in thu faas and with a luvingly jentle smile reeplied, Archie, personaly, I prefer thee ESYOO and ESYOOAH English languaj spelling and pronunseashn, beecuz it duzn't hav thu DEEP-throat guteral Hebrew language sound that most people don't welcum., and ever sinse then, THAT's thu way I've been spelling and pronounsing and teaching it too bee spelled and pronounsd, , and frum thu podium, I stateSimply pronouns thee English Alphabet symbolz uv S and U, consecyootivly and smoothly, and yoo're pronounsing it correctly, and thu suffix “AH sound iz similar too a loud YAWN, and very significantly expressed thus, az if suddenly surprized with Hiz prezens at yor side. Beecuz reesent jenerationz uv Canadianz obviously are NOT aware, I tell yoo HERE, that NO alfabet containz iether characterz or letterz; it's only PERSONz that hav and ARE thu characterz”, whoom orijinaly formed symbolz too create thaar langwaaje alfabet that WITH which, they asemble wordz and cumpoze sentensez too cumyoonicaat by writing LETTERZ.  

(49) Too assist ahl English Speaking people whoom are NAHT uv thee OLD stock Canadianz that AHL uv were schooled in fonics/fahnics, alphabet/alfabet symbolz that dictaat inter-reelaated pronunseashn in thee orijinal heritaaj Inglish dialect spelling and pronunseashn, , in Preescriptiv English, it's reecwired too spell and pronouns az teacher dictated, reegardles uv whether grammar lawz are reespected, and that reezults in such insane teaching az spelling uv az of, that then containz NONE uv thee alphabet symbolz it's correctly pro-NOUNSED by, insted uv FIRST, CHECKING-IT-OUT, too PRE-deetrmin in conjuncshn with 2Tim.2:1, that it really IZ based on historically foundational FACT, beefor adopting it into yor daily habit and life-style, az reelijus organizaashnz ALL AROUND thu globe hav done AND thus, profanely exhibit how LITTLE IN-DEPTH Bible Study thaa've acomplished, when standing beehind thu podiumz in thu MAN-MADE templez wherein, Gahd states in Acts 7:48 & 17:24 Hee duz NOT abide NOR did CAHL or SEND they that officiate therein, BUT, , historical AND prezent day FACT confirmz that ALL reeligionz ON EARTH, preefer too CHANS Gahd acsepting them into Eternal Life with Him at thee END uv their trial and testing pilgrimaje here, when continuing too adres Hiz Son with thu pig-farmer and swine-keeper title namez. Even using only thu suffix SUS part, would adress Him az a DIRT-PIG! Granted, ecsept by intense study and reesearch, it'difficult now too confirm such facts, beecuz thu world beeing five-sixths populated by satan'z kind that ALL uv prefer too REE-tain and MAIN-tain FALSE-hoodz instead uv FACTS, beecuz THAAR choise uv leader iz thu first deefector, LUCIFER, thu FATHER uv LIES, az Thu Bible confirmz, hee whoom waz REE-named SATAN and tossed OUT uv Heven onto thee earth, WITH thu five-sixths uv thee orijinally created spirit persons that ALL uv, amount too eight hundred and sixty-four thouzand that sinse Eden, have been treemendusly frootful in their jenerationz uv untold BILLIONZ”, , but are niether SEEN nor HEARD by humanity'z LIMITED sight and hearing ranje that wee can SEE only thu color spectrum extent uv and HEAR only frum forty too aproximately 14,000 hertz BUT, thoze disciplez uv Satan deefectorz ARE prezent, reegardles uv our NON-ability too SEE or HEAR them, -OR- thu Revelation 6:4 profesee would NOT prezently bee in effect too cauze people too indiscriminately KILL each uther, az iz witnessed now (year 2020 plus) on nearly EVERY newz cast, and thu WHY therefore preeseedz Rev.6, , and while ON thu profesee topic, ALso I'll menshn thee End-Time climate-chanje profesy that's hiden in thu statement, , in thee End Time, thee earth shall WOBBLE in its orbit, and this obviously explaining why a few times every year, I witness thu sun rizing AND setting, directly in thu NORTH, and only a few timez over thu reesent decade, rizing directly in thee East, and seting directly in thu WEST, , a totally NORMAL reezult when such an extreeeemly larje cwantity uv earth's THICK, CRUDE-OIL Balast haz been ree-PLASED with thu totally OPPosite viscosity uv NON-stability az WATER, that very probably after more than fifty yearz uv constant extraction, iz equal too MUCH more than thu total volume uv thu great lakes, and NOW that prosesed CRUDE-OIL iz ree-located into our house construction, our furniture, chariots, electrisity insulation, electronics utilitiez, power-toolz, toyz, tringcets, garments, food, AND earth's atmosfeer AND our human sirculatory BLUD systemz AND, , thu NEGATIVE REEZULT thereuv, , , iz PERManent, , and too thee extent that thu 2 witnessez uv Rev.11:3, in FACT SHALL bee CLOTHED in garments made with thu same basic "grosery-sac" kind uv material that although may bee reefered too az NYLON, shall bee uv CRUDE-OIL based PLASTIC that thu profet looking forward thereat, correctly identified it az "SAC"- cloth, thu kind uv material our grosery-sacks are made uv.

(50)  Thu documented fact iz, that after Glorification, Thu Rightous expereens Eternal Life in Thu Kingdom Uv Gahd that Isa.9:7 confirmz shall bee established on earth, prior too being REE-located, az also iz confirmed by thu fact that thu meek shall inherit thee earth, and wouldn't have any purpose in that inheritans, if after rezurecshn and contrary too Bible declaration, thaa asend into Heven. Note whut John 3:13 sayz: , , no man haz asended into heven, ecsept Hee that came down frum heven, Hee being Thu Son Uv Gahd Whoom iz in heven.” Granted, there IZ confirmation uv an eventual MASS rezurecshn asenshn prior-too thee earth beecuming a lake uv fire BUT, =THAT= iz immediately prior-too Messiah'z reeturn, reegardless uv whether identified az a rezurecshn OR a rapture AND, , that =RAPTURE= expression duz NOT even exist in thee orijinal KJ Bible, and REE-naming thu FIRST rezurecshn, tendz too HIDE thee historically stated reality uv there beeing TWO rezurecshnz. Rev.20:5

(51)  After obtaining a jenuine King James Bible, yoo'll hav acses too ALL that yoo reecwire knowledje uvin that KJ BOOK and thus, no reazon what-so-ever too bee deeseeved, if alwayz, yoo reemember too study it daily, in an orderly manner, making and ree-making notes that yoo can reeturn too for reepeated peruzal and confirmed asurance uv being in Spiritual subjection too none uther than yor Maker, through Messiah, Hiz SON, thu one and ONLY Mediator uv Eternal Life Salvaashn, 1Tim.2:5, , ,

(52) , , and there iz NOT so litle az a direct Scriptural inclusion uv thu muther uv Messiah, having thu least involvement in anyone'z obtainment uv Eternal Life Salvaashnbut, , there -iz- Scriptural confirmation uv thu fact that speshal reespect for Mary, thu muther uv Messiah, introducez shared allejance and thus, reejecshn frum elijibility for Eternal Life Salvation; this simple fact uv Scripturally Confirmed reality izn't stated too in any way dis-credit Messiah'z Muther that thee globally srculated paintingz uv so wimpishly disgraas her real countenans uv, that iz Bible Confirmed az being uv ahbveusly commendable enjenderment, and NOT weak-minded and sickly appearing. In Mat.28:18, Messiah duz =NOT= include Hiz Muther az sharing in Hiz power, authority, and or Glory, and niether duz Hee, anywhere else within Thu KJV Bible record.

(53)  Matthew 28:18 , , Esyooah spoke, , saying ALL power iz given unto Mee in heven and in earth.

(54) 1Timothy 2:5 , , , there iz ONE Gahd, and ONE Mediator beetween Gahd and men, Hee being Thee Man, Immanuel, MessiahEsyooah, Thu Christ;

(55)  Revelation 22:14, Blessed are they that DOO Hiz Cummandments, that they may have Right too Thu Tree uv Eternal Life in Thu Holy City Uv Gahd, and may enter inthrough Thu Gates too partake thereuv.

(56)  Romans 2:13, , not thu hearerz uv Thu LAW are just before Gahd, but, , thu doerz uv Thu LAW shall bee justified.

(57)  Thu Robe Uv Rightyusnes that wee are reecwired too put on too beecum Scripturally confirmed Disciplez Uv Thee All Powerful Christ, iz deetaaled in thu 20th chapter uv thu second major section uv thu KJ Bible, that iz entitled Exodus. Parafraazed for simplistic ease uv reemembrans, Gahd'z FRST Five Cummandments that form Hiz FRST GREAT LAW, reecwire that wee LUV Thee Eternal Gahd with ALL uv our being, and that reecwiring that our life-style exhibit total reespect for Gahd, for Hiz Imaje and for Hiz Likenes, Hiz Naam, Hiz Sabbath Memorial Uv Creaashn, , AND for Thu PARENTS throo whoom, Hee granted us temporal earth-relm eczistense, trial and testing pilgrimaaj entrans.

(58)  Az iz Mat.22:36-38 paraphrazed and Ex.20:1-12 deetailed, Gahd'z FRST Great LAW that's contained in Hiz Frst Five CUMMANDMENTS, states: Yoo shall LUV Thee Eternal Gahd with ALL yor hahrt and mind and thus, with thee entirety uv yor flesh and blud soul and, Gahd'z LAST Five CUMMANDMENTS that form Hiz SECOND GREAT LAW, reecwire that wee not covet anything beelonging too our Luke 10:28-37 naabor, whether hiz life 6, hiz wife 7, hiz property or possessionz 8, or hiz repyootaashn 9. Note that simultaaneously, Gahd'z LAW incloodz thu brother'z keeper aspect and reesponsibility uv luving our Luke 10:29-37 and 11:5-8 defined naabor az ourselvez, AND, that helping our Creator'z Mat.12:49-50, John 14:21-23 & 15:10 confirmed Brethren, accredits us with thu saam blessingz, az if directly helping Him, and also, that deespizing thoze Brethren, iz thu saam az deespizing Gahd. Mat.25:34-46, Gen.1:27, 4:9, and 5:1.

(59)   Az iz Mat.22:39-40 paraphrazed and Ex.20:13-17 deetailed, Gahd'z SECOND Great LAW that iz deetailed in Hiz Last Five CUMMANDMENTS, states: Yoo shall LUV yor naabor az yor-SELF, by Cummandment 6, that uv abstaining frum murder, so az too exhibit reespect for and not covet, that iz, too NOT lust after nor in any manner dezire yor naabor'z life, and by Cummandment 7, that uv abstaining frum adultery, so az too exhibit reespect for and not covet, that iz, too not lust after nor in any manner deezire yor naabor'z wife, , and by Cummandment 8, that uv abstaining frum theft, so az too exhibit reespect for and not covet, that iz, too not lust after nor in any manner deezire yor naabor'z property or pozeshnz, , and by Cummandment 9, that uv abstaining frum idle talk, liez, cheating, and ALL formz uv deeseet, so az too exhibit reespect for and not covet, that iz, too not lust after nor in any manner deezire too harm or deestroy yor naabor'z repyootaashn, , and in concluzion, by Cummandment 10, that uv abstaaning frum ALL formz uv covetousnes, this tenth Cummandment inclooded thus too simultaaeusly inclood any form or manner uv thu sin uv covetousness that iz not ecsplisitly stated in thu preeveus four Cummandments.

(60)  Also, see 1Thes.4:8, and if yoo deezire personal assistance with yor Bible study, yoo are welcome too contact mee via thee eMail adres at thu cloze hereuv.

(61)  In over-view perspective, Thu Bible referencez uv Hebrews 4:14, 5:9-10, 7:26 and 8:1, confirm AHL need for pastorz, priests and rabbi, waz terminated when Messiah asended too Thu Father'z Right Hand, where frum Hee tore open acses too Hiz Temple'z most Holy Chamber, , Hee now being Thu Father'z only advocate, Hee grants none uther than Hiz Elect Holines, beecuz they worship Him via that torn vail opening, meeting with Him there, where Thu Mercy Seat iz anchored on Thee Ark uv Hiz Eternal Life Salvaashnn, Sinai Thundered Covenant that's reecorded in thu Bible Book uv Exodus, chapter 20 AND, , it's vitally important too NOTE that beecuz Gahd reejects DIVIDED servitude alleejans, , iether yoo serve HIM and NONE uther -OR- Hee REEJECTS yor utherwize elijibility for Hiz GIFT uv GRAAS entrance into Eternal Life with HIM, in Hiz Kingdum, az Matt.6:24 confirmz.

(62)  So, hensforth, iether yoo beecum a disciple uv Thu Christ uv Gahd -OR- reemain a servant uv satan AND, , beecuz disciplez uv Thu Christ beecum Hiz HUMAN templez where-IN Hee abidez, 24/7, az MUCH az you'll permit Him, , , and becuz that iz reevealed by yor deegree uv Exodus 20 reespect, it's for THAT reezon, yoo are NO more permitted too GO too whatever church/temple beecuz, yoo ARE thu HYOOMAN temple where-IN hensforth, Thu RIZEN Christ uv Gahd ABIDEZ, =IF= in ALL that yoo THINK, SAY, and DOO, yor daily life-style manner and conduct iz guvernd BY Gahd'z Ex.20 Cuvenant stated reecwirements uv maintaining yor discipleship cumitment too HIM and HIM ONLY bee-CUZ, , ,

(63)  , , , yoo can NOT FOLLOW and BEE a disciple uv NONE uther THAN Thu Christ, , when practising DIVIDED alleejans bee-TWEEN Him and whutever UTHER mentor, and also, beecuz disciples uv Thu Christ are memberz uv Hiz scripturally deeclared SCATTERED flock whoom are so few and far beetween az preevents them frum congregating, yoo are blatantly violating yor discipleship mentoring cumitment too Thu Christ, when grooped within whutever congregaashn uv whutever uther kind uv worshipperz AND thus, eczibiting a SHARED alleejans and profane TWO masterz approach too Gahd'z Kingdom.

(64)   Disciplez uv thee ONLY Giver uv Eternal Life Salvaashn, doo NOT =GO= too church beecuz they ARE thu HUMAN templez uv thee Eternal Gahd, wherein Hee dwellz; so, iether yoo are a disciple uv Thu Christ, thee ONLY Giver uv Eternal Life Salvaashn -OR-, , yoo're a disciple uv whoomever else AND, beecuz there are only TWO spiritual roadz too chooz frum during yor earth realm pilgrimaje uv identity proving, , it iz BY yor 24/7, daily life style manner and habit uv internal spirit uv personal deezire and practisd intent, that yoo eczibit WHICH uv thee only two roadz uv pilgrimaje identity proving yoo've chozen AND, , beecuz thee only Giver uv Eternal Life Salvaashn duz NOT permit DIVIDED allejians discipleship, Hee WITH-HOLDZ Hiz GIFT uv GRASS-ful entry into Eternal Life, frum ALL whooz pilgrimaaj confirmed identity reeveelz UN-cummited and or DIVIDED alleejans.

(65)   Doo note thus, that too get UP too Thu "Mersy-Seat", reecwirez elijibility therefore, by worshiping Him 24/7, via Hiz OWN John 15:10 Testimony-Eczampled obeedeense too Hiz Sinai Thundered Covenant. Also, note that without Thu Covenant, there would bee NO Messiah, Thu Covenant Messenjer, and that without Messiah, there would bee NO Savior and thus, NO Eternal Life Salvaashn, and that iz why thee entirety uv thee only gospel taught in thu KJ Bible, thee only in-context confirmed Holy Bible, entirely iz based on Hiz Ark Enshrined, Eternal Life Salvaashn Covenant that thu fourth part thereuv, confirmz that in ABSENSE uv totally cummitted, 24/7 reespect for Hiz Memoreal Uv Creaashn, Seventh-Day SABBATH Temporal Rest, yoo'll NOT partake uv Hiz Eeternal Rest.

(66)  YesHiz Mercy duz endure forever but, endurans and elijibility are entirely different attributes and, in absens uv 24/7 reespect for Hiz Sinai Thundered LUV Law uv Malachi 2:5-6, John 15:10, Romans 2:13 and Rev.22:14 confirmed KEY too Eternal Life Salvaashn, yoo're not worthy uv Hiz mersiful Graas AND thus, NOT being elijible therefore, yoo'll bee cast into hell fire with thu vast majority uv humanity that duz NOT want Eternal Life in Gahd'z Kingdum, az iz profesied in referens too Noah'z dayz, Mat.24:38. Thu Bible referensez heretoo, confirm Salvaashn by Graas reeferz too HOW and NOT whether, , and whether iz clearly reevealed in such referensez az Romanz 2:13 and Revelaashn 22:14 amung varius utherz. Thu very Sors uv Eternal Life Salvaashn states: IF YOO OBEY MY COMMANDMENTS, YOO'LL ABIDE IN MY LUV., and uther uv Esyoo'z / Messiah'z wordz confirm damnaashn iz thu reeward for ALL that doo NOT abide in Hiz Luv. NOTE thus, that thu knowledje uv HOW salvaashn iz reeseeved, iz uv NO value too thoze whoom ignor Thu Bible stated CONDISHNS that directly pertain too HOW yoo can bee a reesipient thereuv.

(67)  If yor rezidenshl mortgaje holder gave instruction on whoom too make yor mortgaaj payments too, until hiz reeturn too grant yoo pozeshn, and ignorantly, yoo made ALL uv thoze mortgaaj payments too an entirely different person, could yoo ever ecspect too claim ownership? Similarly, ignoring thu cummand too study and show yorself an approovd diserner uv Gahd'z Wordz, shall deeprive yoo uv ALL right too claim Eeternal Life Salvaashn. 2Tim.2:15 

(68)  NOTE that beecuz there iz NO historical record uv Esyooah Thu Christ being addressed az jesus or jeezus, until more than 200 yearz AFTER Hiz asenshn, ALL intended cummunicaashn with or too either jesus or jeezus, iz abominable beecuz uv being frum an UN-reepentant hahrt, Prov.28:9, Mat.6:1-13. It waz thu Greeks that profanely assigned Esyooah thu swine-keeper and pig-farmer titlez az Hiz naam, when Hee waz first taught there, beecuz thu fonetics uv thaar langwaaj, hav no allowans for pronunseaashn uv Esyoo in a vocally similar manner too that uv how it's pronounsd in Hebrew. By pronounsing thee English alphabet symbolz uv S and U, too-gether, consecutively and smoothly, yoo're pronounsing Messiah'z name uv Esyoo, and by adding thu suffix AH alfabet symbolz and sound too it when addressing Him, yoo're ecspressing reespectful PRAISE uv Hiz Majesty, Thu Prinse Uv Pease and Son Uv Thu Most High Gahd TOO whoom, Thu Father Granted ALL power in Heven and on Earth. In Romans 2:13, thu world'z most often quoted Bible writer states, ONLY THU DOOERZ UV THU LAW SHALL BEE JUSTIFIED., and in Revelation 22:14, thee only disciple that stood WITH Messiah, when Hee waz brought before Pilot, states: BLESSED ARE THEY THAT DOO HIZ CUMMANDMENTS, THAT THEY MAY HAV RIGHT TOO THU TREE UV ETERNAL LIFE, AND MAY ENTER IN, THROO THU GATES, INTO THU CITY; (TOO PARTAKE THEREUV).

(69)   Reezultantly thus, if yor worship manner or conduct involvez and or reespects uther than Thu Father'z only Bible confirmed advocate, yor worship thus profanez Messiah'z Calvary Sacrifice, on thu factual basis uv thu KJ Bible record uv Gal.6:17 that cummandz Gahd'z people too cum OUT uv ALL reelijus organizationz too bee reeseevd by Gahd. Thu KJ Bible record uv Galations 6:17, Cummandz Gahd'z People too cum out uv AHL reelijus organizaashnz too bee reeseeved by Gahd, beecuz yoo CAN'T reeseeve UV Him, until yoo've been reeseeved BY Him and, beecuz history confirmz Messiah waz never profanely addressed az iither jesus or jeezus, until profanely so-naamd thus by thu Greeks, when Hee waz first taught there, more than 200 yearz =AFTER= Hiz asension, , ignoring that factual, historically confirmed reality shall CO$T yoo total absense uv AHL potenshl for being SAAVED by Hiz GRAAS, beecuz BOTH jesus AND jeezus are thu Greek title words for swine-keeper and pig-farmer, , and even thu SUFFIX, sus part uv jesus, in thu Greek language, iz deefined az dirt-pig.

(70) Also,,1John,2:4,,states: Hee that sez, I know him.,,,while NOT HABITUALLY obeying all TEN uv Gahd'z Cummandments, James 2:10, iz a liar.", beecuz uv NOT consistently having Gahd'z LAW uv TROOTH in him, and Thu Bible sez ALL liarz are disiplez uv satan, thu father uv liez AND with thu same destiny.

(71) Thus, , Gahd'Word confirmz ALL disciplez uv orthodox and AHL uther heathen relijionz that ahl uv reefuse too obey Gahd'z Cummandments, ALL such are liars, destined for damnaashn. If theez Bible  FACTS cauze yoo too bee angry at this publisher, YOR reesponse thus provez how very shallow-minded yoo are, when being angry at MEE, for merely quoting Bible writers frum thousandz uv yearz bac in calendar time.

(72)  So, KEEP in mind, that THU DEFINISHN UV CHRISTIAN iz, ,disciple uv MessiahAND thus, a person whoom iz Christ-LIKE in John 15:10 eczampled life-style conduct, and beecuz Thu KJ Bible confirmz NONE uv thu memberz uv =ANY= organized relijion, are Disciplez uv Messiah Thu Christ, whooz only orijinally reecorded namez are Immanuel and Esyooah, THEY are NOT within THU DEFINITION UV CHRISTIAN, ecsept profanely, az haz been ree-defined by thair church leader, ALL uv whooz disciplez are servants uv satan, az thu previous Roman leader, J.P.Wadjtyler openly admitted in hiz globally published remark, , Somebody'z gotta doo that job! , , when asked if hee waz aware uv being thu person-subject uv thu Bible referens in thu Bible Book uv Revelation Chapter 13 profesee.

(73)   Regardless uv whoomever makes yoo aware uv theze Bible stated FACTS, they stand Eternal, beeyond thee end uv time, and whether yoo acsept or reeject them, iz YOR deesizion and reevealz therebywhoom yoo are a servant and disciple uv and also, that in Bible confirmed FACT, Yoo are =NOT= a Bible Confirmed   CHRISTIAN, ecsept YOO BEE a disiple  uv -NONE- uther than Immanuel, Esyooah, Thu Messiah and Christ uv Gahd, Thee ONLY Bible Confirmed SORSE Uv =Eternal=Life=Salvaashn= AND, az AHL dilijent Bible students are aware, John 3:13 confirmz NO one ecsept Thu Christ, , , , , , , enterd into Heven after deth.

(74) Genesis 2:2-3 and Ex.20:8-11 confirm thu calendar WHEN and WHETHER uv Gahd'z SABBATH uv physical, temporal REST, and Malachi 3:6 confirmz calendar duration AND thus, that this BIBLE stated FACT HAZ NOT and WILL NOT CHANGE, -EVER- ! ALSO, John 15:10 and 14 confirm failure too respect Gahd'z TEMPORAL rest, neegates partaking uv Hiz ETERNAL LIFE Salvaashn Rest WITH Him, IN Hiz Kingdum. 

(75)  Also, Rev.22:18-19 confirmz Eph.2:8 speaks too HOW and NOT WHETHER ! In DIFFERENT wordz, thu GIFT uv Gahd'z GRAAS, iz HOW Gahd'z Salvaashn uv our Eden created soulz iz accomplished AND, John 15:10 states WHETHER” wee can BEE a reesipient thereuv. Stated differentlyEeternal Life Salvaashn  =IZ= a "GIFT" =BUT=ONLY "too" they that ADOPT and habitually apply and eczibit Messiah'z John 15:10 Testimony in thaar daily life style conduct, and that being thu Bible-Stated reecwirement that's labelled REPENTANS, that in ABSENCE uv, Luke 13:3 confirmz yoo'll perish in hell-fire damnation.

(76)  Additionally, az iz stated uther-where herein, reespecting ANY calendar date labelled a HOLIDAY, eczibits DIS-reespect for ALL BIBLE stated HOLY dayz that "HOLIDAY" iz a profane construment uv, az iz MORE than AHBVEUS by AHL grammatical contracshns uv Holy-Day. Although Jer.10:1-4 PLAINLY identifiez thu most common, GLOBALLY selebrated HEATHEN seazn, yoo should doo your OWN Bible Study reesearch too learn that Immanuel, Esyooah, Messiah, Thu Christ waz born in thu "Springgggg", NOT in thu middle uv winter.  

(77) Thu minimal quantity uv Elect memberz Mat.18:20, Jer.3:14, uv Hiz END time, scattered-flock Elect church uv thu frst REE-born Heb.12:23, duzn't permit them too congregate and thus az profesied, thaay worship ALONE or in twoz or threez, UNTIL gathered toogether in thu wilderness plase uv safety Rev.12:14, AND, theze KJ Bible facts confirm that if YOO are part uv whutever reelijus congregaashn, THAT fact ALONE, confirmz yoo are NOT one uv Gahd'z Elect memberz uv Hiz END time, wilderness Church uv Thu First REE-Born BUT, that duz NOT preevent yoo frum heeding thu Galations 6:17 cummand too beecum a disiple uv Thu Master'z Flock AND thus, an Elect member uv Hiz END time, Hebrews 2:23 and Colossians 1:18 wilderness Elect Church uv Thu Frst-REE-Born frum thu DED.

(78)   Also, if yor relijus culturing haz reezulted in thu mental rupture uv a non-scriptural rapture AND thus, cauzed yoo too think yoo'll bee taken "OUT" uv instead uv THROUGH whutever profesied trials and tribulationz az iz promised by Thu Savior, THAT iz yor choise uv Bible wordz interpretaashn by satan'z servants, az Mat.10:22 confirmz --> ", , when they deliver yoo up, take NO thought uv how or whut yoo shall speak beecuz, it shall bee given yoo in that same hour, whut yoo shall speak, , , and thu bruther shall deliver up thu bruther too deth, and thu dad thu child, and thu children shall rize up against their parents and cauze them too bee put too deth, , and yoo shall bee hated by ALL men for my name'z sake, , but, hee/shee that endureth too thee END, shall bee saved". (frum hell-fire damnation.) Rizng too meet Messiah AT HIZ REETURN, containz NO least inference uv ANY such PRIOR, -rapture- occurrense AND, , , that "rapture" expreshn izn't IN thu KJ Bible.

(79)  Additionally, if yoo are one uv thu millionz that satan haz deeseeved into being totally convinced yoo hav BEEN REE-born, although NOT having followed Messiah'z supreme eczample uv ree-birth, by having been ree-born frum thu ded, there iz nuthing in this messaaj that preevents yoo frum maintaining yor preferens uv atempting entranse into Eternal Life Salvaashn by following UTHER THAN thu one and only master plan and eczample that Thu Son Uv Gahd haz provided for ALL uv Hiz Elect. Obviusly, wee ALL must chooze beecuz NO one ELSE can doo that FOR us AND, if yor choise iz uther than az Gahd Himself haz directed and cummanded yoo too chooze, in that case, yoo're ignoring thu blatantly obvius reality uv all such az John 15:10, Romanz 2:13 and Revelation 22:14 BUT, that, entirely, iz YOR bisines that NO one else haz ANY least right too interfere with and niether doo I, thee END time messenjer hereuv whoze individually convinced beleef iz Bible stated and that beeing: THU KEY TOO ETERNAL LIFE, IZ OBEDIENS TOO GAHD'z LAW, az Eysooah Thu Christ Himself clearly stated in Mark 10:17-21.

(80)   Granted, if yoo were az profanely cultured in modern English expressionz az I waz, yoo also may reecwire a number uv munths too eventually sucseed at dis-continuing thu blatantly common profane use uv Gahd'z naam, by insted, habitually substituting thu bac-then commonly OLD English ecspressionz uv I IZ or I BEE, IF such az Exodus 3:14 and 20:7 hav any WRINKLE or BLEMISH significans too yoo in yor perspective uv whut Gahd reecwirez uv Hiz Elect, AND, this iz only ONE aspect uv thu daily life-style eczamplz and PROOF uv having HEEDED all such az Romanz 2:13 that states, , ONLY THU DOOERZ Uv GOD'z LAW, SHALL BEE JUSTIFIED., , BUT, IF yoo feel totally CUMFORTABLE too bee DIS-ree-SPECT-fully inserting Thee I-AM NAME-UV-GODmultiple timez in EVERY conversaashn, don't let MEE interfere with yor preefered reespect for ALL ecsept Thu THIRD Cummandment.
(81)   Also, IF yor earth realm pilgrimaaje goal iz eventual ENTRANSE INTO HEVEN, yoo will NOT find ANY guidanse thus in thu KJ Bible that proclaimz: NO MAN HAZ ASCENDED INTO HEVEN, ECSEPT HEE THAT CAME DOWN FRUM HEAVEN. John 3:13 Ascending intoo HEVEN waz Lucifer's orijinal idea and intent that reezulted in him being cast OUT uv Heven ontoo thee earth, and hiz name chanjed too SATAN, thu devil, thu father uv lies and BEAST uv Rev.13 that thu catholic leader openly admits being thee end-time repreezentative uv, with thu wordz, Sumbody'z gotta doo that job!. Isa.14:12, Luke 10:18, and here on earth, AHL uv hiz negative teachingz dominate relijion with hiz profane doctrine uv entrance into Heven after deth, reegardless uv negative pilgrimaaj conduct that hiz servant's say will bee totally ecscused, IF at deth, yoo say yoo're sorry for NOT having conducted yor pilgrimaje responsibly; that's what's called a DETH-BED reepentanse that in EVERY case, reezults in hell fire damnation beecuz, Heb.9:27 confirmz that AT deth, there iz NO more trial and testing pilgrimaje time too CONFIRM an EMPTY wordz mere VOCAL reepentanse az being comprehensively jenyooin.

(82)    All uv Thee ELECT Servants uv Gahd are pilgrimajing here on Earth, too confirm thaar preferense for Eternal Life IN Thu Kingdom Uv Gahd, thee opportunity that thu yung rich man uv Mark 10:17-21 reejected in preference uv TEMPORAL life that ecspirez at deth and reezults in hell fire damnation. For more Bible confirmed FACTS thus, direct yor cwestionz too thee address at thu cloze hereuv, and yoo'll see further proof that NONE uv my reepliez inclood UTHER-THAN Bible Confirmed FACTS that yoo can read for yor self in ANY KJ Bible. 

(83)    Messiah'z SACRIFICIAL BLUD ccuverz thu 1st-John 3:4 Bible definition uv SIN AND, for ONLY thu PERMANENTLY reepentant, and for thu sole purpose uv permitting entranse into THU KINGDOM UV GAHD, whereinglobal KING, Messiah shall engulf ALL world governments Rev.11:15, and rule planet earth for a thouzand yearz, and at thee END thereuv, AHL that have lived, inclooding Adam and Eve, shall bee comprehensively and concloosively JUDJED via thu contents uv thaar testimony books, az too WHETHER thaar earth realm pilgrimaaj conduct record renderz them potential reesipients uv Eternal Life Salvaashn -ORhell fire damnaashn. Dan.7:10  Also, see Mark 10:17, Luke 19:12, 23:51 and Acts 1:3 that are only four uv vaareus Bible referensez that reeveal Gahd'z Purpose for us here on planet Earth, IZ too GET for Himself, thu KIND and quantity uv PERSON subjects reecwired too ACCOMPLISH hiz intended objective UV A KINGDOM UV RIGHTYUSNES, , and beecuz AHL kingdomz are guverned by Rule Uv Law, Hee haz made known too AHL potenshl reesipients thaaruv, thee Ex.20 LAW UV ETERNAL LIFE WITH Him that MUST bee personally applied 24/7, too CONFIRM too Him, thu DEPTH uv our DEEZIRE FOR ELIJIBILITY uv Hiz Calvary Earned Salvaashn that iz obtaand BY Hiz Graass that Romanz 2:13 so plaanly reeveelz thu total elijibility reecwirements uv. THAT iz thu Bible stated PURPOSE for thu temporal habitaashn uv planet Earth BUT, , ,

(84) , , , IF yoo've chozen thu most common orthodox teaching uv a deth-bed reepentans too escape hell-fire damnaashn on, it's ahbveus yoo didn't consider thu potenshl uv Eternal Life in Thu Kingdum Uv Gahd, az being worthy uv thu time reecwired too search it out and apply Thu Bible definishn uv REEPENTANSE FRUM Thu 1st John 3:4 Bible definishn uv SIN that reecwirez calendar duration uv personal life style conduct confirmaashn that in fact, personally applied reespect for Messiah'z John 15:10 Testimony ECZAMPLE, iz whut yoo've acsepted az THU Bible confirmed AND mandatory reecwirement uv PRIOR significans, uv personally applied, calendar duration incluzion too CONFIRM Thu Bible definishn uv personal reepentans conduct that applicaashn uv, permanently EXPIREZ AT deth AND thus, reezults in a DETH bed reepentans consisting uv nuthing more than EMPTY wordz, beecuz thu deth-bed hopeful reesipeent thereuv, haz NO more trial and testing pilgrimaaj time too confirm PERSONAL conduct reespect for Messiah'z John 15:10 eczample az having been preferred, adopted, AND 24/7 APPLIED, az Mat.10:22 & 24:13 confirm iz reecwired for an acseptable reepentans confirmaashn time beefor deth; ohbveusly, NOT reepenting unTIL yor TIME uv deth, confirmz yoo've NOT endured in reepentans UNTIL yor deth.

(85) Furthermore, beecuz ALL "END-Time" =EELECT=CHURCH= membership reecwirez constantly, UN-inhibited,
 through thu veil worship, it's vitally important too know and totally understand Thu KJ Bible orijinated and deefined fraaz:   Throo Thu Veil

(86)   Note thus, that prior too Messiah'z Sacrifice, Gahdly worship waz accomplished by mentoring thu local priest and heeding hiz Gahdly Inspired teechingz beecuz, until Messiah'z Sacrifise, Gahdly Worship reecwired reespective Temple Attendance under Thee Authority uv Thu Priesthood preeziding in each area and also, yearly, house-hold headz and all mature men were reequired too pilgrimaaj too Thu Jerusalem Temple, where-in waz contained Thee Ark Uv Thu Covenant consealed with-in Thu Most Holy Chamber uv that foremost temple and, Thu MOST Holy Chamber WAZ such, beecuz uv it containing Thee Ark Uv Thu Sinai Thundered Cuvenant and that being Thu Sacred Storaaj Plaass uv Gahd'z  Stone Inscribed, Contractual Agreement with Hiz Chozen people."

(87) Thee Ark Uv Thu Sinai Thundered Covenant IZ Thu Storaaj Box that containz Thu Stone Inscribed Covenant that Gahd Made at Sinaiwith Hiz chozen people, and set-up over themThu Priest-hood administraashn that until Messiah'z Sacrifice, ministered unto thu people conserning all within Thee Ark Uv Thu Covenant that beecuz uv its most Holy Significans, thee engraving thereuv, waz kept consealed in Thu Most Holy Chamber uv that orijinal temple structure, and Thu High Preist thereuv, waz apointed thu constant reesponsibility uv cumyoonicating, whut Thee Ark contained AND Thu significans thereuv beecuz bac then, only Thu High Priest could READ and RITE but NOW, , with Thu Temple Veil OPENED and Gahd'z people cummanded too Learn reading and riiting, too maintain and pass-on Gahd'z TROOTH too thaar children, eech uv Gahd'z people now haz acses too enter INTO Thu Most HOLY Chamber uv Gahd'z TEMPLE, too cumyoonicate directly with Thu Word-Ark uv Gahd'z Covenant with Hiz chozen people and memorize Thu stone-engraved WORDz FRUM therein and thus, by 24/7 aplicaashn thereuv, confirm acseptans uv Thu Sinai thundered WORD that beecaam John 1:1 and John 1:14 Messiah born FLESH that dwelt amung us.

(88)  Stated differently, Thee Exodus chapter 20 reecorded TEN character ingredients transcript UV Messiah, are stone-engraved deescriptivly, too accomudaat Thu human spirit eating and drinking, taking IN thereuv, so that in symbolizm FACT, wee CAN az cummanded in John 6:53, EAT uv HIZ flesh and DRINK uv HIZ Holy BLUD, by abzorbing thu symbolizm essens thereuv and 24/7 applying it on a daily Life-Style pilgrimaaj basis, keeping in mind that Gahd'z Calendar Dayz NAMEZ are their NUMBERZ and, , that az stated therein, each day consists uv an EVENING and a MORNING and, , that each day BEGINZ and ENDZ at SUNDOWN, and that Gahd'z Sabbath iz thu SEVENTH day, and, that reespecting ANY calendar date that's commonly deescribed az a holiday, renderz yoo abominable in Gahd'z Eyez beecuz EVERY holiday iz an INTENTIONALLY PROFANE construment uv thu wordz HOLY-DAY.

(89)   THUS, UNTIL Messiah'z Sacrifice, Gahdly Worship reecwired temple attendanse that inclooded an anyoal pilgrimaaj too Jerusalem, where Thu Temple waz located and contained in its most Holy Chamber, Thee Ark Uv Thu Covenant, BUTbeecuz uv and sinse Messiah'z Sacrifice, ALL uv that worship formality now iz and until Messiah'z reeturn, perpetually terminated, , , for thu Bible stated reazon that Messiah Ascended too Thu Right Hand Uv Thu Father and thus, waz apointed Hiz Elect'one and only High Priest and Rabbi Advocate with Thu Father, Hee NOW directs all manner uv Gahd Ordained Worship methodz and procedurez, all uv which bac THEN, were contained within Thu Veil and yet are, ecsept that NOW, beecuz Thee Elect's High Priest and Rabbi iz Thu Rizen and Glorified Christ Whoom asended too Thu Right Hand Uv Thu Father, too thensforth perform az Hiz Elect'ONLY advocate WITH Jehovah Gahdreezultantly thus, beecuz NOW Hee reecwirez Hiz Elect worship HIM and HIM =ONLY=THROO Thu former Ark Consealing Veil thereuv, , , too accommodate that reequirement, Hee tore-open Thee Ark Consealing Veil thereuv, too give Hiz Elect un-hindered acses theretoo and thus, now thaa're reecwired too worship Messiah, thaar Gahd-Appointed High-Priest and Rabbi, 24/7, by eating and drinking uv that which Hee provided for them, via Hiz Calvary Sacrifice in their sted, that there-by, permitted Him too Asend into Thu Most Holy Chamber Uv Jehovah'z Temple in Heven and thense-forth, perform az Hiz Elect's ONLY God-Ordaaned Advocate with Thu Fahther, Thee Eternal Gahd and Thu Rizen and Glorified Messiah Whoom now iz Hiz Elect'one and ONLY High-Priest and Rabbi advocate with Thu Fahther and there-biiiz Thu Fahther'z only ofishiator uv Eternal Life Salvaashn” for Hiz Elect, WHOOM thense-forth iz available too whoom-so-ever will take thereuv and until deth, apply it 24/7, by taking Messiah, Hiz Elect's Deut.6:25 and John 1:14 KJ Bible confirmed Rightyusness within them and thus permitting Him, THU Stone Engraved WORD that THUNDERED frum Sinai, beecaam FLESH and dwelt AMUNG us, too NOW DWELL IN us permanently and UN-condishnally, and that being accomplished BY taking with-in and UN-condishnally applyingAHL =TEN= ingreedeent PARTS UV Messiah'z Exodus 20 and John 1:14, King Jamez confirmed,
=Character=Transcript=Attributes=, beecuz sinse Hiz Sacrifise, Messiah iz Hiz Elect's ONLY Eternal Life SALVAASHN Mediatorthu ONE and =ONLY= CUVENANT containing ARK uv Eternal-Life-SALVAASHN/Salvation Promise that NOW iz availabLE too whoom-so-ever deezirez too partake thereuv AND, if wee =fail= too doo so while on earth realm, trial and testing pilgrimaaj too Hiz most Holy Temple in Thu New Jerusalem, ahbveusly, we'll never arrive and thus, never hav acses too Thu Froot Uv Thu Tree Uv Eternal Life thaarin.

(90)  Thus, thu preevious reecwirement for fizicl Temple attendanse, now iz terminated, beecuz now not only mature malez, but ALL uv Gahd'z people are reecwired too accomplish an earth-relm trial and TESTING pilgrimaaj TOO Thu MOST HOLY Chamber uv Gahd'z New Jerusalem Temple, where wee may take and eat uv Thu Froot Uv Thu Tree Uv Eternal Life therein, and then deesend with Messiah, Thu Prinse Uv Pease-full Guvernment there-after, and preezide in rooler-ship with Him for a thouzand yearz, prior too being granted authority under thu new heven, on thu new earth, wherein dwelleth Cummandment Keeping Obedeenst reecwired Righteousnes that waz thundered frum Sinai, beecaam THU John 1:14 confirmed FLESH that dwelt amung us, shall NEVER pass away. Mat.24:35, Mark 13:31, Luke 21:33 Thu hevens and thee earth shal pass away BUT, , My wordz shall NOT pass away.

(91)  In summary thus, too worship throo Thu Veil, reecwirez 2Cor.6:17 cummanded, permanent abandon-ment uv AHL hyoomanly administered worship and reeplasement thereuv with NONE uther than throo-Thu-Vaal worship, by Job 29:14, putting-ON Ps.119:172 and Deut.6:25, Bible deefined Rightyusnes az a garment, and thenseforth until deth, pilgrimajing thus tooward Thu Mark Uv High Calling In Our one and only High Priest, Messiah, Immanuel, Esyooah, Thu Rizen Christ, Heb.3:1, 4:14, 6:20, in Thu New Jerusalem, Hee Whoo gave Hiz Life for Hiz Sheep, , and too NOT doo so, profanez Hiz Sacrifice that waz administered =FOR= that sole intent and purpose, and too doo so, prior too abandoning ALL manner uv hyoomanly administered worship, iz damnaashn, beecuz that involvez shared alleejans that Gahd abhorz. Furthermore, thu Mat.18:20 here and there 2's and 3's uv Gahd'Scatered Flahc, can NEVER bee correctly defined az a congregaashn.

(92) Did yoo GET thu blatantly obvious MEANING uv that KJ-Bible confirmed statement, that SINSE Hiz Asenshn, Thu Rizen and Glorified Christ Uv Gahd duz NOT preezide over whutever congregaashn? Did yoo GET it? See Acts 17:24 - Gahd duz NOT dwell in MAN-made templez and thus, niether called nor sent they that ofisheate therein.

(93)  Granted, in a world with MORE biblez than peepleif whutever uv yor former frends, relativz or acwaantansez now deeseesd, were not thus aware, then ahbveusly, thaa shall bee reewarded acordingly, beecuz niether 2Tim.2:15 nor any uther Bible referens haz been hiden frum them, but, YOO now, , are informed and thus are ahbligated hensforth, too conduct yor earth-realm-pilgrimaaj az Gahd reecwirez uv yoo or bee reejected when Messiah reeturnz for Hiz Saints.

(94)  Concloosivly thus, prior too Messiah'z Sacrifice, Gahd'z people worshipped az thaar local temple high priest dictated but, NOT by thu preest-hood uv whutever temple uv THAAR choozing but, ONLY that uv Thu Temple that Gahd had constructed and ordained via Hiz Servant Mozez and thus, having established ALL ingredients uv Holy worship proseedyr for Hiz people, it's historically confirmed that in fact, that's how Hiz people worshipped Him, and thoze that did NOT, were stoned-too-deth AND, SINSE Messiah'z Sacrifishl deth, now Hee reecwirez ALL uv Hiz Elect Saints worship Him eczactly az Hee deescribed Hee reecwirez uv them AND it's plaan and simple, blatantly ahbveus, that all whoom ignore that Bible confirmed, historical reality, ARE thu disciplez uv SATAN and thus, destined for HELL FIRE DAMNAASHN beecuz, having torn open acses too Hiz Sinai Thundered CUVENANT Uv Eternal Life Salvaashn, Gahd reecwiirz that whoom-so-ever will, spiritually, must enter into that most Holy Chamber and in hed and hahrt, bow beefore and worship that most Holy, CUVENANT containing MESSIAH -ARK- Uv Hiz EETERNAL LIFE SALVAASHN Righteousness, that PRIOR-TOO Hiz HYOOMAN brth, wahz repreezented Bii Thu Cuvenant Code Transcript WORD, Thu Character Ingredients AttribyootsUUv Hiz Rightyusnes contaaning, Angelz enshrined, fizicl ARC uv Eternal Life Salvaashn that waz THUNDERED frum Mount Sinai, too Hiz chozen people that ALL uv, prahmisd too Him directly, in Hiz most Holy Prezens, that too reeseeve Eeternal Life WITH Him, they would apply all TEN parts thereuv az their personal conduct, 24/7, earth-realm-pilgrimaaj life-style, frum then until thaar deth, and not fail too teech their children likewiiz, perpetyooalee, until Jehovah sent them Hiz first-born Son, hyoomn Sacrifice too take thu plase uv all animal sacrifisez, so they can worship Him directly, personally and individyooalee, in humbly contrite gratitood for providing them with acses BAC too thu state uv thaar frst parents, PRIOR too thaar first parents' Eden sin, by taking thaar AND thaar first paarents' plaas at Calvary, so that thens-forth, they may liv in total Rightyusnes, daaly, with Graasful potenshal for Reejeneraashn uv thaar ded, FLESH and BLUD soulz Gen.2:7 frum thee elements, and then REZRECSHN REEDEMPSHN frum thu CURS uv DETH, too then enter into Thu Holy City Uv Gahd and partake uv Thu TREE uv Eternal Life thaarin, too expeereens Eternal Life Salvaashn frum thee Eden earned curse uv permanent soul deth beecuz, only Hee Whoom AHL hyooman life haz cum OUT uvcwahlifiiz az Thee Ultimate Sacrifiis for thu transgreshnz uv AHL hyoomanity. 

(95)   NOW that Thu Messiah Sacrifise haz PAID thu deth-debt for AHL hyoomanity, Hee HAZ opened too AHL men and wimen, Thu Most Holy Chamber Uv Hiz Spiritual Temple, so that whom-so-ever deezirez, may enter in and clothe themselvez with Hiz, SAME Exodus 20, Characteral Garments Uv Rightyusnes unto Eternal Life WITH Him"IN" Thu REZRECSHN Uv Thu JUST, when Thu CHRIST REETURNZ too establish Hiz Kingdum Uv Rightyusnes on thee earth, that in respectful consideraashn uv AHL thu profeseez relativ theretoo, can NAHT bee laatr than Gregoree'z Calendar Date uv Thu Jewish, Fall-Seezn Feast Uv 2025. I must yet cumpaar calendrz for thu spesific daat. 

(96)  So, DOO keep in mind, 24/7, WHUT Messiah'z Exodus 20 Characteral Garments Uv Rightyusnes consist uv, beecuz OBEEDEENS iz RIGHTYUSNES and RIGHTYUSNES iz HOLY-ness that in ABsens uv, =NO= wun shal see Gahd Heb.12:14 AND, that sinse OPENING thu MOST-HOLY chaamber uv Hiz temple in Heven, for OUR personally-free cumyoonicaashn-acses there-into, , EVERY instans uv MAN-maad temple acses =profaanz= Messiah'z Calvary Sacrifise =PROFYOOOSLY= and makes reePEETed instanse in yor pilgrimaaj RECORD BOOK uv YOOO having intenshnaly TRAMPLED Messiah'z Exodus 20 FREELY ahfered Garments uv Hiz John 15:10 confirmed perfect Rightyusnes. Job 29:14.

(97)   PREZENTLY, sinse Messiah'z Sacrifise and asenshn too Thu Right Hand Uv Thu Father, where frum NOW Hee administerz Hiz Authority globally, Hiz Elect Saints worship Him 24/7, through Thu Torn Veil, by having in thaar daaly conduct manner and life stiil habit, abandoned ahl man-made temple worship and ahl that involvez congregating beefore an UN-rezurrected leader, and in thaar inner person spirit, have adopted and 24/7 dood daily, moment-by-moment apply Hiz Exodus 20:1-17 KJ reecorded Character Transcript Atribyoots uv Hiz John 15:10 exampled perfect Rightyusnes, BY thus, constantly =EATing= and =DRINKing= uv Him, , , UV that with-IN Thu Vaal, with-IN Hiz Elect's -ARK- Uv Eternal Life Salvaashn Rightyusnes Mediator, that which Ps.19:7 sez that frum within, converts our Genesis 2:7 confirmed flesh and blud soulz frum SATAN'z way, too that uv Messiah'z John 15:10 reecorded Testimony way, thee =ONLY= Bible stated way uv EVER beeing elijible for Gahd'z =GRAAS= unto REESEEVAL uv “Eternal Life Salvaashn”.

(98)  If yoo are conserned az too how too eventually assemble with Thu Brethren uv Thee Elect Church uv Thu First REE-Born frum thu ded, yoo NEED only HEED this KJ Bible Confirmed instrucshn beecuz, OBEDIENCE iz Righteousnes and RIGHTEOUSNES iz Holynes and with-OUT HOLYNESNO one shall bee escorted THROO THU GATES and INTO Thu Kingdom Uv Gahd, too partake uv Thu Froot uv Thu Tree Uv Eternal Life therein and expeereens REE-birth thereby, Heb.12:14, and in ABSENSE uv such DEPTH uv ecstreemly PASHIONATE deezire FOR Eeternal Life SALVAASHN, az cauzez yoo too welcum EVERY reecwired sacrifice for eeventual arrival IN Thu Kingdom uv Gahd, very surely yoo shal NOT ! ! !  Matt.6:33 & 13:45-50 

(99)  In VERY breef reevyoo, humanity iz here on planet earth beecuz our Maker iz in thu midst uv acomplishing thu creeaashn uv an ETERNAL LIFE Kingdum Uv RIGHTYUSNES Luke 19:12, that ahbveusly reecwirez subjects uv our Maaker'z kind and caliber that thee initial spirit embodiment creaashnz uv, expeereensd a permanent divizioning, when thee orijinally apointed LIGHT BRINGER thereuv, sucseeded in perswaading five-sixths uv thaar orijinally created cwantity too dee-FECT with him, for thee intended purpose uv OVER-THROWing and taking total command uv thaar Maker'z TRILLIANZ uv Galaxiez and Solar Systemz that our Creator haz named Thu Realm Uv Thingz” Rev.21:7, and states it's thee inheritans uv Hiz people AND that it haz =NO= reeproductiv expanshn limitaashn, Isa.9:7 AND, that HIZ people shal deelight themselvz in thee end-LESS abundans uv PEASE. Ps.37:11 , 72:7 & Rev.21:7.

(100)  Thaar-itoo, sinse thu beegining uv Hiz Spirit-Smeltering endeavor that Hee inisheated too accomplish identity confirmaashn recordz uv thaa whoom are thu DEFECTORZ, by reecwiring a pilgrimaaj record book uv eech uv thu total cwantity uv orijinally created spirits, that in orderly and due course uv time, via human BIRTH into thu relm uv thingz, acwire a FLESH embodiment SOUL that permits Realm Uv Thingz trial and testing ahcupansee AND at thu concluzion uv our Maker'z Spirit-Smeltering endeavor thus, He'll then judje ahl and reeward ahl in direct acordans with thaar record-book confirmed identity-preferens that nearly AHL uv, are so UN-conserned about, az too spend thu =TOTAL= uv thaar trial and testing identity-confirming pilgrimaaj, seeking TEMPORAL enjoyment, instead uv eventual Eternal-Life in Thu Kingdum Uv Ghd, where arriverz therein, INHERITahl thingz and dee-LIGHT themselvz in thee ABUNDANS uv PEASE . . . Ps.37:11 , 72:7 & Rev.21:7

(101)  It'NOT that Gahd iz UN-aware uv whoom DID or did NOT deefect BUT, that Hee haz given EECH uv us this "RUT", Realm Uv Thingz pilgrimaaj oportoonity too PROOV by individyool, pilgrimaaj-time conduct HEER, WHOOM
wee preefer too bee thee Eternal-Life servants uv AND, , having reecorded thu pilgrimaaj uv eech uv us, Hee simply OPENZ that record too us on Judjment day:  , , and I saw thu ded, small and great, standing before Gahd, , and thaar pilgrimaaj record books were opened and ahlso, Thu Book uv Eternal Life Salvaashn waz opened AND, , thu rezurected, preeveusly ded were judjed frum thu contents uv thaar ownpilgrimaaj recordz , , etc., etc., , , , 

(102) I REEPEET, that thee ONLY profeticly aplicable =DATE= for Messiah’z reetrn, iz a spesIFIC Calendr DAA”, , =prior=too= thu Jewish Fall feast uv 2025 AND, , az KJ-Bible-Staated, , it shall ocur,  preesisely, three and a haf dayz” -AFTER-, , thu DETH uv Thu Two Witnesez, , on a street in Jerusalem,  when thaar ministry concloodz thus AND, , , even if that SPESIFIC daat iz thu VERY =LAST= pahsible day AVAILABLE too yoo, , it can NOT bee extended bee-YOND thu DAAT uv Thu Bible Deeclaared Fall-FEAST uv 2025, for YOO too hav established an obviously 24/7, John 15:10 exampled life-style testimony confirming that AZ Messiah'z that's recorded there, yoo supozedly adopted and copied verbaatim, AFTER having waited un-TIL thu LAST day, week or munth too DOOO so, , thus con-FIRMing there-BY, that "yoo" were NOT abiding in Hiz John 15:10 reecorded LUV durrrring and un-TIL thee END uv yor identity-confirming pilgrimaaj AND, even thu daat that I bee TYPING this, , permits yoo a TOTAL uv conSIDerably LESSS”, , , than a mere 1700 dayz for yoo too GET YOR ACT TOO-GETHER in hurried HOPES uv it NOT making an UN-sinseer apearing record in yor pilgrimaaj testimony book . . . . .

(103) FALSE-ly asSOOOMing that beeCUZ Gahd'z Mercy endurez for-EVER and therefore, that a humble little prayer uv jenyooin sorrow will COMpensate, , duz NOT eeraasss thu Bible statements that confirm thu prayerz uv thee UN-repentant, ahr an abominaashn AND thus, that un-TIL if EVER, yoo DOO reepent uv yor SATAN choise uv mentor, yoo're simply adding MORE fuel too yor hell-fire-damnaashn smudje that Thu Bible speaks uv with thu wordz, ", , and thu smoke uv thaar torment, ,  ascendeth up for ever and ever" . . . KJ Bible Book uv Rev.14:11


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